A Message To All Pleiadian Elven Starseeds

I started out my coming out into the world on my youtube and then my blog, without any indication of where it would lead me. All I know is I was driven by some inner goal to bring to surface three major ideas:

  1.  We exist. And the creatures spoke about in tales and legends of Elves and Fae are in reality actual beings living now on other planets. This is why you are drawn to the Faerie realms whenever you hear about them on earth or just have a stored memory or longing. 
  2. Humanity is a part of a MUCH larger network of humanoid and non-humanoid beings who are family and are related to earth humans in some way and CARE about the direction they go spiritually, mentally and physically. 
  3. Nature, animals and the overall environment needs immediate attention from humans to ensure optimal survival and moving into a greater future as a Galactic civilization where Earth can be a port for other visitors to enrich their experience of living. 


There is far too much coincidence now between the Elven star,  Elvenkin, and the Pleiades. Many Pleiadians do feel very Elven-like or resonate in some ways with the Fae or Fair Folk. No matter if Pleiadians are “space elves” or not, they are very much elven as Tolkien described, through and through. The keepers of Atlantis and Lemuria, as ancient beings whose civilization is one with Nature and understand the Universe as Love & Oneness. The Tuatha Dé Danann that came to Ireland a long time ago, tried to help humanity for awhile and returned back to their ships. Pleiadian Elven beings have been around and now they are still here in human and Half-Elven form even.

This is why you may be drawn to natural and organic things, as well as be intrigued and think technology and science can be fun too. Pleiadian ships can beam in and out of different atmospheres of planets going largely unnoticed and there is a way to dematerialize and then re-materialize atomic structures of material objects to look very much like “Elf or Wizard” magic. Magic is just science utilized to the highest level of understanding the structure of most matter in the known Universe (so far) and then applying that wisdom.


Everything connects together and for the Pleiadian Elves on earth, the puzzle pieces may be starting to be put together. I am very happy to be able to do that for so many today. Every single human being came from the Collective Matrix of Pure consciousness as all souls do, but your unique imprint is to be a starseed on earth. That is your story and journey.  A Pleiadian starseed soul is one that lowered their original consciousness and density levels to 3D to fit the Earth model and be born into a human body. However a Pleiadian Elf carries 4th, 5th and 6th (and even above that) dimensional consciousness thinking which can cause discomfort in many ways. This means you live mainly through the heart, third eye and crown chakra consciousness of the ethereal or immaterial spiritual body-whereas Earth society is at solar plexus of Personal Power of the material world. No wonder you felt strange and saw things from a different perspective-one of more peaceful, harmonious, and perhaps a more honest one from the Divine Truth of Love.

When you compare consciousness levels of 3D to the higher consciousness of the Pleiadian civilization you came from, you may start to understand why you feel a little different from others and frustrated. There ARE Earth based human souls-they are needed in the collective matrix as well. Just as Tolkien wrote that mankind was separate from Elves, and had their own evolutionary path, so does the Pleiadian Elf from the Human Being. Human beings have their origins as well, but their line of heritage being born just on Earth first needs to be respected. Just as the Pleiadian was first born in Lyra, or the Pleiades in more recent times. All origin stories need to be respected of the individual, it is part of their spiritual journey. We shouldn’t be here to make other Earth humans feel like they are not from earth, if that is what they do not feel inside.

It is more important we bring a sense of diversity to the world, but a shared community.

One species is not better over the other, they are simply different branches from the same Galactic Tree, some could call the Collective Source where all subatomic particles for life came from first. The Earth Human has a big decision right now, to choose their own evolutionary pathways-to become more Elfin like and Faerie like in appearance becoming a vast array of magical and mystical beings that are too many to list here, or becoming more cyborg and technological in appearance leading to more oneness in appearance eventually and merge with A.I. There is even a path to become more reptilian like and hard with scales over time, tall and brute like strength in body and mind like the Draconian being. The evolutionary timelines are infinite just like consciousness, because those are the Great Stories born from the Collective Consciousness.

Each Earth human has their choice of their evolutionary process.  Nothing stops in death, since consciousness is infinite. The Pleiadian Elven starseeds are simply awakening into what you already ARE and your role on earth as one here during this time. A Pleiadian Starseed Elf has a different evolutionary process. You are moving a bit backwards to move forwards. In coming to Earth to help assist the spiritual growth, you are enhancing your own spiritual journey where you can join Ascended masters, and reach what is called the Eternal Rest or as Tolkien called it The Undying Lands. Not all Pleiadians will choose this and there are other alien life forms who are on this soul path right now too. Also nothing is set in stone, so even Eternal Rest is not definite of being the End. Remember even some souls were sent back from the Hall of Mandos in Tolkien’s stories, like Gandalf.

Are all Pleiadian Elves? It is a complicated question, but for the main part, I can say that the 7 sister star system and council of white Light, have evolved from the basic humanoid form into Elfin like form. This is why most channellings and experiences with Pleiadian beings are of a tall, Elfin, graceful energy and have a very nature connected essence. Whether it be the Native Americans first speaking about the “star people from Pleiades, before Billy Meier’s encounter in the Swiss Alps, or Billy describing the Pleiadians as very spiritual beings invested in Earth’s people as well as its environment and nature.

Will you look like an Elf in human form today? Not necessarily. It is more vital to Earth’s survival of harmony to blend in as a people. It does no good for a Pleiadian soul to look as they would in the Pleiades. This can become far too distracting to the mission of helping others, teaching, guiding and remembering for you too. Also humans are too caught up in the physical world and material world of outside appearances, so you as a Pleiadian Elven soul would do more good in blending in and so the majority choose to take on a very human form, but with some Elfin characteristics  and style that vary in body types, height, ear shapes, face shapes, color combination of skin, eyes and hair, fashion and style sense. Pleiadians are very diverse, so a soul who comes from the Pleiades before earth will choose to fit into a body that compliments their parents and can help them achieve everything they came here to do on earth.

Some very important messages about disclosure for Pleiadian Elves from me, your soul group sister. I am about to do a film interview for Yahoo News this month, and I know that this is truly a coming out story and will be viewable around the world in more ways than my youtube channel.

I do this for you all. This is part of my mission as a facilitator of project Elvenstar that has been in the works well before I was born. I came into the world to see it through or start it off in a more visible way perhaps through the usage of technology of youtube. I have some past experience as a priestess soul who is comfortable talking in front of large groups to help others. So I do that now. I risk being laughed at, called names, having negative comments on me in life or online. But I do it because I care for not only my Pleiadian Elven family, but the whole Galactic Union of other beings from other planets. I do it because I want Earth humans to know there is something more to this world, to them, and they are not alone and their potential for soul bliss is unlimited.

I am doing this interview because I know how hard it is to keep a secret inside all your life. Starseeds are born with a forgotten memory in order to be able to be born into the 3rd dimensional Earth, going into 4th D now as a whole. So there is a lot of pain in forgetting who you are and coming up against the other Earth human soul who isn’t ready for your “outta this world” ideas, persona, essence, opinions, and overall reality of how you experience this universe. I know the conflict inside to love Earth humans and also be enraged by their actions. Each killing of another soul by another, is seen and experienced as a step back for the collective. It pains us to be part of Earth, but also we have so much fun and overall amazing experiences too. And we learn in the process as well, what those lessons are, are different for each individual Pleiadian soul.

In the future more and more is going to come out about starseeds in general. This will lead humanity onto their path of building a futuristic civilization with a diverse array of people that can tolerate one another, because they learn that they come from different planets and origins that will ultimately make earth become more diverse, but also more FUN in the experience.

We Pleiadians are here to help remind humanity that evolving is a fun experience and there is a lot of joy in just opening up minds and allowing the flow of Creation to take place and not fight against it. Things are going to get very strange and we are going to meet more unique souls who show really far away origins who have come to earth to be part of this experience within this Collective matrix of souls. There will be a reaction to fear this transformation of the human to the Galactic Human, and I believe Pleiadians have the disposition to help soothe and calm this fear.

I am hoping with my interview that in coming out to the world in the most honest and sincere way possible I can prepare humanity to start to meet many more “unearthly” souls who have new perspectives and if they are open, can show them how bright a future they can have known as the New Earth. The earth itself does not change, Gaia is perfect in spirit, but it will be the perspectives that will bring humanity into higher dimensions. Pleiadian Elves, you are helpers in this, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and come out of hiding and do some work. 😉


In Love, Light & Wisdom~

Your Pleiadian sister,

Kimberel Eventide







How Pleiadians And Sirians Are Related.

Within the starseed collective the major story unfolding is that life may have first came from Lyra constellation and the Vega star which is one of the oldest, even older than Sirius star system of two stars.

Lyre constellation of the harp with Vega as its brightest star formed more than 1 billion years ago with Vega being calculated to be middle age over 500 million years ago by NASA.

Next came the Sirius two star system, almost 300 million years ago.

Then Pleiades stars appeared 150 million years ago.

Then the stars around Orion were said to appear.

If you believe and awakened to everything stems from One Prime Source of consciousness then you will understand what I mean when I say, Sirians & Pleiadians are actually Lyran brothers and sisters. At first they moved to Sirius after the Elders of Lyra permitted them to foster new worlds together.

Then somewhere after 150 millions years ago, the Lyrans who once lived around Sirius became known as the Pleiadians.

For whatever the reason may be, either through disagreement or mutual agreement, the Lyrans divided into just living around Sirius, or later moving to Pleiades of the 7 stars and more. Intermixing happened and even planetary marriages occurred where Sirians married Pleiadians and vice versa.

This is why so many souls like me sense this connection to both-we are brothers and sisters, Pleiadians and Sirians. But as with all Divisions, many souls forgot this, very real truth of interconnection. It’s actually very easy to forget this, we are meant to rediscover this unity while here. It seems each story of a species is to grow back together from the split of consciousness.

As far as I know about life around Sirius, it has a blue dwarf star, and a giant white blue star much hotter than Earth’s sun.

There was many different life forms around Sirius, so far it is said the Nommo amphibious like people, the Elven like humanoids (lived further away from the major star), possibly the blue elves of the Vedic texts like Krishna was consistently described as, Wolf like Lycan types, and crustacean water beings that resemble higher advanced whales and dolphin beings.

Sirius is very large and the worlds around could offer a variety of Life even that didn’t first come from Lyra, but the general consensus within starseed information is that around Vega was a world to first seed life.

This is often why both Pleiadians & Sirians get mixed into the same bag as either being water beings or “tall pale Elfin folk”. Or a bit of a blend. This is an example of memories of the collective “pooling” together.

Since information is limited at this level of human society at this point, information from the Akashic of Sky records are a bit jumbled all into one. There is no real clear message. All you can really do as a starseed is move from the heart and authentic expression of your Higher Self.

There is not one single site out there that gives definite answers, because it’s about going on a deeper investigation to discover your Higher Self within, and unblock memories you have stored from previous experiences. That’s the game. To always level up and grow…and surprisingly it’s also about growing together.

I will be making another deeper level video to this about where all the aliens are now soon..

How I Connect With My Spirit Guides

This question has been on a lot of other people’s minds lately about how to meet higher dimensional beings.

I learned a long time ago, you can not just call out to them blindly seeking and expect a safe experience. This happens much in life and unfortunately there are some very negative experiences that happen to good people.

The way I connect to my particular Guides, is by aligning to their same qualities, intentions, and energies. Higher dimensional beings have the best intentions for humanity right now as your older and wiser relatives in a galactic sense. In order to meet them, you have to be on their same level.


Because deep down inside of the Universal Mind, everything is One, but Many, so Higher Guides are connected to you-they are a version of yourself in a higher form. Your guides that come to you in vision and dreams are the quiet and still voice in you manifesting as an image to you that you are projecting from within.

Yes, in another dimension of time and space they exist as you in another form. Future civilians of Pleiades or Pleiadian Starseeds will see a Pleiadian being as their guide. Same with Sirians or Arcturians etc. how they see this guide is who their soul is transmitted as an image to experience the Self and learning about the Truer Nature of who you are.

My guides are archangel Angelic beings, one ascended spiritual master, an Elven queen, and a Pleiadian Priestess woman. These make up my Higher Soul off of this earthly form. They form the basis of my vibratory state right now at this point of time in my life. Have I always had these guides? Yes, but when I was young I didn’t have the self realization as I do today to see them.

When you are ready to, and you truly want to help earth shift consciousness…you can start to merge your earthly Ego with these other beings.

Here is where you can become a vessel for their energy to bring down to earth to do great things. Of course people can choose to be a vessel for negative beings too. It’s how you choose to color your own soul, and what aspect of the Light spectrum you wish to play out that determines the level of experience you reach.

When ready to merge and make contact, use these guidelines to help you. Remember your guides wish to collaborate with you to help earth as much as you do.

Step 1: get into a quiet space…breathe deeply and count to 10 while breathing.

Step 2: ask yourself WHAT on this earth and in this experience do you wish to see?

Step 3: look back into your own life and look into the images, characters, and beings that you have been drawn to.

Step 4: realize that’s YOU in higher form. This is why you are drawn to it so much. You are always seeking for the Truth of your soul down here on earth. It’s how you get back to your Truest state of being eventually.

Step 5: in your mind, meet and shake hands or hug your Higher Soul. Let that image start to develop its own personality and qualities separate from you to provide interesting interactions or mirroring.

Step 6: notice who they are. Are they an Angel? A goddess? A Hindu god? Alien? Take in their qualities and symbolic meanings on earth. What’s their intention for humanity or earth?

Step 7: agree to shed your own identity a bit, to bring forth your Higher Soul into you. You can still be you, but now you have an additional spirit or energy inside to help the earth.

Step 8: visualize yourself merging with that being. You become One with them. Their mind is shared with yours and you now hold their best intentions for earth now.

Step 9: use this new energy to help you write that book you wanted, save lives by starting organizations, paint and draw inspirational art, make music, write poetry, run for office. Whatever you wish to do use this new energy in you. It’s not really new, it more REALIZED.

After I met my Spirit guides, they continue to feed me telepathic messages and thoughts that all come from deep inside ME. They are now an aspect of you, living another life in their own dimension, but still very much a part of you.

May this bring clarity to reaching your own guides and see yourself in a new Light.

Image by Lightstar

Visions From The Pleiades

Astral traveling to the Pleiades gives me great joy. I am taken to a planet around the blue star Maia near Taygeta. It’s star is not the brightest in the 7 sister stars, but it calls to me because it makes the best sun to a planet. Being not as bright, it creates a comfortable environment where it isn’t too cold, and not too hot.

These humanoid Elven like beings have invited me to see one of my Homes I have been involved on in the past and may return to in the future. As I go to them by stepping through a beautiful silver ornate portal, I see a lovely open landscape before me.

I see three of the Pleiadians, and they are very humanoid looking, but they have an Elfin quality to them. They are tall, and graceful looking. I look at their faces and they are a bit exotic in features. Eyes are almond shaped like a cat, which helps affirm the Lyran lineage that I have sensed in them. They have large foreheads but not out of proportion to the rest of their faces. The three standing before me is one woman with long dark hair with violet eyes, one nordic looking blonde woman with blue eyes, and one man with short silver hair with moss green eyes. They are wearing white and silver robes and flowing pants with ornate patterns on them.  Silver Starburst shapes mixed in with swirls I see on their shoulders and chest. They smile to me and greet me warmly. I don’t ask for their names yet and they don’t give them to me either.

They point to a path within the field asking me to walk with them.

There are some trees, flowers, plants and little animals I have never seen on earth as I look around the field. They are completely different and beautiful in their strangeness to me. There is a type of squirrel looking animal with two tails and very pointy furry ears. I can see a white fox like creature staring at me from somewhere in the middle of the field.  I do notice some bushes, some plants and even a few types of trees that remind me of Earth. I see a tree that almost looks teal to me, which is lovely the way it stands against the other trees. It grows here in plenty, giving the landscape a very colorful look of shades of greens and green blues. Flowers are so unique and shaped differently, with the addition of the ability to glow in the dark at night. I can see the glowing balls of light in the center of them glowing dimly in the daylight. I am told they learned how to manifest nature to fit their needs-these plants are lights at night for Pleiadians that are most active at night. The Pleiadian closest besides me tells me that Nature has a way of responding to their planet needs and reflecting their inner states. Every planet is like this. Each Nature is designed to reflect back the inner states of the species as a Greater Teacher. I take notice, these beings are living in the 6th dimension of reality. I can sense it the way they talk and are very physical to me in their presence. They are not Light bodies yet, but extremely peaceful beings. They have very warm loving and sturdy energies that surrounds the whole planet making it a very welcoming place for visitors with good intentions.

I make sure to glance up in the sky, and I see glowing stars all around me. There is no light pollution. They figured out how to use light not to the excessive amount as we do on earth. They see the skies very clearly, along with the other blue suns in the sky at a distance.

The path before me opens up into a city. But this city is not a dirty industrial city like many on earth. It’s very clean, and with clear glass structures, mixed with Greek temple like buildings. Really very modern, but mixed with ancient beauty too. The skyline of this city is smooth lines of varied shapes filled of blue green and clear glass windows on buildings, but I notice that the windows are part of the design to look like water, they don’t have a purpose to keep bad weather out they really just give the city esthetic quality and reflection of the sun’s rays. There are many vertical greenhouses I see with skyscrapers reaching up into the sky with plants hanging down from the walls and poking out of windows. Nature is all around the city.

Pleiadians have figured out how to align with nature, and the weather is always temperate here. It could be the high tech Dome shaped layers over the planet to protect it from the heat of the blue star which is hotter than our sun, but somehow the weather is always nice. The Pleiadians are very peaceful beings and Nature reflects that state here.

I hear one laugh behind me softly, reading my thoughts about how dirty some parts of earth’s cities are. She tells me, that we too will learn one day how to keep things clean for ourselves and for others. It helps lead to peaceful inner states to have clean and orderly environments-at least for some souls who would call the Pleiades their home.

As I look around, I see a city that has learned how to let Nature grow in its place and not remove it at all. Vines and wild flowers are hanging and crawling up their beautiful buildings. Trees line all the city pathways. There are no streets for cars, only pathways to walk. It’s a mix of wild nature and clean smooth modern buildings with ornate design. It’s all white, silver and glass here mixed with the green of nature, and lots of flowers. Really a beautiful sight to see.

They ask me to come over to a more secluded part of the city to the residential part where everyone lives. So I shift my view in this dreamlike state and I see  lovely areas outside of the city, with just Pleiadian homes around it. They explain to me how nobody lives in the city where they work and keep things functioning, and instead everyone lives around the city that is in the center, to keep their own lives more peaceful and living space not over populated next to work buildings.  They believe work should be separate from living space and they have no problem traveling to and from, so they can all live further away from the city. Transportation is fast here. They use only flying vehicles, they definitely have perfected this art of air traffic and use it to their advantage to keep the land only open for little pathways and walk ways. Everyone walks here on the ground, and flies in the air.

Here in this area is far more Nature, trees and flowers. Each Pleiadian home is tiny I notice, like a tiny house that is getting popular here on Earth. These tiny homes are gorgeous though, each with a dome shaped clear ceiling to allow the view of the night and different shapes making them unique to one another. Some have a diamond shaped roofs, some more hexagon shape, and some more square roofs with lots of open windows.  They are all sustainable energy, not plugged into a power grid, but powered by other sources of energy like wind, water and the sun, as well as the ether around them.

I ask what do Pleiadians do for jobs, and the Pleiadian behind me said they are galactic scientists, scholars & artists. They create things on this particular planet other outside neighbors would like to buy. Music, clothes, jewelry, art for the home, clean advanced technology they invent. They also study the Universe, and the laws of Physics of the Universe so they all enjoy free education within their giant libraries and universities. Each Pleiadian looks forwards to coming of age to go to these Universities to study the Cosmos at large. They live and trade on a barter system only. Each Pleiadian can make something another can not and so they trade with one another, telepathically understanding the value of each items they create. They create unique things not found in other parts of the Universe by  using their powers of manifestation very much like magic and using the planet’s resources-making sure to always replant. They are scientists in exploring other worlds, and observing others, always coming up with new theories to better themselves. Every Pleiadian is gifted in both sciences & arts, they are very balanced beings. They have one small council that is a system of government to go to for advice in the center of the city on certain issues or concerns about the land or disputes-other than that, everyone is truly free to do as they please. They smile and tell me together, they party a lot, there are no laws here. Only Codes & Ethics to follow.

What about war? military? They sigh and tell me they too have one, every Pleiadian is trained in the University for the art of combat to protect their planet. They know a type of dancing fighting style for physical ambushes, they have laser type weapons as guns stationed around the city for outside attacks, and they have a large laser type beam that shoots hostile ships down from the center of their cities. He adds, they haven’t had to use this laser on Reptilians for thousands of years. The Reptilians moved onto easier “prey” unfortunately in the lower dimensions of space and species who aren’t aware of them in their perception levels about the Universe.

I sense there is a deep warring nature in the Pleiadians as I look at the graceful, but strong beings before me, but they put it past themselves and only use it for defense now of their own planet. Never against one another, these beings have no inner planet crime. They just all control themselves and know what is right from wrong, connected to Universal Truths of the Universe. They are empathic and can not hurt another with out hurting themselves.

I look longingly at the home in front of me with a clear hexagonal roof and beautiful little pink and purple flowered plants in the front yard lined with trees.

I turn around and see a smile on the man’s face and I telepathically ask can I go into one of the homes before me. He tells me this one is mine we are standing in front of, when I come back one day. I smile to myself knowing this all along that the Pleiades star system is always another home in the physical universe to me. I push open the white door not made of wood, nothing is made of wood here I notice. The whole house is made out of some type of plant fibers that are bound together so tightly they create concrete like shapes and structures. Everything is GREEN here on this planet. They are so aware of Nature and using it and replenishing it it makes me very happy inside. As I walk in, it is a tiny house, but so nicely designed with an open floor plan and lots of open windows and light coming through. The glass ceiling is incredible and I know at night it will be nice. I see really simple yet modern furniture and lots of plants everywhere, on the walls as floating air plants almost, and standing tall in vases. They left it open for me to design later.

I am satisfied with this peaceful home that could fit a small family inside if I wanted to have one. I ask them if we can go see more of the Nature landscape and we go outside, walking a bit in silence as I look at my surroundings, they take me to my small porch in the back of the house and behind the residential houses there are thick forests there. We walk a bit into them. Wild and untouched, these forests are magnificent. There are waterfalls hidden deep inside that is a favorite place for the Pleiadians to bathe in or just relax they tell me. I see really interesting shaped plants and trees all around me. Lots of swirls and curls to their shapes of their leaves and the trees are large and hang down as canopies.

It is starting to get dark and I notice the flowers on the ground start to glow from their center balls. The Forest floor is lit up in a magical way, you can see wherever you step and no need for lights. The stars are coming out now and the whole forest, and on the other side the residential area is lit up now on the grass in certain areas around the home. Now I understand why there is no street lamps, the flowers and plants do it for them as a bioluminescent form of plant life. It isn’t bacteria. It is the plant itself that has this quality giving the landscape a fantasy night land look.

My visions start to fade away as I am getting tired now, and a bit sad I will have to leave this place because Earth has still a way to go before they learn how to use Nature in this way and bend it to their way of life. Also how peaceful and calm it is, my soul yearns for this on earth. Nobody is rude, or full of ego here. It is the most amazing feeling to be somewhere so authentic. I know I need to return due to earth duties though, so I say goodbye to my three Pleiadian guides who were with me and let them know I will be back. I sense them all smile and they say in my mind “we know”.

7 Truths & The Myths About Pleiadians

I am so sorry, my fellow beings, there has been so many lies and hoaxes on the Pleiadians.


This is a very good short video I found about it: Billy Meier: Truth or Liar?

Here are some of my own, I can help you with.

Myths & Truths About Pleiadians

#1 Myth. They all look the same-typically said to be blonde with blue eyes. 

Truth: They are not homogenous beings. They are from a LARGE star system and all types of life exist there. They have many different color hair and eye combinations. They also like to achieve unique beautification through means of using advanced technology. They will appear to a human in telepathic form as the most comforting image to that soul-i.e if you like blondes, you will see a blonde. Their hair and eye color is unique to their Lyran descent. They have elegant build and healthy bodies at optimum weight for their planet within the Pleiades star system. Some Pleiadians look far more “eflin” or “feline” than their counter parts because of carrying a stronger Lyran gene based on their ancestry.


#2 Myth. They are “Nordic” beings.  

Truth: This is a simplified idea of them. Nordic would suggest they come from Norwegian areas of Earth which is not true because they are not fundamentally part of the human species of “Nords”. Billy Meier may have said that they were Nordic looking, because they appeared to him within the Swiss Alps and had a general appearance of a “Norwegian” or what you would think of as a Norse “god” of the mythos. The Aryan race idea of this alien species is fueled more by White Supremacists than intuitive channelers or mediums. Mediums understand that the Pleiadians are a very diverse group of beautiful beings, just like humans are. They tend to have almond shaped eyes, angular or more square features instead of softer ones like many humans have today, and they have a regal look about them when connected to telepathically-usually wearing a crown or headdress of some sorts.

#3 Myth. They are all white or Caucasian skin tone. 

Truth: Once again this is information coming from the source of white supremacists set to divide people and cause confusion of the Pleiadian’s messages. Their skin tone is a variety of shades depending on how close to the suns are their particular planet. Remember there is 7 visible stars which are their suns. Skin tone is dependent on how much melanin is needed to protect a soul from the sun’s rays. The sun is life giving energy, but too much can cause mutation of cells and other radiation poisoning. The darker the skin tone, the more sun one has available in their region on earth. It is the same with the Pleiades.

The Pleiades star system is filled of hot B Type stars. B Type stars are luminous and blue. The Earth’s sun is a G Type star which is a Yellow Super Giant, and the Pleiades has Blue Super Giants. They are the second hottest stars in terms of temperature and usually delicate life could not exist on its own unless it was designed to withstand the amount of heat and energy produced by a Blue star. However the Pleiadians being highly advanced lifeforms have developed ways of shielding their planets from harmful rays. This gives them the ability to enjoy beautiful blue sunlight without the harmful effects of radiation. Their skin tone has taking on a white, to light blueish undertone to reflect their environment on some planets. On others, they have a more grey or darker mocha grey undertone. It really depends how close they are to each sun within the Pleiades.

#4 Myth. They are directly working with the government or are currently in the government of Earth. 

Truth: They are not involved directly with our government nor anyone else’s here. There may be some indirect influence here of them by Pleiadian starseeds whose past life was part of the Pleiades and now they are working within government structures to help bring humanity into the future, but there is no actual Pleiadian beings working secretly with the government. They do not believe in secrecy from the people because of their understanding of the deep Unity within. They also believe in a transparent rule or governing so they would not be part of the governments now. No, they are just watching the mess that the world’s governments often get into it. They also are rejoicing as they learn too.

#5 Myth. They are working or siding with the Reptilian like beings. 

Truth:  The Opposite is true. The Pleiadians understand that ALL souls within the cosmos are parts of them-even the negative or greedy species such as the Reptilians or “Lizzies” as they are called. They are looking at the Lizzies just as the Elves looked at the Orcs-half disgusted and half saddened. The Pleiadians have been fighting off and fighting against the reptile humanoids for awhile now. They have witnessed them take over other parts of the universe and destroy life there, and they have fought them off in a battle a long time ago when they set to control humanity. They STILL fight them off, but it is a different tactic than battles with ships, it is a battle of will and the mind. They are influencing humanity to rise up against the control and secrecy of the reptilian energy within the world.

#6 Myth. They are technology focused. 

Truth: Actually quite the opposite. They are deeply connected to Nature and respect all living plants and animals on their planets as well as on earth. They feel a sense of caution with technology. They use it of course, to open worm holes and travel through space, but they are not “obsessed” with it as some other species like the Annunakis, who if they could, they would build a Super Computer to control all life on earth. The Pleiadians are really closest to the nature of the original Elven races on earth known as the Sidhe and Tuatha De Danann. They are a regal race of beings that live very connected to Nature, which is why the Native Americans as the Indigenous Peoples of America felt such a connection to the Pleiades and considered them their star people of teachers. The Pleiadians could teach humanity the magic within nature, and how they discovered secrets to the Universe and energy within it. Pleiadians use technology in balance and harmony with nature. When they are not wearing their space suits while traveling, they are opting to wear long flowing robes that move in the breeze of their worlds.

#7 Myth. They are water beings or mermaids. 

Truth. Pleiadians are often associated with water due to their past on Atlantis and Lemuria, but they are humanoid looking, walking on two legs and with two arms. They do not live directly in the water, but a Pleiadian starseed can not help feel a connection to the water and water creatures. This is a deeper reflection into their Nature of Flow within the Universe and all the wisdom they have acquired through their years. You may see their beautiful ships hovering over the oceans, checking on them to make sure humans do not forsake the one element that is precious within the Universe and can be found almost everywhere except on dryer more desolate homes-water. They inspired the Greeks as water muses, because of this watery nature.


May it bring more clarity to the world!

The Story of the Pleiadian Starseed Elves

Intuitively speaking and through all the information I have gathered about the Elves, and other star beings that are within the Human collective now, here is the story on the Pleiadian Starseed Elves:

I said this before in a few of my videos about us all having individual souls as well as Collective ones. Starseeds are factions of this Collective that decides it is time to move forwards into the future of a species timeline. That is at the deep core, but the Story of the Universe shows that there is very much a battle against good and evil playing out.

It seems within every planet, there is always a “new” group of souls that represent that planet’s future. These souls are born with unique past lives from other planets carrying the memories locked away in order to be woke to their memories and wisdom when they are ready to carry out the mission. What is the mission exactly? The mission is always to move LIFE forwards.

In the dualistic Universe of “asleep” vs. “wake” states of the Collective, you have masses of beings that can remain for quite some time at one level of understanding of where they are, what their potential is. Especially if you have any groups that dominate the masses and try to keep them blind to their true power. This “cat and mouse” game represents the asleep souls dominating other asleep souls. In order to move that species forwards, a “new” idea springs forth and is birthed. In come the “starseeds”, that represents a “seeding” of new ideas and perspectives to move humanity into a new future.

The Elven beings, are throughout all the Universe. I strongly sense the Lyran race is Elven like in nature whether in stature or with angled ears-which is why often people see them as “feline” like, with almond eyes and angled pointed ears. They are almost all depleted now as a pure group, because they were an ancient race connected to Atlantis. As we are now discovering this earth is far older than some would have you think in this world and there has been life here before mankind. The Lyrans originated from the planets close to their home of the constellation of Lyra, coming from their home planet near Vega the brightest star within the constellation.

When Atlantis fell due to their own drive for more power and control, Lemuria was taken with them-both originally from the Lyra constellation. There was a bit of a battle, because the Lemurians saw the power hunger within the Atlantian’s eyes and tried to stop it.  Lemuria was known, like Atlantis, to be a water nation built on top of islands within the ocean. These two kingdoms once got along so well, but greed crept into the Atlantian’s hearts. Lemuria was filled of sensitive souls that were not interested in power, and they saw their friends become more concerned with conquests of knowledge and power. Magical power. They wanted to learn how to control the elements on earth. They wanted to learn to walk on water. They wanted to be the most beautiful and highly talented species within our known galaxy. It was not enough for the Lyrans to enjoy the beautiful ocean view and sunset. They wanted MORE.

In the quest for power, Giant Crystals were gathered from caves they visited when voyaging in large beautiful ships. They used giant crystals mixed with other highly advanced technology, scientists are tapping into-splitting the atom and causing giant bombs. Yes, bombs have been used before. They are the power of the Big Bang, but smaller versions of it. Those who understand the idea of quantum mechanics and physics always discover the atomic bombs sooner or later. Einstein discovered this on earth. He did not create the bomb, but he was the mind that was able to understand the mechanics behind the atomic bomb because of his understanding of how physical space works. The Atlantians created bombs thinking they would create new worlds and universes they could control.

Sadly, all that happened was they caused a nuclear explosion that shook their own kingdom into to the ocean, and took Lemuria with them by huge tidal waves they caused.

There were some survivors as there are on all planets with life. These survivors were able to get into ships they created with their understanding of science and flew back to Lyra were they once came from and heard stories of from their ancestors.

Unfortuantely, all the Lemurians perished. Only to be reborn as some souls in the world found today. The Lemurian’s did not forget what happened to them and they carry a cautious nature deep within their memories or DNA.

Within the leftover Lyran civilization, there were disagreements to how things were handled on earth. This beautiful Elven species was in chaos and division now. Some of the Lyrans were very unhappy with the bombs that were being created and now they were able to voice their opinion after experiencing the aftermath of some of the High Elders greed. The Lyran group that was unhappy with the Elders were the “rebel” group of Lyrans, we know today as the Pleiadians.

This rebel group of Lyrans decided it was time to divide themselves completely and search for a new world to start their own civilization upon. They found a new home within the star system of the Pleiades. There they could live peacefully and move beyond the past of their Elders who destroyed their first world-Earth, known to them as “Gaia”, later to be inspired to the Greeks.

Pleiadians, slowly evolved into their own species over millions of years within the Pleiades. They also split off and formed life all around the seven sisters of the stars:Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygeta, Celaeno, and Alcyone.  Pleiadians look like Lyrans today still with their slightly pointed ears, and regal exteriors. They are usually described as elegant humanoid like beings with elevated consciousness and technology. There are so many different types of Pleiadians, but they generally do resemble all humanoid beings or Elven humanoids. They live longer and have a deep connection to Nature and all its beings & plants found within.

As the human species grew, the Pleiadians remembering their first home, would bring guidance and inspiration throughout their time to humanity. Some of the original Lyrans learning their lessons and evolved now came from Vega, became known as the “Vegans” and brought Hinduism spirituality through the Vedic texts. Some of the Pleiadians came back to Earth as were seen as Angels to humans, humanoid beings that walked around and taught humans lessons and skills to help them-both in magic and in science.

It is not to say that humans could not discover this all on their own, they could, but the Pleiadians decided it was part of their duty to help humanity achieve greatness as they have. Remembering the fall of Atlantis, they did not want to teach humans the hunger for external power, but were more interested in teaching humanity how to gain INTERNAL power and connection to Nature & Divine Light of the cosmos.

This is why the Pleiadians are so involved with humanity. They have  a past on earth. They see themselves within humans and wish to help them learn from the mistakes of their ancestors.

Today, the Lyrans are a WISE council of few living close to Vega. They are HIGHLY vibrational Light beings, living consciously on the 12D of experience. They are good, wise, and known as the Golden Ones, to many around the cosmos.

If you are a Lyran or Pleiadian starseed, know you are relatives, and carry the same DNA codes and memories. Today Lyrans & Pleiadians do get along greatly and mended from their differences and their divide.

Pleiadians may be reluctant towards POWER and are teachers, guides and healers. They wish to teach humanity to search for something more than science and power because they saw what happened and carry the memories deep within their subconscious.

The Lyrans guide humanity only as a faint whisper of caution from their tale. They send love, healing light and energy throughout the cosmos as beautiful beings that evolved and learned so much.

The Pleiadian Elven beings will become humanity’s greatest ally in the future against power and greed. They will become galactic partners in the 5D & 6D society of humanity. Starseeds are the first start of this planetary union. You are the babies of this unity bringing forth the unity of the cosmos.

When you get a message, a download, a certain understanding, dear Starseeds, please share it with the world. If you can do nothing else all day and you have this message ringing in your ears, that is your time to speak your truth, write your book, go for office, become that activist, make a tube channel, blog. You are part of humanity finding their way back to Nature and Internal Power.

It is true, the Reptilian Annunaki Lizards & Draconian energy has inserted themselves into humanity’s central sphere of control. Pleiadians have seen these beings move around the cosmos taking over planets for gold resources, greed and energy food.

The Pleiadians are partly on earth right now, mingled in with humans because they fell in love with some, and they are also projected as light beings through telepathic communication across space to humanity too. They are the allies in this battle for freedom from these beings.

May this bring clarity to you about the Lyrans & the Pleiadians.

A Lyran/Pleiadian male, notice the seven pointed Elven star coming from his hand. Please note, I am not advocating “Ashtar” or “Ashtar Command” in any way. The picture depicted was chosen for the Elven star created by the artist-named “Elven Star” or “Faerie Star” for seven points for the seven stars of Pleiades.