Figures Of Light And The False Light Of Beauty

“There is no definition of beauty, but when you see someone’s spirit coming through, something unexplainable, that’s beautiful to me.” ~ Liv Tyler

I so agree with Liv here, and it was a perfect quote for this blog. As Carl Jung said:

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

― Carl Gustav Jung

Nobody will ever move past this spiritual fact, that being aware of your surface beauty and using it as a mask to cover up for a lack of spiritual development and soul work is truly another form of ‘spiritual bypassing.

There is no higher truth of beauty than a person who holds good and sincere intentions towards others. Makeup and fashion can only hide an ugly heart for a little while, but sooner or later the truth of the lack of spiritual work and reliance on a beautiful face and body comes forwards in life.

The Elves of Tolkien are not beautiful just physically, but Tolkien remarked they are of the Kind Folk. 

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but there are some who have the challenge and specific task to not be tempted to use their social attractiveness to manipulate and harm others. Beauty is a double edged sword, it can be used for  both good and evil. True beauty is never part of the false light, but a fake beauty can be.

Nice teeth, pretty hair, attractive made up or unmade eyes, nice skin and a good healthy body does not constitute that a healthy or higher consciousness resides within. They are mutually exclusive, and one can exist without the other depending on how much focus is giving to surface beauty over inner.

Here is an interesting thing the Pleiadians said about looks in particular and it has to do with spiritual development and soul growth from one of Billy’s encounters with Ptaah.


Billy: Another question: What is to be thought of beauty pageants and bodybuilding and of models in the framework like here on Earth? Leider ist er nicht der einzige, wie du schon sagtest. – Eine weitere Frage: Was ist von Misswahlen und von Bodybuilding zu halten und von Models im Rahmen wie hier auf der Erde?
Ptaah: Ptaah:
108. Beauty pageants are inhumane, because they are a human ‘meat show’ and a trade in human meat by which people are judged solely by their outward appearance. – 108. Misswahlen sind menschenunwürdig, denn es handelt sich dabei um eine menschliche ‹Fleischschau› und um einen Menschenfleischhandel, durch den Menschen allein durch ihre äussere Erscheinung bewertet werden. –
109. Bodybuilding is also something unnatural like beauty pageants or masculine competitions etc., because it not only disfigures the whole body in a disgusting way, but it also damages the whole body. 109. Bodybuilding ist ebenso etwas Widernatürliches wie Misswahlen oder Männerwahlen usw., denn es entstellt nicht nur den gesamten Körper in ekelerregender Weise, sondern es schädigt auch den gesamten Körper.
110. With regard to models, I would like to say that nothing wrong can be seen in the model presentation, except for the way in which the models move and behave unnaturally and value themselves and their personality higher than they really are.


What happens when a person’s spirit is beautiful within? They glow on the outside, like Liv Tyler (Arwen) who is actually a very sweet person in real life as well as outwardly beautiful too. They will emit a higher vibrational frequency and will not even need to be a model by society standards, but they will be beautiful to those also who resonate on their same level and make others who only look for surface beauty, question what others can see. Their beauty is invisible to those who blind themselves to it. It’s a shame and a loss on experience really, because there are some truly beautiful souls who may not be considered beautiful by society standards, but when they smile with their kind eyes, they radiate like the sun.

Semjase says in 1975 in a meeting:

The human being through his consciousness and through his spirit, is a center of thought, might and strength, and influence on everything and everyone. He indeed does have a body, but he himself is not the body. The body is only an instrument and a servant of spirit and the overall consciousness block; it is the spirit’s dwelling, but not its prison. To a person aligned to Creation of Spirit within, his presence is a ubiquitous outpouring of eternity, which never passes away, while the aroma of the most beautiful and most fragrant rose or orchid of the world fades away and disappears in the times of the endless. 

~ Semjase   


When the beauty inside finally aligns to the beauty on the outside, then you have made the spiritual meet the material body and this causes a type of beauty that can be only described with the ethereal creatures like the Fairies and Elves. The Kind Folk emit a type of natural beauty that humans can inspire towards. In fact, humans have the vast potential to be a truly beautiful species, both inside and out.

Stay beautiful to spread authentic beauty and not pain and suffering towards others.



Official Secrets Movie: The Elven Spirit Of Katherine Gunn

I absolutely loved this Netflix movie. So much, it made me want to live in the UK, rather than USA.

I know this article will probably get me on some watch list, but as a very outspoken starseed, I already am on one, I am sure. I have felt for a very long time that the illusions of war and power is an illusion to wake up from and those in charge are not yet ready to. Money and Power Domination is a big part of keeping people in the “dream world” because it is a bit like a virtual reality game here with money and control. Money buys things and feelings of 3D personal power. Control makes money off land and resources, funneling in more money. It is all part of the 3D constructs of the world.  It is not part of the higher spiritual dimensions though, and many people are seeing this. Paper money is purely part of the 3rd Dimension and will not be part of an advanced world in the future of the 5th and higher. Advanced alien civilizations do not trade or play with paper money, just FYI.

How do I know this?

Imagine you are a Black Void of Nothingness..a Creator entering the “Twilight Sleep” as the Pleiadians call it. A consciousness that exists, yet is not aware or creating at all. Just a state of rest. It is the material world that springs forwards from this consciousness, and a BIG part of this material world of earth is money and power. However, in order to experience money and power, you have to LOWER your consciousness down onto earth in order to exist in the 3D material world experience. You are no longer an All Knowing consciousness, but you are one “playing” in a virtual reality world with money as a form of physical payment to your creations- both good and bad. It is paramount to this 3D experience. Yet, as consciousness rises again-money holds not a strong attachment any longer. You know the truth. You can not play the “money and power” game with others. All is connected. This is the 5th Stage and beyond when it comes to experience that the Pleiadians are at, and this is where humans are moving to as well.

I am not against money at all. I do see it as part of the lower dimensions though. Money can provide a lot of fun like a virtual reality world. You can buy beautiful things, and play with them, experience them and share them with others. But what happens when war, money and power create an imbalance to Spirit within? Katherine Gunn was one of those souls aligned to the deepest truths within her, and almost went to jail for her sense of integrity.

I just finished this fantastic movie with one of my favorite elvish actresses, Kiera Knightly.  This woman is such a fae soul, she even has played a fairy (Disney’s Nutcracker she was the Sugar Plum Fairy) and an elven druid in other movies such as (King Arthur as  Guinevere). I have always loved watching her magic, and in this movie she was so brilliant in her role as Katherine Gunn…it brought me to tears.

Such conviction. Such courage and integrity. Keira portrayed Katherine Gunn well for standing up for the People of Britain and leaking a document to the press. The press is the only thing that can protect the people from a tyrannous government and she knew this. The story is amazing. You can read about her story or watch the movie, but basically the US sent an email to British Agencies asking to collect data on UN officials in order to use to bribe them to vote on going to war with Iraq. It was an illegal war and I will not give the emotional ending away, but it is beautiful. Such a powerful moment of realization on all ends that what Katherine Gunn did to try to save not only British soldiers, but also innocent Iraqi lives from bombing, was courageous.




What does this have to do with being an Elf and why am I writing this? Well, it moved me so much and I feel that Tolkien, and many others who have written about Elven beings show them to be those that do things that align only to Spirit and nature-not humans. They care nothing for what humans in charge may think of them. They only follow a more powerful force within themselves, that can not be taken away even under threat of jail or losing your life. The story of Jesus Christ is very much filled of this spirit of conviction. A willingness to die for your values and principles under flawed human judgement, because you know you can do nothing else. It is as if your Spirit can not allow you to lie to your higher Self which KNOWS exactly what is right and wrong within you.

This state of consciousness is so high and powerful, that it can only be expressed in the most dire situations within certain humans. When it is, we hear about it in the press as “whistleblowers”.  It is a state of consciousness that I believe Tolkien Elves live at naturally, where it is about doing always the best you can in alignment to the whole Universe regardless the consequences. It is about the Stoics idea to never fear death, but to fear a life of not living aligned to your true spirit and ultimately lying to yourselves.

To be able to do this is the ability to move past all “human voices” around you. To listen to only the still voice within, and the urging of pure spirit. Nature can get you in touch with this voice. The natives and many other indigenous tribes living off land lived like this, with a strong sense of integrity that went well beyond human politics and games. I have a theory that those in charge of these military and political agencies just are not connected to nature, if they were, then war and power would never be the goal.

What Katherine Gunn did is as powerful as Galadriel’s light of Earendil that she wields against the darkness.

It is about standing strong as a tree, with your roots all the way deep in the ground and never moving regardless of what others may say or do around you. These are your principles. What you will do or not do in this lifetime, that aligns to your soul, is something that can actually help the greater Collective.

If you are brave enough to listen to it. If everyone on earth always listened to this inner voice from pure Spirit of the Universe and experienced within nature, there would be no wars.



Can Elves Be Demons or Angels? What Makes Up An Elf?

The wonderful author of Fairy Craft, Morgan Daimler, posted this article to her facebook page.

Elves Described In Anglo-Saxon Manuscript 

It is a fast read that shows elves in different perspectives from different manuscripts discovered. It provides some evidence that elves existed, whether in the imagination or real experience, they were still a thought form that manifested in people’s lives to write about.

In one manuscript from an Anglo-Saxon woman, a woman is said to be saying an exorcism prayer to be relieved from an “elf” from the devil. Which in this meaning “elf” is referring to a bothersome spirit she senses in her life.

In another manuscript, there is indication that “elf” means a beautiful, or youthful looking woman or man like a nymph from classical texts. This seems to be more the direction Tolkien went with his elves, with added intelligence and desirable characteristics than just having natural beauty, but having wisdom too.

It is important to understand that the english word “elf” comes from the Old English word “ælf’, and this word comes from the Germanic and Old Norse roots meaning -“white being”. It is sometimes seen expressed as just a ghost, spirit or elemental in old folklore and stories. Possibly seen as a white being for many reasons- a bright light, a “good” spirit or energy sensed, or simply a light body, a vague immaterial bodily form that can be seen only subtly by few. I do not think it is referring to the color of whiteness, but rather the quality of the light spectrum of “white light” which is actually all colors of the light spectrum combined together. Only in some folktales and legends we see little dwarf like men with pointed ears, or fair women described as “elfin”.

One of my favorite childhood stories was about a little angry demon who stamped his foot who was seen by a girl, and after the little girl befriended the “demon” because she thought he was sad, he transformed into a little happy elf that danced and played with her. This story is significant as it shows the actual “flip flopping” of a spirit to a demon to an elf just by sheer projection and perception of the little girl altering his behaviors by her own.

“Elf” is the umbrella term for all kinds of non-human and humanoid beings as well as spirits or “hidden folk”. In modern times of technology and space exploration, we have something called the “space elves” or those from other planets than earth, but “elfin” in nature like the way Pleiadians and other extraterrestrials are sometimes described in terms of nature and mannerisms. We also learn in history that not all elves have pointed ears, but could very much look just like a human being who hides in forests or underground caverns. Elves are perceived in many ways in 2019.

You have to be specific when you refer to elves these days and that is why I say “Tolkien Elves” a lot in titles because otherwise we are talking about MANY different beings. There are so many elves, all shapes and sizes that across the world you will find beings and creatures remarked as fairies, elves or earth spirits of sorts. For some brief history on elves noted from around the world, you can watch my video here:


So what makes a spirit or demon really an elf then?

I feel, on the deepest level of reality from Prime Source of the universe, the collective consciousness of humanity in this world has “elves” as their mirrors to them. Me awakening into my Elven soul means I am getting back to my original roots spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally so. Wether I am an Elf, or have always been an elf is not part of my story in this life-it is about my BECOMING very publicly in front of others and awakening to my “otherkin” nature inside. Though, I will give a hint, if I or someone else did not naturally have this elfin inclination then I may not be focused on this in my life as many humans are not. For all intent and purpose, I AM an elf in spirt and a bit in humanoid form that is re-awakening, that much I am confident about. We Fae souls come to earth in a variety of form and spirit in modern times as part of our blue print of experience.

An elf is known for being part of nature, an extension of the fauna and flora world. Humans come from this same extension of nature from the Tree of Life of DNA shared with all animals and plants, however they become removed from it, and so elves and fairies remind them of an old “spirit” or “ælf” or “white light” within. Elves are keepers of wisdom about the forest or other parts of nature, whether they are evil or good, they are spirits that are “colored” by perception of the viewer doing the perceiving of them.

Your reality is perceived in a certain way by you because of the process of going through the filter of your mind and your thoughts. An event or a situation takes place in reality, but it it your perception of it that will “color” your experience of it and affect your life in a certain way. Take for example the Vietnam war. The  hippies of the 60’s protested the war because of their awakening to love and peace, they literally saw the war as unnecessary, dark and twisted wrongful violence towards others where compromise could be made from both sides. This was their view of the world, and it later effected others parts of their lives and their children’s lives both in good ways as well as bad. I am a product of a man (my father) who grew up during that time who despised those wars and showed me there are other ways than war to get to peace, as a little girl. Yet, those invested in the military complex, soldiers who work for it, citizens who believed it was the right thing to do saw the war as “good”, a light for the world, and something positive. This perception later effected their lives in good and bad ways too. These are the pathways-the perceptions and views we take that take us in certain directions depending on how we see the world.

Elves, like wars, are complicated ideas based on perceptions of the individual experiencing them. Elves can be anything and have been in the past as the manuscripts show. This is what makes them so mysterious to humans. Those with an elven spirit or soul, coming from the prime source as in they are having a consciousness block of the elven soul like me, will know they too are seen in this light. They may even feel their elven spirit can go either way towards the dark or light side and possibly even in the grey. Yet, all elves to be truly an elf must be a being most connected to nature. If it is not, then it is not an elf, but some other spirit unconcerned with plants and animal life. A spirit not concerned about plants and animals? What is left then outside of the matter of nature? A spirit concerned about people and ideas is either an angel concerned about human welfare or a demon preoccupied with the downfall of mankind. So an elf is not solely an angel, and not solely a demon, but can be seen as either one by those not connected to nature themselves and taking out the nature aspect of their interactions with these energies and spirits. Also an elf can act like an angel or demon, depending on the role they may play in the world or in someone’s life.

Anyone who is connected to nature right now in this life, does what they each can for nature and views themselves as “guardian” over the environment or earth in general is an elven or Fae soul in my eyes. You came to be part of earth’s collective for a very important time in history – a fork in the road of human consciousness to either go towards technology without thinking about the effects on nature around. Or to go towards incorporating nature and technology together, finding a balance or a compromise of having both; eco-sustainable. Some Elven souls may be VERY against technology as one extreme to really balance the scales, like many indigenous groups on earth who shun technology like native Americans or the Sámi people of Norway.  You can read my article on them here: The Truth About Santa’s Elves

Others are more in the middle like me, a “bridgeway” between the two organic and inorganic of matter who uses technology to promote and share elven wisdom in the world. As I said before, we come in all shapes, sizes and spirits today to assist humanity in reconnecting to nature and reminding people of their roots, and attention towards the planet needed to avoid some future disasters due to human neglect.

This is why I feel it is important to say today that I personally resonate with being an integrity filled Tolkien elven soul….not a mischievous forest spirit from “satan” here to meddle in affairs, but to inspire and teach humans. I use Tolkien as a teaching aid to show examples and get across my message more with support.  I have been called a demon and angel before based on people’s perceptions of my channel.  When you are devoutly religious with fear of anything other than human or an angel, it is easy to project an image of “evilness” onto elves and they become “demons” in your eyes. When you are a less judgmental free spirit and one with nature, it is easy to see elves in a favorable light almost like angels concerned with human welfare or well being, as J.R.R Tolkien ultimately described his elves to be.

The conclusion is that elves can be seen as both angels or demons in spirit depending on the person. The question that matters most to me is what is your relationship to nature these days?

Because here is an old ælf secret I give you freely today for coming to my blog: what your relationship to nature is like determines a lot in your own personal awakening and ultimately happiness within.

See my interview with the author Morgan Daimler as we discuss more about the Fae in general:

Novocaine Spirituality Or Just Life?

Tolkien’s famous quote instantly hit me after I saw a video of Teal Swan’s recommended in my feed  titled “Novocaine Spirituality”. I watched it curious to see how she is categorizing people on her youtube channel of how she suggests people are numbing themselves with spirituality.

She is referring to using spirituality as a form of escapism from your life or a numbing of pain felt. Here is what Tolkien would say, and I wanted to provide another perspective to this with my own experiences lately:

“I have claimed that Escape is one of the main functions of fairy-stories, and since I do not disapprove of them, it is plain that I do not accept the tone of scorn or pity with which “Escape” is now so often used: a tone for which the uses of the word outside literary criticism give no warrant at all. In what the misusers are fond of calling Real Life, Escape is evidently as a rule very practical, and may even be heroic. In real life it is difficult to blame it, unless it fails; in criticism it would seem to be the worse the better it succeeds. Evidently we are faced by a misuse of words, and also by a confusion of thought. Why should a man be scorned if, finding himself in prison, he tries to get out and go home? Or if, when he cannot do so, he thinks and talks about other topics than jailers and prison-walls? The world outside has not become less real because the prisoner cannot see it. In using escape in this way the critics have chosen the wrong word, and, what is more, they are confusing, not always by sincere error, the Escape of the Prisoner with the Flight of the Deserter.

Just so a Party-spokesman might have labelled departure from the misery of the Führer’s or any other Reich and even criticism of it as treachery. In the same way these critics, to make confusion worse, and so to bring into contempt their opponents, stick their label of scorn not only on to Desertion, but on to real Escape, and what are often its companions, Disgust, Anger, Condemnation, and Revolt. Not only do they confound the escape of the prisoner with the flight of the deserter; but they would seem to prefer the acquiescence of the “quisling” to the resistance of the patriot. To such thinking you have only to say “the land you loved is doomed” to excuse any treachery, indeed to glorify it. [Escape in: On Fairy-Stories, J.R.R. Tolkien.”

Yes, this quote is about Fairy stories or tales, but there is a deeper message about how the imagination is a bridge way into a greater life full of solutions rather than “wallowing” in the problems of earth-like war. Our mind has a way of trapping us in our current situations of trauma and suffering forgetting the higher self that is dreaming, only through the power of imagination and will of the heart can we come out of it.

I agree with Teal on one aspect, spirituality should not be used as a form of escape when it comes to spiritual “tools” such as crystals, tarot cards and such without deeper self reflection and looking into your life core of problems, karma ties, and goals. We are here to spiritually develop through life experiences. However, to imagine the self in a state of refinement and enlightenment reached after healing only gives fuel to the manifestations later. First the thought, then the experience, this is how reality constructs itself on a quantum level.

Here is what the Pleiadians have said in their wisdom as a message from Barbara Marciniak:

Thought comes first. Experience is always secondary. It is never the other way around — that you have the experience and then you base the thought around it. Always your experience is a direct reflection of what you are thinking.

Clarity and recognition of your own power are the bottom line. Your thoughts form your world all of the time. Not cafeteria style — all of the time. Because you are bombarded with so many frequency-control vibrations that attempt to keep you from being clear, you fluctuate. You must, as a species, make it your intention to stay very clear, to stay centered, and always to bring yourself into the moment. Stop living in the future or living in the past, and always live in your now. Say to yourself, “What do I want? I want to accelerate my personal evolution. I want Spirit to assist me in a greater capacity. I want my body to regenerate itself. I want to emanate health. I am willing to give up difficulty so that I can be a living example of what humanity can be.” It is this line of thinking — this commanding from your being and calling out what you want with clarity — that brings you everything in acceleration.

“If you do not fill your energetic field with new experiences, new ideas, and new versions of yourself, your field becomes dim and worn, bored with the same old story.”
― Barbara Marciniak, Family of Light: Pleiadian Tales and Lessons in Living

Life is actually one entire Spiritual experience of your Creation, so the way you live your life is the way you are experiencing your spirituality.

I have learned something very interesting in recent weeks I would like to share with you from my personal perspective. Spirituality is not really a narrow path because we are spiritual beings. It only appears to be narrow as something you have to “find” because of the journey to know the self. I will gladly explain more.

I was at a party in my city, where I decided to meet my husband’s friends from work. My husband is a “closet spiritual” person. This is a person who keeps his spirituality and thoughts about the universe, mainly to himself, but still is a very spiritual person. At this party, I sat back and watched everyone around me dancing and talking, and generally in good moods. I thought to myself how wonderful it was to see all these creative beings “relax and just have fun” in life. Life is such a struggle for so many, as we are trying to make money to live and fuel our dreams. It was nice to recognize this release of the tension in life in myself as well as others.

A girl came up to me and we started to talk very deeply about spiritual topics, and I finally came clean to tell her I can read where people are consciously by sensing their aura and energetic feelings. She asked me to read hers. I told her where she was in order to have this conversation with me at her Third Eye opening. She then asked me to tell her where her boyfriend was at, and I looked at him playing pool and I told her, but as I did I remembered something profound about ALL souls…regardless who you are.

ALL souls are spiritual beings, having a material experience in the world. It is about their “focus” that drives their life through the spiritual experience. I told her everyone is on the same level spiritually, but it is the focus that either makes a soul only think about the material world or the spiritual experience. It is about where you choose to be and that is what I can read by looking at your focus in life. My husband and her boyfriend are focused on building a house or “nest” for us, and they are focused on their jobs as men who deem that a success. Whereas I and this girl are focused on the spiritual experience therefore we will be more attuned to spiritual things. It does not mean one is more spiritual or not from the other, it is simply where they decide to LOOK in their life for meaning.

So to my awakened eyes to this, there is no such thing as “fake or novocaine” spirituality because spirituality is simply LIFE and the way we focus on our life determines if we deem ourselves truly spiritual or not, but everyone is a spiritual being which really means ENERGETIC. When we take away the “mystery” behind the word spiritual and compare it to material, it simply means the energetic or unseen experience. The one we can feel, but not touch like the material world of matter.

The word spiritual comes from “spirit” which means “energy” or the definition of an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms. That is it. We are pure spirit and we each are experiencing this life in the way we choose at the point of time of focus in our lives.

Novocaine spirituality is a term that can only exist if you don’t believe you are always Spirit and always having a spiritual experience-whether you are thinking about it or not. Life itself is a spiritual or energetic experience of what happens when the thought of creation becomes physical. You are on earth to see your thoughts come forth. That is what a Creator is. We are all Existence itself watching all its creations at the 7th level of Soul Stage that the Pleiadians talk about.

For more information on the 7 levels of Soul Development:




Whether you are at Stage 3 or Stage 7 right now, you are still the same Creator watching your life and all its creations from the highest dimensions. You just have a heightened level of focus and awareness of this in your life, the higher up in levels you get.

My point is, please don’t start to question “am I spiritual enough? or using my spirituality as a mask?” because your whole life is a spiritual experience, a revealing slowly who you are and the  divine truths within you that can not be seen, but are felt, regardless of your different point of focus in time. This is why we should not judge our fellow creators on earth-they are ultimately having their experiences in the way they choose.

My husband told me something very telling about where he is “spiritually”. He told me he doesn’t want to think about “that stuff” right now with me. It is not his focus or his main goal at this time in his life. His goal is to get a family going and a house of our own. Some people can not live both a spiritual existence focused on spirituality as well as material world because the Spirit wants to push “non material” always. The physical you is constructing the material matter that your spiritual self wants to see. I am beginning to see that this balance is very difficult to be an extremely spiritual person as well as materially driven one for many. I maintain my balance as a spiritually focused teacher by indulging in the beauty of earth as well as things. I am a lover of all art and beauty forms.

Yet back to my husband, he clearly knows of his spiritual nature, he simply doesn’t want to look at it right now. This reminds me of something deep about us as creative beings. Have you ever met a happy homeless person? While there are many homeless who are not happy and would do anything for a house, I have met some very happy “beach bums”. They love to experience their life from this angle of not owning a house, or having the responsibility of a job. They smile and they take your money with their sign saying “namaste”, but they don’t ever get themselves a job. They are happy to sleep outside under the stars and experience life from this perspective. In many ways, I don’t blame them when you look at society.

We need to allow people the freedom to experience their life from the perspective that they choose as creative beings. The only time we may want to step in and help transform their perspectives is if they are asking for it, or their perspectives is harmful to themselves and others.  When you see someone struggling and needing a reminder, this is when we can be a mirror to others and remind them of their infinite spiritual essence that can take themselves out of the “matrix” of the physical pain and suffering in the material world.

But here comes the balance and the temptation to be a spiritual tyrant and enforce our own perspectives on others, that we must overcome.

We should be liberating enough for others to experience their lives as they choose. Let’s face it as well, I am learning as a highly spiritually focused being that not all the time is this enjoyable. Sometimes it is good to be able to focus on earthly matters and allow yourself to indulge in this world as a playing field of your dreams. In other words, if you are too much in that spiritual space in your mind, you may miss out on the experience of the material, which is why you are here in the first place.

A Message To All Pleiadian Elven Starseeds

I started out my coming out into the world on my youtube and then my blog, without any indication of where it would lead me. All I know is I was driven by some inner goal to bring to surface three major ideas:

  1.  We exist. And the creatures spoke about in tales and legends of Elves and Fae are in reality actual beings living now on other planets. This is why you are drawn to the Faerie realms whenever you hear about them on earth or just have a stored memory or longing. 
  2. Humanity is a part of a MUCH larger network of humanoid and non-humanoid beings who are family and are related to earth humans in some way and CARE about the direction they go spiritually, mentally and physically. 
  3. Nature, animals and the overall environment needs immediate attention from humans to ensure optimal survival and moving into a greater future as a Galactic civilization where Earth can be a port for other visitors to enrich their experience of living. 


There is far too much coincidence now between the Elven star,  Elvenkin, and the Pleiades. Many Pleiadians do feel very Elven-like or resonate in some ways with the Fae or Fair Folk. No matter if Pleiadians are “space elves” or not, they are very much elven as Tolkien described, through and through. The keepers of Atlantis and Lemuria, as ancient beings whose civilization is one with Nature and understand the Universe as Love & Oneness. The Tuatha Dé Danann that came to Ireland a long time ago, tried to help humanity for awhile and returned back to their ships. Pleiadian Elven beings have been around and now they are still here in human and Half-Elven form even.

This is why you may be drawn to natural and organic things, as well as be intrigued and think technology and science can be fun too. Pleiadian ships can beam in and out of different atmospheres of planets going largely unnoticed and there is a way to dematerialize and then re-materialize atomic structures of material objects to look very much like “Elf or Wizard” magic. Magic is just science utilized to the highest level of understanding the structure of most matter in the known Universe (so far) and then applying that wisdom.


Everything connects together and for the Pleiadian Elves on earth, the puzzle pieces may be starting to be put together. I am very happy to be able to do that for so many today. Every single human being came from the Collective Matrix of Pure consciousness as all souls do, but your unique imprint is to be a starseed on earth. That is your story and journey.  A Pleiadian starseed soul is one that lowered their original consciousness and density levels to 3D to fit the Earth model and be born into a human body. However a Pleiadian Elf carries 4th, 5th and 6th (and even above that) dimensional consciousness thinking which can cause discomfort in many ways. This means you live mainly through the heart, third eye and crown chakra consciousness of the ethereal or immaterial spiritual body-whereas Earth society is at solar plexus of Personal Power of the material world. No wonder you felt strange and saw things from a different perspective-one of more peaceful, harmonious, and perhaps a more honest one from the Divine Truth of Love.

When you compare consciousness levels of 3D to the higher consciousness of the Pleiadian civilization you came from, you may start to understand why you feel a little different from others and frustrated. There ARE Earth based human souls-they are needed in the collective matrix as well. Just as Tolkien wrote that mankind was separate from Elves, and had their own evolutionary path, so does the Pleiadian Elf from the Human Being. Human beings have their origins as well, but their line of heritage being born just on Earth first needs to be respected. Just as the Pleiadian was first born in Lyra, or the Pleiades in more recent times. All origin stories need to be respected of the individual, it is part of their spiritual journey. We shouldn’t be here to make other Earth humans feel like they are not from earth, if that is what they do not feel inside.

It is more important we bring a sense of diversity to the world, but a shared community.

One species is not better over the other, they are simply different branches from the same Galactic Tree, some could call the Collective Source where all subatomic particles for life came from first. The Earth Human has a big decision right now, to choose their own evolutionary pathways-to become more Elfin like and Faerie like in appearance becoming a vast array of magical and mystical beings that are too many to list here, or becoming more cyborg and technological in appearance leading to more oneness in appearance eventually and merge with A.I. There is even a path to become more reptilian like and hard with scales over time, tall and brute like strength in body and mind like the Draconian being. The evolutionary timelines are infinite just like consciousness, because those are the Great Stories born from the Collective Consciousness.

Each Earth human has their choice of their evolutionary process.  Nothing stops in death, since consciousness is infinite. The Pleiadian Elven starseeds are simply awakening into what you already ARE and your role on earth as one here during this time. A Pleiadian Starseed Elf has a different evolutionary process. You are moving a bit backwards to move forwards. In coming to Earth to help assist the spiritual growth, you are enhancing your own spiritual journey where you can join Ascended masters, and reach what is called the Eternal Rest or as Tolkien called it The Undying Lands. Not all Pleiadians will choose this and there are other alien life forms who are on this soul path right now too. Also nothing is set in stone, so even Eternal Rest is not definite of being the End. Remember even some souls were sent back from the Hall of Mandos in Tolkien’s stories, like Gandalf.

Are all Pleiadian Elves? It is a complicated question, but for the main part, I can say that the 7 sister star system and council of white Light, have evolved from the basic humanoid form into Elfin like form. This is why most channellings and experiences with Pleiadian beings are of a tall, Elfin, graceful energy and have a very nature connected essence. Whether it be the Native Americans first speaking about the “star people from Pleiades, before Billy Meier’s encounter in the Swiss Alps, or Billy describing the Pleiadians as very spiritual beings invested in Earth’s people as well as its environment and nature.

Will you look like an Elf in human form today? Not necessarily. It is more vital to Earth’s survival of harmony to blend in as a people. It does no good for a Pleiadian soul to look as they would in the Pleiades. This can become far too distracting to the mission of helping others, teaching, guiding and remembering for you too. Also humans are too caught up in the physical world and material world of outside appearances, so you as a Pleiadian Elven soul would do more good in blending in and so the majority choose to take on a very human form, but with some Elfin characteristics  and style that vary in body types, height, ear shapes, face shapes, color combination of skin, eyes and hair, fashion and style sense. Pleiadians are very diverse, so a soul who comes from the Pleiades before earth will choose to fit into a body that compliments their parents and can help them achieve everything they came here to do on earth.

Some very important messages about disclosure for Pleiadian Elves from me, your soul group sister. I am about to do a film interview for Yahoo News this month, and I know that this is truly a coming out story and will be viewable around the world in more ways than my youtube channel.

I do this for you all. This is part of my mission as a facilitator of project Elvenstar that has been in the works well before I was born. I came into the world to see it through or start it off in a more visible way perhaps through the usage of technology of youtube. I have some past experience as a priestess soul who is comfortable talking in front of large groups to help others. So I do that now. I risk being laughed at, called names, having negative comments on me in life or online. But I do it because I care for not only my Pleiadian Elven family, but the whole Galactic Union of other beings from other planets. I do it because I want Earth humans to know there is something more to this world, to them, and they are not alone and their potential for soul bliss is unlimited.

I am doing this interview because I know how hard it is to keep a secret inside all your life. Starseeds are born with a forgotten memory in order to be able to be born into the 3rd dimensional Earth, going into 4th D now as a whole. So there is a lot of pain in forgetting who you are and coming up against the other Earth human soul who isn’t ready for your “outta this world” ideas, persona, essence, opinions, and overall reality of how you experience this universe. I know the conflict inside to love Earth humans and also be enraged by their actions. Each killing of another soul by another, is seen and experienced as a step back for the collective. It pains us to be part of Earth, but also we have so much fun and overall amazing experiences too. And we learn in the process as well, what those lessons are, are different for each individual Pleiadian soul.

In the future more and more is going to come out about starseeds in general. This will lead humanity onto their path of building a futuristic civilization with a diverse array of people that can tolerate one another, because they learn that they come from different planets and origins that will ultimately make earth become more diverse, but also more FUN in the experience.

We Pleiadians are here to help remind humanity that evolving is a fun experience and there is a lot of joy in just opening up minds and allowing the flow of Creation to take place and not fight against it. Things are going to get very strange and we are going to meet more unique souls who show really far away origins who have come to earth to be part of this experience within this Collective matrix of souls. There will be a reaction to fear this transformation of the human to the Galactic Human, and I believe Pleiadians have the disposition to help soothe and calm this fear.

I am hoping with my interview that in coming out to the world in the most honest and sincere way possible I can prepare humanity to start to meet many more “unearthly” souls who have new perspectives and if they are open, can show them how bright a future they can have known as the New Earth. The earth itself does not change, Gaia is perfect in spirit, but it will be the perspectives that will bring humanity into higher dimensions. Pleiadian Elves, you are helpers in this, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and come out of hiding and do some work. 😉


In Love, Light & Wisdom~

Your Pleiadian sister,

Kimberel Eventide






How Pleiadians And Sirians Are Related.

Within the starseed collective the major story unfolding is that life may have first came from Lyra constellation and the Vega star which is one of the oldest, even older than Sirius star system of two stars.

Lyre constellation of the harp with Vega as its brightest star formed more than 1 billion years ago with Vega being calculated to be middle age over 500 million years ago by NASA.

Next came the Sirius two star system, almost 300 million years ago.

Then Pleiades stars appeared 150 million years ago.

Then the stars around Orion were said to appear.

If you believe and awakened to everything stems from One Prime Source of consciousness then you will understand what I mean when I say, Sirians & Pleiadians are actually Lyran brothers and sisters. At first they moved to Sirius after the Elders of Lyra permitted them to foster new worlds together.

Then somewhere after 150 millions years ago, the Lyrans who once lived around Sirius became known as the Pleiadians.

For whatever the reason may be, either through disagreement or mutual agreement, the Lyrans divided into just living around Sirius, or later moving to Pleiades of the 7 stars and more. Intermixing happened and even planetary marriages occurred where Sirians married Pleiadians and vice versa.

This is why so many souls like me sense this connection to both-we are brothers and sisters, Pleiadians and Sirians. But as with all Divisions, many souls forgot this, very real truth of interconnection. It’s actually very easy to forget this, we are meant to rediscover this unity while here. It seems each story of a species is to grow back together from the split of consciousness.

As far as I know about life around Sirius, it has a blue dwarf star, and a giant white blue star much hotter than Earth’s sun.

There was many different life forms around Sirius, so far it is said the Nommo amphibious like people, the Elven like humanoids (lived further away from the major star), possibly the blue elves of the Vedic texts like Krishna was consistently described as, Wolf like Lycan types, and crustacean water beings that resemble higher advanced whales and dolphin beings.

Sirius is very large and the worlds around could offer a variety of Life even that didn’t first come from Lyra, but the general consensus within starseed information is that around Vega was a world to first seed life.

This is often why both Pleiadians & Sirians get mixed into the same bag as either being water beings or “tall pale Elfin folk”. Or a bit of a blend. This is an example of memories of the collective “pooling” together.

Since information is limited at this level of human society at this point, information from the Akashic of Sky records are a bit jumbled all into one. There is no real clear message. All you can really do as a starseed is move from the heart and authentic expression of your Higher Self.

There is not one single site out there that gives definite answers, because it’s about going on a deeper investigation to discover your Higher Self within, and unblock memories you have stored from previous experiences. That’s the game. To always level up and grow…and surprisingly it’s also about growing together.

I will be making another deeper level video to this about where all the aliens are now soon..

How I Connect With My Spirit Guides

This question has been on a lot of other people’s minds lately about how to meet higher dimensional beings.

I learned a long time ago, you can not just call out to them blindly seeking and expect a safe experience. This happens much in life and unfortunately there are some very negative experiences that happen to good people.

The way I connect to my particular Guides, is by aligning to their same qualities, intentions, and energies. Higher dimensional beings have the best intentions for humanity right now as your older and wiser relatives in a galactic sense. In order to meet them, you have to be on their same level.


Because deep down inside of the Universal Mind, everything is One, but Many, so Higher Guides are connected to you-they are a version of yourself in a higher form. Your guides that come to you in vision and dreams are the quiet and still voice in you manifesting as an image to you that you are projecting from within.

Yes, in another dimension of time and space they exist as you in another form. Future civilians of Pleiades or Pleiadian Starseeds will see a Pleiadian being as their guide. Same with Sirians or Arcturians etc. how they see this guide is who their soul is transmitted as an image to experience the Self and learning about the Truer Nature of who you are.

My guides are archangel Angelic beings, one ascended spiritual master, an Elven queen, and a Pleiadian Priestess woman. These make up my Higher Soul off of this earthly form. They form the basis of my vibratory state right now at this point of time in my life. Have I always had these guides? Yes, but when I was young I didn’t have the self realization as I do today to see them.

When you are ready to, and you truly want to help earth shift consciousness…you can start to merge your earthly Ego with these other beings.

Here is where you can become a vessel for their energy to bring down to earth to do great things. Of course people can choose to be a vessel for negative beings too. It’s how you choose to color your own soul, and what aspect of the Light spectrum you wish to play out that determines the level of experience you reach.

When ready to merge and make contact, use these guidelines to help you. Remember your guides wish to collaborate with you to help earth as much as you do.

Step 1: get into a quiet space…breathe deeply and count to 10 while breathing.

Step 2: ask yourself WHAT on this earth and in this experience do you wish to see?

Step 3: look back into your own life and look into the images, characters, and beings that you have been drawn to.

Step 4: realize that’s YOU in higher form. This is why you are drawn to it so much. You are always seeking for the Truth of your soul down here on earth. It’s how you get back to your Truest state of being eventually.

Step 5: in your mind, meet and shake hands or hug your Higher Soul. Let that image start to develop its own personality and qualities separate from you to provide interesting interactions or mirroring.

Step 6: notice who they are. Are they an Angel? A goddess? A Hindu god? Alien? Take in their qualities and symbolic meanings on earth. What’s their intention for humanity or earth?

Step 7: agree to shed your own identity a bit, to bring forth your Higher Soul into you. You can still be you, but now you have an additional spirit or energy inside to help the earth.

Step 8: visualize yourself merging with that being. You become One with them. Their mind is shared with yours and you now hold their best intentions for earth now.

Step 9: use this new energy to help you write that book you wanted, save lives by starting organizations, paint and draw inspirational art, make music, write poetry, run for office. Whatever you wish to do use this new energy in you. It’s not really new, it more REALIZED.

After I met my Spirit guides, they continue to feed me telepathic messages and thoughts that all come from deep inside ME. They are now an aspect of you, living another life in their own dimension, but still very much a part of you.

May this bring clarity to reaching your own guides and see yourself in a new Light.

Image by Lightstar