The Angel Elf Soul Type

From several sources and an intuitive pull..

There is a type of Elven Angel being. They are called the “Sidhe” (pronounced as Shee) the fairy people of Irish folklore, are often identified as the remnant of the ancient Tuatha Dé Danann-a very old tribe of elves.

One thing I have become aware of is, since this is such an ancient tribe of elves, they have had a very long time to evolve and ascend to higher states of being. They returned to Source a long time ago and decided to come back to assist when needed.

Tolkien’s vision of Galadriel was very much this type of ancient being.

So this type of Elven being may resonate with someone who feels very close to the Angels as well as the Elves.

You could be an Elf-Angel soul coming back to assist earth in this time.

Only you can know this deep in your heart and may be why you are drawn to the Earth Angel path as well as the Elf one.

You very well could be a combination of both.

*Signs you may be one:
*Drawn to Angels
*Are focused on helping others more than usual
*Practice healing arts
*Drawn to birds and all things with wings
*Feel a bit like you have invisible wings on your back or around aura
*Have a sense of servitude or devotion towards humanity
*Your elf name tends to end in “el” (not always)
*You are a bit more giving than others and to a draining level
*Drawn to charity or volunteer work
*Extremely sensitive

*Eager to help others ascend themselves

This is a particularly hard path for the soul, it requires a lot of discipline to not get caught up in the material world, and to keep focus on your inner Divine Soul. The world can easily hurt you and this type of Elven being is both concerned with the earth as well as the affairs of the world where people are suffering.

Much rest and relaxation for this type of Elven being is needed. Meditation and prayer really helps to reconnect you to source when on earth, and using Nature as your temple really helps recharge you.

Note: You can be a Starseed Elven Angel type depending on your alien species. Different species have different spiritual focus and understandings. So if you resonate with Angels, as well as the Starseeds, you can be that type of Elf. There are many aliens that act as guardians over humanity right now…
Angels belong to ALL groups, it’s about level of experience, devotion to humanity, and frequency you carry that make you an Angel. 
In Love, Light & Wisdom~

Kimber’el Eventide


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