What Does A 5D (5th Dimension) Society Look Like?

Of course you could always listen to my video here: Visions Of The Future

But I will write a little bit more on this pertaining to today’s world and the actual way this will happen for humans….I remember our own ascension as a Pleiadian starseed. These memories are now being unleashed within in order to help other understand what they too will go through, just as all species goes through.

Right now we are in the midst of “Growing Pains”. So much truth is being filtered out from the illusions, and lies. This is why all these scandals in Hollywood, big corporations. government and military are being revealed by souls awakening to their inner truths and values.

This happens in order to shake off the old systems and bring forth the new ones. Visions of the future come to me in a clear image of energies swirling around and how humanity WILL be happy. They will triumph in the end and remove themselves from this control.

On the other side of the veil will be the New Earth, written about in codes throughout many different religious texts to give cheer and glad tidings to humanity.

The New Earth will be your 5D society. A beautiful home of a species learning to see the Divine Light within one another. Such respect and kindness will be shared freely here! Nobody would be foolish enough to judge, harm, manipulate, or kill another. It simply would be seen as “baby” behavior and at a 5D society, humanity grows up. People care about how they look both on the outside as well as the inside-Equally balanced. Searching to express themselves beautifully outside as well as discover the beauty within. This will happen because people are simply tired of drama and hate they experienced in the older dimensions of space. A natural integration of the Self will enter into society.

The buildings and home will also reflect this inner beauty as well as outside one. People will become more enchanted by architecture that coexists with nature and lives in harmony with the animals. Beautiful, high tech buildings will be erected and homes will too influenced by more sustainable and eco friendly designs. The power of the water, air,  and ether will be used more than resources from the earth.

As soon as the old systems of control fall away, new government institutions will be put in place. A bit like the UN, but less confusing because it will be a smaller amount of individuals representing earth’s diverse groups. Not every nation will be involved, because there will not be separate countries or nations. All will be parts of land within the world. Everyone will be a global citizen and no matter where they are geographically on the planet-they will feel connection to the whole world. Culture, and traditions embedded into different Nations will fade away into the past as being mandatory and sometimes even forced upon by leaders. Cultural norms and funny or beautiful traditions will be kept in the vault of the Library & History of humans. Since most traditions and cultures comes from ancient archaic times, it is time to move beyond them.

What does this look like? It looks like an Iranian or an Mexican recognizing their past and ancestry, but not holding tightly to those traditions. They don’t even partake in them because they are so busy learning and moving with the rest of the world in terms of leading a happy life. I am not even sure these traditions will be done a few times a year, as more souls awaken to the unnecessary part of them. Even Caucasians from Europe will also have their traditions fade away into the background or not as tightly wrapped around their identity.

Nothing will be forced. It just will naturally happen. As more and more people feel connected as One, their cultural traditions will start to slip away because they will be more concerned with unity and cultivating that with others from other parts of the world.

As the cultural norms slip from the forefront of the human, so will religious organizations as separate sects. There will start to be a Universal heart or Understanding of their greater Unity within. All “Gods” within the texts, stories, and legends will be seen as ONE, because they will ultimately come to see themselves as One. A deep spiritual truth and connection to Nature will be felt and there will be less needs for books, because the intuitive EYE opens. Humans will just sense the truth within not searching outside of themselves any longer.

All together we will see humanity grow into a beautiful, free spirited, and wise species, that will one day in the far future, turn around and help another growing species on a planet one day when they enter into the 6th Dimensional Society in hundreds of thousands of years from now, as they reach for the stars.



“But there is always hope. ”
~ Arwen

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