How Archangel Haniel Inspired The Global High Elven Council

For those of you who saw last night’s video, you know my main interest in this world are the aliens, fairies, and angels. It is the main topics of my channel to have wisdom from the stars as well as from the earth gathered and discussed. These three distinct groups of beings are reflections of both our past and future for so many souls who have awakened to remember.

I decided to make a video about the differences of the three, so here it is if you have not seen it yet, before I tell you how Archangel Haniel inspired me today.

Besides the feminine Love & Grace energies Haniel may represent as well as holding the energies of the Moon itself, Haniel is also a Principality and she helps oversee whole nations and the communities of the world working in harmony together. Haniel was one of the specific archangels who took Enoch to Heaven and gave him the “keys” to finally see it outside as well as within himself. She is also part of the 7th sphere in the Kabbalah Tree of Knowledge- the Netzach or “Victory” over the old world and ages.

She (Haniel appears feminine to me) as one of my higher spiritual guides as a fae soul and has been with me and guiding me for some time ever since I did a deep life regression meditation and received confirmation in many ways based on my own world interests. I used to be a direct channel for her and even started to channel messages to help others in the world many years ago, when it started with trying to help bring harmony and understanding of the consciousness related wisdom to Islam, to help with the infighting between muslims sects and other Christians, and Jews. I tried to help others, but I was not truly in my “element” of being my Elven soul and expressing my more future visions of a star seeded world.

So I gave that “channel” up and decided to help everyone I could, not just muslims as a Sufi mystic at one point, interested in accessing their Higher sElves on earth – regardless of their religion or life path.

You see, the truth is I am a mystic, so I have walked many spiritual paths and was never just a muslim to my other community, but I am part of all paths and can take the shape and form of anything I am focused on and passionate about at the time. I have been a Zen Buddhist, Druid Wiccan, Gnostic, and Sufi in my life, now I am just very “spiritual, but not religious”. 😉

Many years ago it was the threat of Islamic terrorism to the western world as well as the Islamaphobic thoughts of others, that would not allow our world to live as one in peace. I felt for the muslims being scapegoated while war ravaged their lands, and I also was fearful of the strict muslim men who did not have an open mind and still lived in 600A.D when Muhammad once lived.

The mystic & Islamic scholar Rumi was my inspiration in my years of study with Sufism and Khalil Gibran was my muse to understand the human messenger Muhammad in a more spiritual light not tied down to Hadiths of old traditions.

I never told anyone, but Haniel inspired me to create that other “channel” to help awaken the mystical side of Islam through youtube that poses no threat or war on the West or on one another. Sufis are all about Divine Love and nothing about war, because the spiritual obtainment of oneness with God is the most important as the material is purely a “dunya” or illusion.

I won’t say I exactly failed in my mission to help bring in mysticism into Islam again with my strange youtube video titled “The Seven Chakras In Islam“, and others, but I certainly walked off that path back into the forest.

I just felt in my heart as if it was not my real passion on earth. I hope that I maybe planted a small seed and another muslim can take my place on YouTube creating mystical type videos and talk about how Allah is just another name for the “Universal Mind” of Creation and how when we serve God, we serve others. Servant to God is what muslim really means, and from the mystical and idealism perspective, when we serve all beings equally and out of love, we are bringing all souls into union once again.

I am thankful for the muslim friends I have met and how some of them followed me to High Elven Wisdom And Love channel, where I could really be my true sElf and represent my universal soul of all faiths and non-faiths too.

Haniel was there for me again after my near death experience to help me create my Elven channel as well as this new facebook group.

In many ways Haniel is a lot like Galadriel in the idea that Galadriel created the Elven “White Council” in beautiful Rivendell to help guide and watch over Middle-Earth’s nations. She appointed three other members: Gandalf the Grey, Elrond of Rivendell, and Saruman the White (till he sided with Sauron).

One of the things about me that is similar to Galadriel is an interest in keeping one eye on the world, while also being an introvert in her own realm. Many others have even criticized me for talking about world or societal issues, while also speaking of higher spiritual perspectives. But to me, this is who I have always been and it seems to be very connected to Haniel’s “domain” with her/his eyes on the nations of the world.

This is something that I have always been able to do, have one foot in the world and also be aware of the spiritual on the other side. In many ways I try to bring spiritual reminders to the material world by straddling these two lines as a mystic. To me I am not being tempted towards materialism or forgetting the spiritual nature of things, but I am able to enjoy both worlds in balance, or at least be involved in them.

Speaking about Haniel last night a bit inspired me to create the Global High Elven Council facebook group which is basically a “Think Tank” of mature souls to discuss about the world and concerns while watching all of these MANY transitions on the precipice of a new age and new earth.

The group is not hidden so it can be found with the right search, but I wanted to invite others to join us and express their thoughts and ideas on the world there. Like the “White Council” we have a diverse group of many perspectives from around the world. I am usually an Egalitarian/ Libertarian Green Party member and I purposefully invited those I know may be Democrats, Republican, Socialists, No affiliation, etc. in order to get a more diverse “think tank” going.

This group is half experimental as well as half energetic intentions sent into the world of proving that a Wise Council can exist where people can put forth their different opinions without insulting each other.

If you would like to join us and vent, invent, express, discuss and even grow more while hearing from all sorts of perspectives in life on social and world issues, then you are invited to join, because you must have been looking to find us if you are reading this blog in the first place. 😉

See you on the other side of the council table,

Kimberiel Eventide

The Difference Between Fairies And Elves

Elves belong to the world of elementals that are known as “fairies”, but they are a sub-group of fairies who have their own civilizations and attributes too.

If we go by just the archetypes of fairies and elves in folklore and tales, we may be able to get a clearer understanding of their differences. But I do want to say that these lists of comparison is not entirely the whole nature of elves or fairies due to all the different types of elves and fairies within the physical as well as material realm. I can’t possibly fit all the traits and qualities on this post, but I will do my best to try to give some clarity to those seeking for it with an objective perspective on the subject, as an Elven soul myself. Please note that these qualities can run into each other and be mixed as well as hybrids of the two. Please note this is “elves” in general and not just Tolkien’s Elves.



  • Belong to the faerie realm and are known as a type of fairy.
  • Elves are older than humans, but related in form and possibly first prototype of humans.
  • Often described as more human like or in humanoid body and form, but smaller, taller or same height as humans. Described with two human arms, torso, and two legs with a human-like head.
  • May or may not have pointed ears depending on fairytale or folk lore description. Note historically, elves are not described with pointed ears till some artists represented them this way in art. Tolkien only described Legolas Greenleaf as having the “leaf shaped ears” in all his stories of Middle-Earth.
  • May be all skin colors from around the world in other cultures including, pale white, gold, silver, red, blue, green, black and brown are known types in tales.
  • Forest Elves are known to wear forest color clothing to blend into the trees and environment. Clothing can be highly protective like a warrior or barely there to show the natural body of the elf, as a “nymph” may wear.
  • High Elves tend to wear more ornate or detailed clothing that does not necessarily blend into the forest or their surroundings and can be seen more as a status symbol of the rich materials used.
  • Elves are alchemists, wizards, witches, sages and guides, enchanters and healers in their own right.
  • Elves tend to have a nature based religion or sense of spirituality, where they view nature as holding the keys to understanding the universe and life itself.
  • Elves can communicate with animals and plants and are seen as the ambassadors to the fairy realm between humans and other fairies. Humans are more likely to see or have communication with elves rather than other fairies.
  • Elves are multi-dimensional and complex in nature as human beings are, though they live by their own laws of their elven realms and governances.
  • Elves, like fairies, are cautious of humans and other peoples or creatures that are greedy for power and self gain. Some elves seek power for themselves, but many are wiser to understand the folly of this path.
  • Elves are always able to walk upright on two legs like humans, but may have magical properties as “skin changers” and be able to transform into other forms to help them swim in the water, or run through the forest. Generally, they walk as humans do and in human form.
  • Elves, like other fairies tend to represent Art, with music, dance, and poetry of both the faerie and human realm and can become muses of inspiration. They can sing and/or play instruments.
  • Elves can create things with their hands to a higher degree than the normal human with perfect precision and craftsmanship. From the Elves in the Shoemaker story to Tolkien’s Noldor elves, they create enchanted weapons and other magical objects of use that are in harmony with nature. They do not take excess and replenish what they may use.
  • Elves tend to not be described as flying in the air, but there could be a species of elves that exist with wings of butterfly or bird like type as another type of fairy. Elves may even float or levitate, or seem to glide gently. They are careful where they step while walking in a forest and often noted as having a light step.
  • Elves can appear to others in male, female, or androgynous form or shape where you can not quite tell.
  • Elves can be attracted to the same or opposite sex. They love for the sake of love and are not held down by limitations of the mind like humans. Tolkien’s Elves were not described this way, directly, though there is room left for imagination within his Elven realms with some of his characters.
  • Elves tend to be closer to humans in relation, but wiser with experience and understand humans more than other types of fairies who are further from human intellect.
  • Elves can be both seen as wild and live in the trees, caves or underground. Or they can be seen as completely civilized with human-like realms and societal structures in these same areas or even in Elven towns and cities.
  • Elves tend to be naturalists in their magic. They can make things grow faster with their inner power and vision and have a natural mental type of magic that does not require complex spell books, wands, or conjuring. They may still use wands and spell books if they wish to though. It is up to the individual elf.
  • Elves tend to be quick or light on their feet and not noticed easily by humans, causing them to disappear quickly or appear.
  • Elves are not always graceful and slow, but may also be bouncy and energetic in energy and nature. It depends on the elf. They are not always somber, but could be quite jolly in spirit too. They are as different individually as humans can be.
  • With Elves in Tolkien’s mythology were described as the “First Children of Eru”, but the fay spirits were older than them. Elves are ancient and older than humans, but many elves could be seen as younger than other fairies themselves. Due to their energy, Elven people could be seen as “mature” or older than fairies, but not always. Different fairies behave differently than elves, and vice versa.
  • Elves are elementals, but they are not living only in their light body form yet, but they appear in human form or they are no longer an elf, but something else. They can represent the different elements individually as water elves, fire elves, earth elves, or air elves or as a balance of all of them in one form.
  • Because Elves are associated with trees, they are as old as nature itself and born in the imaginings of the first tree in existence.
  • Elves can be from other planets around the universe as well as earth dimensions.
  • Elves can be more human like in their personalities where they have emotions and a human like mind, though their brain may be accessing others parts of itself than most humans due to their older age.
  • Elves act as gatekeepers between the faerie realm and human one, holding experience of the knowledge of both realms. This explains reincarnated elves in human society with their memories and natural interests in the faerie realms.
  • Elves tend to be at same human intellect and above. Depends on the knowledge seeking of the particular elf. For an example: Mirkwood Elves were not really into increasing their knowledge of the ages and learning different subjects, as much as the Noldor High Elves were.
  • Elves may not grant wishes like other fairies, but are known to help humans in need who they see as trustworthy or pure intentioned. Some elves can take advantage of human foolishness, but rarely without reason.
  • Like fairies, elves are psychic and empathic where they can read your thoughts and feelings as energy and represent the innate or sleeping psychic abilities found in human or the “future” of humans who find their way back to those abilities within.
  • Because elves live in harmony with nature and represent a humanoid form in tune with nature, they are more peaceful and wiser than the younger earth humans, but they too are still learning and evolving towards their higher spiritual levels. Next level is the pure light body existence like other fairies are in currently, due to their age spiritual development.
  • Elves look younger than their age as they live longer than humans and their years do not show much. They do age like humans and older elves look like the elders of their villages or realms.
  • Elves since biologically the same in many ways, can have children with other humans while other fairies can not reproduce with humans. Elves or nymphs are the two types of fairy beings who are more likely to have children or relationships with humans.
  • Elves are generally more likely to relate to humans as long as they take care of nature and respect their own laws too.

Other Fairies

  • Fairies are a larger group of a variety of infinite forms of multi-dimensional beings in Faerie realm which is an another dimension on the side of earth or besides it, as well as can be found on other planetary star systems. Elves are a type of fairy, but not all fairies are elves.
  • They are elementals and can be in both light body form (just energy and no body) or appear in a particular physical form.
  • They are not all humanoid or human-like in expression, but can appear as strange and as mysterious as you can possibly imagine.
  • Fairies can look like humans at times, but they may be able to alter their form and shape at any time and become just pure lights or invisible energy.
  • Fairies are ancient energies before time and space as pure elemental energy that can shape itself into forms in choosing that represent certain aspects of nature itself.
  • Fairies can appear fully as animals, half animals, hybrid of animals (centaurs, mermaids, fauns), humanoids, or just as light, plasma like lightning, or smoke as matter in other states with a sentience or awareness attached.
  • Fairies in their many forms, can be as different from humans than you can imagine. Some fairies are creatures below human intellect and reason and others are far more advanced and wise. It is wise to always come from a place of love, respect or good intentions in meeting any fairies, but be cautious because some fairies do not understand “love” from humans and some may take advantage of this feeling. Though being taken advantaged of will become a life lesson for the human.
  • Fairies can hold very low energy (unenlightened) that harms humans or they can be very full of light and healing in the higher frequencies. There is an entire spectrum of faeries. They represent the duality in nature of both death and life of all seasons and cycles.
  • Fairies represent individual parts of nature or whole larger spiritual concepts. For an example you can have the “Lavender fairies” of the lavender flowering plant and you can have the “Fairy of Inner Vision” or “Fairy of Youth” which they govern over whole concepts experienced in the universe.
  • Fairies can be more removed or distant from humans in their nature, and tend to be more cautious OR to the extreme benevolent towards them than elves who are closer to human in their nature.
  • Fairies have a variety of energy of emotions, and can be fully sporadic with chaotic energy or they can be calm and serene more noted in elves and other types of calmer and harmony seeking beings.
  • Many fairies are mainly in the invisible light spectrum of infrared or ultraviolet rays as to humans or of a light body form that can take shape at will. Elves usually appear in the light spectrum just above human range or at it. Please watch my video here for more on this called “Difference Between Light And Dark Beings | David Hawkins Emotion Chart:
  • Fairies can be in more physical form and be called other names such as “dwarves, pixies, gnomes, elves or fairies” etc.. Though fairies have specific names, they all can be referred to as a “fay or fairy” as a general term for elemental spirit.
  • Fairies in general without being a specific type are usually found to be winged or non-winged smaller or human sized humanoid creatures that do fly and represent the air realms of the Sylphs, but they also can represent all other elemental realms of water, air, fire and even Divine or spiritual light. A fairy may look similar to humans, but may even less than an elf will. For an example a fairy could have very strange horns or antennas growing out of their human shaped head, or a tail to their human like body. Certain elf species may as well, but fairies may tend to look less human than elves have been recognized as.
  • Fairies all have powers of enchantment and magic, that is at times powerful cosmic energies and forces of the universe. Some fairies simply take care of individual plants and animals (like fay, gnomes, dwarves, etc.) and flower and plant flowers etc., and the more powerful or ancient fairies will govern whole ideals such as Love, Joy, Bliss, Darkness, Forgiveness, etc.
  • Fairies can hold god-like powers that are more closer to deities than humans.
  • Fairies are less in mind like humans than elves, and may or may not play by the same rules as humans.
  • Fairies may be seen as more cold, distant or emotion-less towards humans than the more human-like elves. They also can appear as benevolent and kind towards humans on a universal cosmic love level.
  • Fairies in general can give gifts, warnings, hexes, and enchantments on humans and any object at their will.
  • While human-like elves have their own type of elvish magic and art, fairy magic can be a wide variety to include elven magic as well as other forms of enchantment that transform a person into another animal, being, grant wishes, stop or freeze time or even heal others completely using cosmic energy reserves.
  • As a whole, including elves, though some darker fairies who represent death and decay in nature may kill you and eat you in tales, they will not seek war on a large scale against humans and tend to be peaceful, ignore you or just keep to themselves unless you come into their territory unwanted by them.
  • Fairies in their diversity can range from the very low vibrational to the higher vibrational so that emotionally they can be as wise as some of the Elves of Tolkien like Galadriel or Elrond even, but still may have a child-life innocence to them.
  • Fairies may appear very old as an old man or woman sitting on a tree stump, or something beyond understanding as a mythical fairy creature that may be hard or too beautiful to describe in human language. They also can appear to look like little children or even baby fairy creatures and yet be old as the earth itself and even older.
  • They can be genderless or take masculine or feminine form of how it appears to you.
  • They can be asexual or sexual beings and ones further away from human form will not be able to procreate with humans, unlike the elves, dwarves, or nymphs can.
  • Fairies in general, like elves, are found all over the multiverse in unique and diverse forms.

I hope this brought a bit more of clarity to visualize the different types of fairies and how elves are determined from other types of elementals. Remember, elves, dwarves, gnomes and fairies without the wings are more closer to humans than other types of fairies so they tend to be more easily recognized or relatable to humans. There are all kinds of fairies and the beauty and magic of them is in their diversity and possibilities of representing so many aspects of nature, both in its light and dark aspects. With this knowledge of them, humans can coexist peacefully with not only the fairies, but also with other humans accepting their multi-dimensional selves.

In Love, Light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

All rights reserved and original writing by Kimberiel Eventide. To use any of this information or to copy and paste, please give a link to this site to direct others for more information. Thank you, “Hannon le”!

A Fae Folk Perspective On St. Patrick’s Day

I have always felt strange about St.Patrick’s day as an elven soul, even though I am part Irish myself today, I really never have been fully participating in it like my fellow Irish. I would like to explore that today from the fae folk perspective; as an outsider looking in towards humanity, not really belonging fully to it, but a kin nevertheless.

It seems that people of Irish descent celebrate this day of March. 17th by getting drunk and dyeing things green such as the rivers around them. I remembered that I did like to follow the four leaf clover hints left in my schools or restaurants I used to go to as a kid that would lead to the leprechaun with some treasure for me. Some more religious Christians, may go to church today and thank the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, but I have always felt there was a deeper underlining meaning to this day. The odd mix of fairies and religion provide an insight into this hybrid of a holiday so that both the fae folk and humans can celebrate it today in their own way.

I understand from a fae folk perspective that St. Patrick is a bridgeway that connects the pagan Irish people to the spread of Christianity and that is why he later became a Saint to the Catholic churches. St. Patrick was not an Irish man, but a man from Britain who later became a patron of Ireland.

In the legend of his life, St. Patrick was the son of a wealthy Christian deacon living in his family estate when he was captured by “Irish raiders” and put in captivity in Ireland where he became a Shepard and lived a more simple life in search of God.

 “According to St. Patrick’s account, a voice—which he believed to be God’s—spoke to him in a dream, telling him it was time to leave Ireland. Patrick walked nearly 200 miles from County Mayo, where it is believed he was held, to the Irish coast. After escaping to Britain, Patrick reported that he experienced a second revelation—an angel in a dream tells him to return to Ireland as a missionary. Soon after, Patrick began religious training, a course of study that lasted more than 15 years. After his ordination as a priest, he was sent to Ireland with a dual mission: to minister to Christians already living in Ireland and to begin to convert the Irish.” Learn more here:

There was a tale added later of something about how St. Patrick got rid of all the snakes in Ireland because Christians seemed to hate snakes as a symbol for Satan. Poor snakes. Always blamed for the personal sins and desires of mankind by the church.

But anyways, we are left today with a strange blend of the “Fairy Faith” of Ireland with leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day which truly does not make a whole lot of sense, but I guess it is a fun mix like Christmas and Yule Tide together. In a positive way, it shows an intention to bring both pagans and theists together in celebration on the same day. But in another perspective, it shows the sheer dominance of the church through all older cultures and how slowly Christianity seeped into other faiths and cultures.

According to Terence McKenna, St. Patrick inspired the idea of “purgatory” a land in between Heaven and Hell where souls go to wait or be redeemed before entering Heaven. It seems that many Catholic Christians then decided to put the fairies and elves into purgatory as spirits who could not enter Heaven and also did not rightfully belong in Hell with the demons, and I even found Tolkien did the same as a Catholic.

The road to Faerie is not towards Heaven or Hell.

~ J.R.R Tolkien, Essay on Fairy Stories

This possibly later inspired his idea of the Elves in “exile” before sailing to the West of Valinor, his version of a Heavenly Faerie.

Enjoy this wonderful speech from Terence McKenna here:

I must say, as someone who relates more to fairies than the human world, I will admit that “purgatory” is a much better place than Hell. Sadly many Christians and Muslims have thrown fairies in with “jinns” and demons out of fear for something outside of their religions. But fairies and demons while they very well could be taken for one another in some species of them, there is a difference between the elementals and demons of the punished and damned souls.

Fairies don’t expectedly torture or punish humans like demons with pitchforks in stories or tales, but they do often act as the teachers and guides to help humans learn a valuable lesson in life. Sometimes a fae being has been known to “punish” a human for their misdeeds or mistreatment of nature or even them. But this is not only their purpose. They also bring gifts and make wishes come true for humans in need, though there could be a price depending on what was asked of the fairies. It seems that demons and fairies have been unfairly mixed together for centuries and St. Patrick’s day is an interesting bridge over the rainbow that seems to allow Leprechauns and Saints to exist within the same realm once again.

Was this intentional by the church or Irish society alone? Or does the church still today frown upon the mixing of leprechaun imagery and St. Patrick’s day? I do not know. I don’t go to church, but I am sure that it is not “canonical” to the Bible by some sects so it is frowned upon by some.

I feel intuitively that this was a way the Universe makes itself right again, and this is a truer element of harmony appearing. The pagan people of Great Britain of Ireland and Scottish lands were unfairly killed by the Christian knights during the Crusades who thought they were being warriors for God to help spread Christianity. So it seems that the fairy tales and the spirit of the Irish pagan people did not die, but was reborn in a new form to become mixed and intermingled with the Catholic Christian holiday. Though it was not the pure intention of the church, it just naturally occurred in society. To me, that seems fair and an effort to bring balance once again, so that all people can be happy with some type of compromise.

If you look closely, you will see examples of this all around the world. The division between the earth loving people unbothered by religious rules and laws and the religious masses are being reunited again. Just like the fairies and humans who have strived to live together on this planet for a long time.

Come hear a very old Irish fairytale about the helpful nature of fairies living amongst humans and the level of enchantment and magic they had. It is also a cautionary tale for humans too. When it comes to the elves and fairies, you have to come to them with love and pure intentions, but also not be a fool and use your mind to the highest potential as you live life with eyes fully wide opened.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I cheers a green glass of “green river soda” (an old St. Patrick’s day favorite) both to my Christian and Fae Folk today, and even the mix of you both.

In Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

Another example of leprechauns blended with St.Patrick today.

Reflections On Tolkien’s Birthday

In honor of Tolkien’s birthday on Jan. 3rd in 1892, I am doing a few things today.

Watching the 2019 Tolkien movie about his childhood and early years of developing into the writer he became. Also looking at many of his famous quotes and pondering over them.


But I came across this one in which he described himself as a Hobbit:

I decided that it would be a fun activity to create my own meme. After all, I resonate more with the Elves, so it is time to look at exactly why. So I made this one today:

It was fun to try to follow Tolkien’s template. If you want to make one yourself, it could be a nice little challenge to describe why you are more like a Dwarf, a human, a Hobbit, a wizard, or an elf like me.

I also created this little poem in honor of him today:

A man who lived through the ages of darkness, but did not weary.

His spirit remained optimistic and his demeanor quite cheery. Though he grumbled at the ignorance that he saw, he marveled at the strength of love in the world.

His sight gives me inspiration to keep going in this world, though it seems humans are not always responsive to magic and Faerie. There is still much time, and his visions are only growing larger today for all to see.

If only he could see the impact his writings had on those looking for the glimmer of light through the shadows.

He helped me see there were people who did view friendship, truth, beauty and honor as important and something worth fighting for. He showed that a simple life of relaxing and tea could be sought after.

He mirrored back all my thoughts about nature and its importance to preserve it on earth and always be conscious of its spiritual worth.

I truly admire this man, and he remains my favorite lightworker on earth. Though I should not play favorites, I can not help it, he shows me the beauty of my own soul and the souls of others who love his works.

This love for him will never end, and he will remain immortal in many of our minds. He was such a treasure to find as a child and cherish as an adult. He allowed me to meet my other kind in another world and dimension.

He showed me a world where everyone could be dressed as kings and queens, as sovereign beings without concern of war and competition.

His wisdom will forever be an awakening tool for me to use mysElf and to teach others. I do hope the future generations will never forget this remarkable man and his writings.

They are indeed the key to a kinder and more merrier world.

So yes, these are all ways I spent thinking about the great man today who transitioned from this world and onto the next in 1973 on September 2nd. May he continue his rest in peace in Valinor with the other Fairies.

In Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide


Enjoy a video I made of all of Tolkien’s paintings set to Faerie type music, last year.

How I Am Already Part Of The Illuminati And Also Not

A few weeks ago, I made a post to my facebook page regarding the “Illuminati” rationalists attacking my page for their own intentions to get rid of mysticism in the world which I definitely help represent. Please understand that I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I do know about certain historical groups and organizations that still have power in this world.

The Illuminati, when I speak about it is about the Bavarian Society and the Enlightenment Era ideologies that they represent. They are not an “evil” group of people as a whole and in fact in their mind they believe they are helping humanity and always have been aiding the “enlightenment” or final “gnosis” of the masses.

I have been sick for a few days and am still recovering, however I am feeling very clear right now in the month of Scorpio and I would like to become totally clear to others too.

I wanted to be completely honest with everyone about me being part of the Illuminati and yet not part of any organization, and maybe me coming to terms with something about myself will help others too. I am hoping it brings more clarity and understanding of one another in this world.

The world is not made of “good” or “bad” people and even organizations and secret societies do not hold a total evil or good alignment. I very much believe that good and bad is based on the unconscious and conscious choices of each person daily. Much as J.R.R Tolkien believed about small acts of kindness.

I have found that it is the small everyday deed of ordinary folks that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.” ~ Gandalf (J. R. R. Tolkein

~ The Hobbit

I would love to help others understand this and stop judgment and eternal damnation of one another’s souls. So I am completely coming out today as both Idealist and Rationalist in regards to philosophical schools of thought.

Many who attacked my page claimed to be Rationalists, however I am not fully sure they understand who I really am as a person. Once again they are judging me without really knowing me. It has caused me some stress and a bit of drama in my life and I am tired of it and would like to find some type of resolve to be left alone for my remaining time on earth.

So here it goes.

I am an Illuminati occultist without the secret organization and I stand on my own in my own little Elvish home, without others joining with me or wanting me to join them. I make no money from the organization and I have never been recruited to join any one.

I think it is wonderful that many people can feel they are part of a network and come together for a common goal.

I am completely and utterly alone in the world with these “Illuminati” thoughts though. I am both a spiritual Mystic and a Rationalist at the same time. I am an Idealist that believes in mind over matter, but also a Rationalist in some regard as I believe the material world to be as real as the immaterial or spiritual one and that ultimately a balance of awareness is needed. I do not fit into a single category and it is a very strange place to be in, I guess to some. I am hoping if there are others out there, they read this and do not feel alone anymore.

A Mystic, Rationalist and Idealist? How can that be I am all three you ask?

A mystic to me and the definition is one who wishes to reach divine union with the higher self while alive as well as in death. That is the ultimate goal of a mystic and there are many different ways that a mystic can walk this path. We see truth in all spiritual paths from this mode of observation.

A Rationalist believes in science and that the material world is just as important or more important to know than the spiritual or immaterial one.

An Idealist believes there is only mind and that the spirit or immaterial world of consciousness is the truer reality beyond the physical.

Well, it is easy to try to fit people into categories saying one person is a “rationalist” and another is an “idealist” or “mystic”, but is it really accurate?

When you really understand that the consciousness is very deep and vast as the universe itself in each person, you may not be so quick to judge or put people into boxes in your own mind.

The “Illuminati” does not exist in the way it did in the late 17th century, but it still very much exists and is not a conspiracy. If you think it is, then you simply don’t know your history of this world. The “Illuminati” today is really just a huge group of people from many different organizations that hold the same ideologies that is anti-authoritarian regimes and this includes both in government and religion. They want the freedom of the people from those who hold Empirical rule over society and this includes ideas and beliefs in science and religion.

Well, so do I. I too believe in the consciousness reawakening of mankind without the fear of religion or the enslavement of the government.

So yes, I don’t know what this quite means as I am not affiliated with anyone and have always been a lone elf in this regard. But I am hoping that by putting this out there, I can be left alone by the “blinder” Rationalists who can not see me as one of their own. I am hoping that the Idealist Hyperians can leave me be as well, because I really don’t think most of them understand me or my channel and I was never against the YouTuber Morgue in the first place. I am an Idealist too like him, in the philosophical term. I simply had concerns especially since calling out a problem with “mystics” and his own interpretations of mysticism creating problems on earth in terms of spiritual evolution. The Hyperians are not my “style” of Idealism, but it does not mean I am or mystics like me, are an enemy or should be.

To me, this is a misleading teaching done to his own followers on the meaning of mysticism. I do not wish to drag out a debate anymore about this, but I will not let others gaslight me on this for what I know is accurate of my truth I have come to know. I also don’t want conflict and would like to be left alone from each sides of the camps, and have them finally see that I fall into both of theirs and am not an enemy of either side.

One day, I may do a YouTube video to really express myself publicly on this matter. But for now, I just don’t have the energy to do it as I know this is a controversial subject and has been a war about for many ages. It is the power play you see in the world between science and religion still today.

I simply want no part in this war.

I will leave something only a mystic may know and many can remember deep down inside: All souls eventually become a mystic towards the end of their journeys in retiring from this material existence and into the light body one of being pure awareness.

Everyone is a mystic in their own way as we in each lifetime are in the process of unification with the original state of being and mind we once came from. It is always about our soul evolution and journey in this life, and it can take as many lifetimes as it needs to to become a mystic. A mystic is simply the label given to the soul by themselves, who recognizes this mission within themselves to go back Home.

Wherever and whatever Home may be for them.

Interpret that however you will.

May this confession serve your highest good and be illuminating to whomever may read it as they find it in their own reality mirroring some higher truth back to them, as well.

And once again, may you never feel alone in not fitting fully into groups or organizations in this world, spiritually.

In love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

Where To Find The Realm Of Faerie

I know in 2020, many souls today who did not grow up with influence of Faerie land in their home may scoff at the idea of “fairies” to exist. Which I personally find funny, because it brings up the existential question to me: Doesn’t EVERYTHING exist in some form, be it a thought? An idea? A noun? A thing? The philosopher Allan Watts would say there is no such thing as “things” because it is really a “think” since all there is to your reality is consciousness since this universe is made up of energy and thoughts are the energy that form the matter. And, as Tolkien said in his essay On Fairy-Stories, they are relevant to the world as they provide deeper messages to us all.

“To the elvish craft, Enchantment, Fantasy aspires, and when it is successful of all forms of human art most nearly approaches. At the heart of many man made stories of the elves lies open or concealed, pure or alloyed, the desire for a living, realized sub creative art, which is inwardly wholly different from the greed for self-centered power which is the mark of the mere Magician.”

J.R.R Tolkien, On Fairy Stories

Those of us who believe in the power of Faerie are able to catch a glimpse of this magic that is different, yet not unattainable to humans.

The realm of Faerie to me is a multi-dimensional realm of light and spirit (now). At one time, I do believe the story began about Faerie where it was part of Earth in a more physical way as creatures from the stars and born from earth’s elements itself roamed the forests and ocean caves. Yet, since humankind spread out all over on earth, they have hid deep inside the earth as “inner earth” or they simply moved on to other worlds.

The realm of Faerie in terms of Higher Spirits of Elementals, they live now in the astral fields of experience. A place to visit in your heart and in your dreams when you connect with this energy. You can still experience them with a “think” because they belong to the Collective Consciousness we are all connected to.

Anyone who wants to visit Faerie simply has to wish in their heart for that connection, and they will see Faerie all around them when they look out to nature. It will be with the inner eye, in the inner dimension of spirit. And I do believe that if a soul wants to return or go towards this experience they can evolve to become a light body spirit outside of bodily form of pain and limitation that moves out of the duality and into the interconnectedness of nature. This can be represented in the relationship dynamic between winged fairies, pixies, goblins, centaurs, trolls, mermaids, gnomes, dwarves, and elves living together amongst many magical plants and fauna in breathtakingly beautiful realms themselves.

So do not lose faith in Faerie, it is one of those “thinks” that exist in the mind of many humans today for a very special reason. To hear more of the reason for Fairy-stories from the brilliant wisdom of J.R.R. Tolkien then go here.

Come understand the need for Faerie to the human mind!

Tolkien Wednesday Quote #1- On Loss And Grief

“The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

I thought I would start out with this famous quote spoken by Haldir, one of the Elven guards of Lothlorien forest to Merry, one of the Hobbits. This quote has a significant meaning to me, so full of wisdom, that it shows the heart of Tolkien himself.

Clearly with this quote, we are painted an image of a bleak and dangerous world that sometimes is colored by loss and grief in life. Why do the things we love have to die? It is one of the most painful realizations to know that with deep love comes also its partner of deep emotional grief and pain. But this quote gives hope to me and hopefully to others to understand that it is not Love that is lost ever, it is the experience of having loss and grief that makes us appreciate the love we have more. So this is the meaning that because love is now “mingled with grief”, it is “greater” or bigger in our eyes.

We appreciate the people and animal friends more because they have the possibility of leaving us one day and with that inevitability we are forced to not take our time with them (too much) for granted.We have to remind ourselves of this, because the mind does not want to think about death in the future of things we enjoy and it also allows us to fully enjoy people in our lives without the fear that death is coming.

When you experience death in your life, first hand, it changes you as a person. You are now fully awakened to the fact that things in your life can change and people can go as soon as they came into your life. It can make you afraid to love another and open yourself up again to the pain of loss, but there is a force that is not contained by fear. Love finds a way to move through your fear even if you may lose something again.

It is because Love is mixed in a dangerous and painful experience that we see the full balance of Creation itself. To Tolkien, his idea of God had a plan. A plan that all of the pain and suffering would amount to something and that something would be a greater experience and expression of love for all beings…perhaps.

The Wolfwalkers Movie And Remembering The Nature of The Wolf Pack

I am on a social media break, but I just watched Apple TV’s original movie “Wolf Walkers” which seems to have the same Irish animation company as “Book of Kells” and “Song of The Sea”, which are some of my favorite animation movies available and all have deep nature and faerie themes surrounding them. I highly recommend anything from this company called Cartoon Saloon and Melusine Productions.

My Elven soul was so touched by this movie tonight, that I must let others know about it so they can enjoy it too. It awakened a long lost memory within me about my own “pack”.

I always struggle in my life to feel understood and belong in this world as a lone wolf mysElf, but watching this movie helped me remember the pack we all belong to on a deeper level. We belong to one another, though we have our own friends and families, on a deeply profound spiritual level that only nature can reveal, we belong to one another, we have just forgotten this over time.

The ending was so special to me as I felt deep within my heart, that is the key to living happily amongst each other. To the ways wolves do is to have a loyal pack mentality and watch out for one another in protection and support. This is the only way to true happiness in a thriving species I am convinced and I believe as we reawaken to this, less people will feel unloved, lonely and as if they don’t belong in this world.

We may also see that this is how elves and fairies live together, as a pack of their own kind as well as other species they share space with in harmony with the elements. When you think of the last elven realms of Rivendell, Mirkwood or Lothlorien, it does show a heightened sense of community with one another like a wolf pack.

This is why I have always loved domesticated dogs as well as wolves because they show such loyalty as love demonstrated. Being a dog owner of two of my own now (I have always loved cats and had cats as pets in the past) has allowed me to run with them in nature and get in touch with my roots in a way that has been pure joy for me here. Keep in mind, dogs and wolves can tear one another apart in the wild and there is a pecking order to determine leaders and followers in their packs, but we can be inspired to watch how they move, hunt, and sleep together as a community to stay warm at night and protect one another. It is not just wolves that do this, but many mammals live in packs like this.

I am starting to awaken to understand that I am a “lone elf” because of my choices in life as an introvert to enjoy my alone time much more than being social with others. But there is a deeper “wolf” part of me that does yearn for connection to a pack, and although I have not found a physical pack of friends and family to belong to consistently in my life, I am enjoying meeting and observing the beauty in others even if it is for a fleeting moment in time.

I realize that although, I don’t ever see the full 16,000 subscribers of my youtube channel or to this blog page and I don’t even know you all, I do feel at some point we met as our souls reached out to one another through words on the internet and messages I shared which must have resonated with you as another mirror or reminder to you. In many ways, you are my “pack”, those who followed this blog and took the chance, and that’s enough support for me to appreciate.

The closest thing I have ever had to meeting my own elf pack is through creating my own “Elven Soul” YouTube membership on my channel. I can not tell you how much it means to me to see people join my channel monetarily and meet me on Live private videos or just pop in to watch them when you can. Meeting other people online who love to learn, and discuss things on a deeper level has made the journey through this world more worth it. That support means so much to me.

I cried a bit in the end of the movie realizing that I know that on a spiritual level, my pack is always “there”, lingering somewhere. I feel the energies of those who get a chance to read these words and it resonates with them too in spirit. Like a wolf, I sense you there hearing my words as if they are ringing the bells of your own soul.

In Love, light and wisdom,


I subscribed to Apple TV just to watch this movie, Wolf Walkers.

25 New Earth Commandments From Nature

I recently have thought about the world in different possibilities and what life may look like for us if certain variables were altered. This weekend, I received inspirational thought about what new commandments would be like if received from the Trees. Knowing how intelligent trees are and how they live and take care of one another, what would life be like if they were able to commandments to humans to live by.

This is not about replacing the old commandments, but rather an exploration of extension of them adding the keen intelligence of nature. This video is a fun exercise and you can take it seriously or as light heartedly as you wish. You may use these ideas for your like and help model your life from the wisdom of the trees or you choose to keep using the older commandments. It does not matter to me, and may you do what you will with these new Tree commandments.

  1. We shall preserve and restore the earth after using its resources 
  2. We shall give to each other freely without any fear of lack knowing we will always move through times of lack and abundance. 
  3. We shall take care of nature as it is our home and not pollute it 
  4. We shall take care of animals as our own children 
  5. We shall share with each other in community and globally as one large network of roots 
  6. We shall not fear one another without first trying to understand the core and read the memories of each other  
  7. We shall take care of our elders as the new adult trees nourish the older stumps in the forests. 
  8. We shall use science to study and observe nature to help us evolve spiritually and understand the secrets to the universe
  9. We shall live in coexistence and awaken to the beauty of diversity in nature and one another
  10. We shall think as nature does and seek freedom for all life to flourish unhindered and free to express themselves as they please
  11. We shall always remember our unity to all animals, plants and other beings as one Universe is a larger eco system that we share.  
  12. We Shall not fear the future of change, but move in flow and acceptance with the cycles and seasons 
  13. We shall not fear or use technology for ill intentions that trees and the fungi helped inspire humans to create  
  14. We shall help those who lost their way in life and heal one another instead of give only judgement and punishment
  15. We shall educate the younger generations to care for this earth after the old pass on 
  16. We shall not molest, abuse, or kill each other as part of the same eco system, we know we are all important and sacred parts of. 
  17. We shall not live in unhealthy competition with each other, but support one another and help each other grow
  18. We shall not live in envy as we discover our own abundance and inner wealth of spirit
  19. We shall move at the pace of nature with grace and patience with ourselves and others
  20. We shall not fear death itself as another life process
  21. We shall recognize the gifts and wisdom within ourselves and one another to celebrate and learn from
  22. We shall live in harmony with nature and not in consumer excess that creates an imbalance 
  23. We shall recognize the wisdom of forest bathing and take time to meditate with the elements
  24. We shall use law and order only justly with the means to allow for Divine Order in society to take place organically and without force. 
  25. We shall learn from nature our spiritual truths that we are made of nature itself and to nature we all will return back to once again.

May these help guide our new Earth into peace and prosperity for all!

Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

A Poem On Leaving The Path of Wisdom

We are all fractured light glimmering alone from source.

So we feel broken inside, and must break things to discover just what things are.

But when we take the time to hold them gently in our arms and love them, we discover what we all are.

We see just light emanating from inside every soul and thing in this world.

We no longer have to harm or dissect as we discover what things are through pure connection.

Releasing the pain and suffering that caused us to attack and break, we ascend further into Sophia of Wisdom.

Allowing the grace of our own to carry us back Home.

Toward one another, and no longer in need to break one another.

We are whole….no longer broken pieces.

For more thoughts on this:

I Just Want To Live In A Forest

As an Elven soul, I am finding house hunting so difficult that I am stressed out and am finding it hard to think about anything else. I am picky in a way that can only satisfy my desire to actually live in a forest in a tree house, my husband said the other day.

He is right. He knows me best.

I am just like J.R.R Tolkien, in this way at least.

After 9 years we are finally thinking about moving into a house instead of renting as we have been for awhile now and trying to invest our money so we have something to sell later on. I have always lived in apartments all my life after I moved out of my parent’s first home my father proudly bought as his first too. Now it comes time to find my first home and I am on the hunt for my own little Rivendell.

I am finding it very hard as I did not design the homes themselves and it seems that to live in the forest these days, you must be a millionaire. Which is silly to me because living amongst the trees in a little cabin or cottage should not cost that much, but it seems human real estate has put a claim on even the forest lands in states like Illinois.

Unfortunately due to my husband’s job, we have to stay in Illinois for a few more years until he can transfer to a new location.

We did find a perfect little home near a forest preserve in Des Plaines, IL but it is too close to a river and it has a 9/10 flood factor. But it is perfect in the open floor plan with lots of natural light and a nice deck with a big back yard with the woods behind it. It is still on our list, but the flood factor makes us cautious to put in an offer. It would be horrible to furnish the downstairs basement into a cozy reading den and have it become overran by water every time there was a lot of rain.

Such a shame too. It was the only house that I found that gave us everything we want. So the search goes on, which is all energy consuming me because I have to feel like it would be a peaceful place to live and be very tranquil for me. That means I don’t necessarily want to live so close to people and I find that a challenge too in a big state. Once again, if you want to be separated by lots of land you need to put a few million into your home to buy that land.

We are putting in about half of that and STILL are having a difficult time finding a peaceful home near the woods or at least a wooded area where our back yard can be full of trees.

This is very stressful for me as I want to just say “screw it all” and build our own treehouse deep in the woods where nobody will bother us about property taxes and such. What a crazy American system. It is a beautiful earth, yet it makes it such a challenge to just try to live in your dream home and live off the land because there are humans who have claimed the land for their own as real estate and then you have to pay large amounts of money and taxes to use it.

When you think about the Elven realms of Middle-earth, I can’t help thinking that Tolkien did not include a rigorous real estate economy, but rather had his Hobbits and Elves live on the land of their choosing without paying anyone anything. If you built a house and put your time into creating it, then it was your space and there was nobody to pay anything towards. It was just your own responsibility to design and create your own home on the land you found and that was it. The Shire, Rivendell, and Lothlorien were claimed lands that their people built their homes on and nobody bothered them about it.

These are reflections of a simpler time in the world when people did not have the system of home real estate, but rather just claimed their land first and started to build their homes upon it. It was a simpler system and it seems we have gone backwards in that you buy a home you did not first create, so you can live on that piece of land in that already built and designed home. It also makes me think of all the homeless people who don’t have a home, but somehow make living work for themselves outside and I feel for them, but also envy their freedom in a way.

Trying to tick off all my boxes are a bit difficult too because as an empath I have to “feel” good energies in the home and around the home environment as far as on the street or in neighborhood even. There was this home that was gorgeous on the inside, looking like Rivendell naturally, but the location was looking at a mall and a huge main street intersection where cars drive by non-stop all day and night. I can not live with that constant bustling energy and noise of cars. There have been many homes we have seen where, I felt a type of “pressing” energy on me from past actions of others and could not live there now peacefully. That energy you create in a home never goes away unless you do some sage smudging and some major “fung shui” organizing of the space to clear those energies out, but as an empath, I feel them strongly lingering there.

I will say in all my worries, I believe we are getting closer to what we want after looking almost daily, but it has made me stop all video creation and even speaking to others on social media or by phone. I am too wrapped up in my head in this quest to find the “perfect” new home, I am having a hard time thinking of anything else and it has been a stress on our marriage because my husband is not as concerned with living by the woods as I am. I decided to write to help express my feelings of frustrations and excitement to find a new place.

The prospect of finding my first home to call my own, design, and fill with my Elvish decorations thrills me and I can not wait to get started. But it is the journey that is challenging and I find it a lesson in “temperance”. Even more than I have had in life, I am being asked to have even more so right now. There are many homes that I feel are going to be bought quickly after finding them online, but I need to just be patient and not jump at the first opportunity to buy one just because I am afraid it will be gone.

So I am patient and wait, but I am also a bit besides mysElf with stress and concern for the housing market. As soon as the sun starts to poke through the clouds and I can see where I would honestly live happily for a few years then I will be back to resume other topics on my channel. But this is an important time in my life.

“Home” is not necessarily a place to me, but it is a state of being. So is paradise and the Garden of Eden, so I am looking for a new home that can help inspire this inner state of being that I have been working towards and a comfortable place to put down roots for a few years till my husband finds a way to move to a new state or country even.

I don’t think I am being too much of a perfectionist, but that Virgo Moon of my natal chart often does get in the way of accepting things as “they are” and not obsessing on how they could or should be.

Tell me if I am being too picky these days…

The main things that I am looking for is an open floor plan in a home without feeling so “caged” in a home with too many walls. I want to see the kitchen, the living room and have lots of sunlight flooding in through big windows all in one big space where I can have lots of indoor plants. I would like a few bedrooms to include an office and library space for us with all my Tolkien books I own. I also would like a deck to sit outside and listen to the birds in the day with my morning teas, and enjoy gazing up at the stars at night.

My absolute need is to finally have a big garden for my dogs to run in or at least a good size one to plant trees, veggies, and flowers of many sorts for a “moon garden” to glow in the moonlight. As far as appliances go, I do also need a spa-like bathroom with a big tub that I feel I can do my bathing rituals often which is very healing to me when I am feeling sick or depressed in any way.

I would love a fireplace for my own “Hall of Fire” like in Rivendell where they told stories by the fireside and Bilbo slept comfortably in a chair while the Elves weaved dreams with their sining. But if it does not come with a natural fireplace, we can also put in one later ourselves, so it is not a deal breaker, but it would be nice.

My husband likes my ideas, but needs a two car garage attached to all of this and our home needs to be made of brick, not siding he says since his father left him with this wisdom. I just love a house made of wood and brick and even including exposed wooden beams for that treehouse look. That would be a lovely home for me and hopefully we can find one that fits our collective dream.

So these are things we are currently on the hunt for, and I can not settle (nor sleep) till I find them. It is not an option to stay in the two flat apartment we have anymore, since the lease is up and it is our time to move out in two months.

I am imagining that after we find our home, I will feel more grounded and settled in life to resume my videos. Just right now, I am so focused on this that I have no time for anything else. Zillow and Compass is the only sites I am on these days.

I do welcome healing sessions as talking and tapping into other people’s energies is a wonderful break from all of this thought. I really enjoy helping people in their time of need during this time so if you still want to work with me, then schedule or email me through here:

Till then, I wish you all well and to enjoy the magic in every day.

Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

My Healing Journey After Trump: America Wandered, But Never Was Lost.

I realized I needed to take time to heal. I believe America did and still does as well. There is much healing needed after all of that drama that has unfolded that showed just how divided the nation still is in terms of opinions and perspectives.  I certainly felt this watching the Capitol Hill riots which only showed just how divided and scared right now people really are.

As I heard one government  representative from Miami say is wise words, “Desperation breeds Terrorism”. 

Desperation is a very extreme state of fear. We see how people act in their own perspectives of self preservation. 

Throughout all 600 videos, you can see that I am not normally one to get too involved with politics because I am more interested in the spiritual & philosophical which often doesn’t concern itself with the material world as much as the spiritual one, but I witnessed an atrocity done to America that I could not stay quiet on my channel for too long and fully came to understand how the spirit and material world must be balanced inwardly so that we see the world as it truly is, so that we never miss opportunity to solve problems that keep people from being truly happy.

The day I created a cautionary video about Trump’s inability to concede and step down to allow Biden & Harris to become the next rightful administration and compared him to acting like Sauron of Middle-Earth in Tolkien’s stories, his supporters did storm Capitol Hill that January 6th with his army of supporters and lives were lost. 

Before you think they were not Trump’s true supporters, you need to see the FBI finding video I posted in the description of this video which concludes in the investigations of the arrested that they found majority to be boogaloos who are solely hoping for a civil war to tear down society, proud boys, anarchists and Neo Nazis all in true support of whatever Trump’s words represented to them. It’s all there in the FBI questioning by Congress representatives. 

It was my intuition of “sensing something is in the air brewing” as well as observing the tweets calling to rally against those they feel stole the election. I saw the potential pathway to civil war America could have taken once again, and in many ways, we are still on this path and must be careful going forwards. 

I just want to be clear today, and show that I truly believe Trump and Republicans who felt the election was stolen did not understand something very important and perhaps unknown to them: 

 I am a Green party member, but yet I voted Biden & Harris because I wanted to help remove Trump from his position. It does not matter if Trump had “millions” at his rallies or speeches. There were billions in hiding just like me, patiently waiting to vote with our hearts and minds towards an administration that would not turn the political arena into a “colosseum” of insult and fighting. Logically many of us played the numbers game and may have given our vote to Biden if we believed in the liberal idea of total equality for all including all LGBTQ and no indiscriminate immigration banning or the resigning of the Paris Agreement to work together with other nations to transition to greener energy. 

Many Green party members voted for their respective candidates and I respect that. This was the first time I truly saw the “green light” with the democratic plan and decided to put my trust in them this time and I am simply being public with this because many Republicans still think the voting was all up to the Democrats, but it was not. Although the third and independent party is small, we do make an impact with our votes as shown in this last election where Biden did win. 

I want to say something to those who were upset by my videos on Trump and decided to comment or leave my channel based on our differences: 

For four years, I watched with my own eyes from the direct source of Trump speak badly about the democrats, women that are not his type, minorities and innocent immigrants seeking refuge from war into America, near nuclear wars with China and Syria ( Syria actually did have missiles deployed on them), make fun of the handicapped reporter in mockery, trying to strip equal rights from women who should choose to be a mother or not and decide what to do with their own bodies and somehow allow for the interpretation of “Make American Great Again” mean something very different to the white supremacists groups or Ultra  conservative religious ones who are also very  anti-gay, anti-muslim, anti-jewish, and anti-trans groups, who supported him during his presidency. I watched how Trump tore the Republican party apart by creating his own party of religious loyalists claiming he was chosen by God, causing even some Republicans to disagree with him and not support him any longer with his or his own supporters extremist antics.

These things were FAR more important to me than some of his economic plans that may or may not have helped others. I understand Trump did some good things while in office by signing bills presented to him. On my channel, you will find that I am fair minded, but I am no robot and I will take the side of the one that needs support of concern the most.

White power or Christian power has never taken the priority over equal human rights to live the lives they choose as far as I am concerned.

It was an exhausting 4 years.

Every day was quite an adventure, and not a good kind, when Trump was in charge. I never knew what next he would do or say to upset or evoke others or what his supporters would claim next about him, and once again I always went to the direct source and never just from the media. 

The media may have a bias slant against or in support of Trump depending of their own motives coming from directives, but they can not hide what Trump has actually said in his rallies, speeches to supporters, and his own personal tweets. That is all him, and the media is not to blame for just shining a light or highlighting the absurd things he would say as a leader of this nation who at times sounded more like a leader of one political and religions group, than a president of a nation of many diverse people.

Many people unfortunately followed outrageous conspiracies about Trump being a religious “savior” or a starseed from another planet saving everyone from the “evil democrats” and I believe that people were taken advantaged of on an emotional level by others who started these conspiracies, for their own political agenda that is actually religiously and racially motivated as Chief of FBI Christopher Wray stated in a report that White supremacy was the main motivation of those arrested from Jan. 6th. 

This deeply saddened me and I do wish for healing for those people as well who started to believe them or followed this dark path of division.

I will say this as gently as I can, that common sense, quiet observations of nature and my own near death experience has shown me me that nobody other than your own will to do the right thing in life is your messiah and this world is about our own personal journey through obstacles  that offer a greater chance for our own spiritual development. Earth is another spiritual school. If you thought Trump was something “more” than your fellow beings to put him before the greater group of others, then you were pulled into a religious propaganda that has nothing to do with spirit, and that is the hard truth many will awaken to in their own time. 

 In many ways, Trump is very much like a Hobbit in lord of the rings. However, not as kind or brave as Frodo or Bilbo. He doesn’t think beyond his own comfort or desires, and it is all very clear in the consequences of enemies he has made over his lifetime as he publicly insulted and attacked others who came from a different perspective than him and his loyal supporters. He just spoke about what was on his mind to the people who were also thinking the same thoughts and they supported him for that, and then they put God’s name as another supporter of him to support their own opinions as what has been done for many ages.

Humans always use God’s name to defend their own anger and opinions of others. But I noticed there is never inward gazing while looking at others. 

The reality is and in the future more and more will awaken to this and more people across the world are doing daily, that there is no higher being choosing or anointing others as many thought Trump was “chosen by God”. YOU (if religious) actually “anoint” people based on who affirms your own beliefs and values and even whole organizations like churches can start to support this if they have the same belief. 

The reason why the Churches supported Trump, was because he helped represent their own conservative views on mind, body, and soul. Not because he truly believed them, but they gave him a support system of power. We each have our own demons and angels that we appoint and label in our lives, depending on how we see the world and how big we have allowed the force of Love to become in our own lives. 

This is truly what I observed tear our nation apart. It was the difference of realities and perspectives from different levels of consciousness that people were experiencing. Different perspectives have everything to do with adversity. 

There was a lot of hurtful things said from the other side towards Trump and his supporters, I will admit that. It is not nice to make fun of the man by insulting his looks, education level or his intelligence, that is in my opinion sinking to a lower level of being. I saw anger from both sides, and I felt anger seeing this rage and hurtfulness from others.

Trump is no more the anti-Christ than he is the next messiah, and these are the two different extreme perspectives people had of him that created their reality to unfold and see the world follow this path. At one point, I even let my own anger get the better of me helping me spiral down to the lower depths of depression. 

What really happened in America politically is that Trump in many ways represented the “old” ways and conservative values of others who don’t easily embrace new perspectives or future ideas according to their hardwired religious values. 

But as you can see, there is a progressive moment for change in gender & ethnic equality and hopefully we can all learn how to embrace change together and not be so afraid of the future.

We ALL are afraid of change in some form or another. As progressive as some of us are, there are things we have a hard time being totally comfortable with or letting go of our own familiarity of. 

Trump’s twitter feed did call the “Stop the Steal” rallies after insisting it was voter fraud and in my eyes he was far more guilty of allowing for a rebellion to take place with his rhetoric he used, but nevertheless he was acquitted by Congress- but perhaps this was the better choice in the long run. 

Many people don’t realize, but treason in the constitution leads to execution and no matter how angry I was with Trump for the 4 years of being insensitive about the environment or the way he spoke about others, I would never wish that for him or others involved in the insurrection. 

I don’t agree with the death penalty as I showed in one of my videos about my visions of “future prisons”,  I believe in only healing and rehabilitation as true change for those who temporarily lost their spiritual way towards a more peaceful life experience.  In the future we should be in the mindset to help those souls lost, rather than punish them. Even though Donald Trump does believe in putting people to death and did call for the death penalty of the innocent “Central Park 5” boys when he was not yet in office which I saw the 1989 interview with my own eyes, I still would not wish this for him.

So now it is time to let these last 4 years go and I release my anger and sadness with others. We do have a new president already in place with already some promising new plans to help the environment with rejoining the Paris Agreement and coming together as a world in the future of less war. 

I very much am in agreement with Steven Hawking’s wise words about the environmental concerns:

I believe Steven would be happy to see that America is not indefinitely an isolationist nation, but can come together with other nations as well as be a role model. Though, we are seeing America still has much to learn.  

I do not care what political party you belong to, I hope my video will connect to either side of the political spectrum while I “vent” a bit and then let it go and heal finally as we move on as a nation into a new administration now. I do not think we alone can heal white supremacy or other extremist religion or political ideologies, which is bred through lack of education and acquainting ourselves  with others who are different than you or spending too much generalizing others and trapping yourself by the limited perspectives of stereotypes. 

That is a personal journey each white supremacist will have to go through, and that is their spiritual challenge. It is the minority, so all we can do as a much larger group not haunted by fears of losing power or our place ethnically, is discourage this growth by supporting equal rights and humanitarian efforts for freedom for all life. 

In answer to the devil’s advocate thought, white supremacy would not be a humanitarian movement, since it does not aim to preserve all of humanity, it is a fanatical sociological ideology based from the reptilian part of the mind that governs the emotional reactions of survival and fear based on ethnic preservation, not a sincere movement towards peace for all.

Since I am all about humanity evolving past using the reptilian mind on each other and using the Neocortex more to become enlightened to the interconnection, this is why I did speak out against White Supremacy that may be unrecognized  to my fellow whites, is indeed still here in America growing stronger and will not go away being ignored. 

As Carl Jung said, what we resist will persist in our lives. If we resist as whites to see this, then we will continue to allow hidden groups of white nationalists to form and gain power under our very noses just as once the KKK did. 

White supremacy is truly illogical and unsympathetic on a planet of 7 billion beings of diverse nature. 

So like J.R.R Tolkien once took a stand against the German Nazis in his letters, I take a stand against them today too. 

If you were wondering why I added these thoughts to my channel previously with Elven wisdom and love, there you have it and speaking up against racism while it rears it’s dark head again in America towards others is the wisest use of my light I can do, I felt. 

I have had to let go of my frustrations and anger with those who feel it’s not worth talking about or doesn’t “concern” them and doesn’t belong on my channel. I worked to heal this within me. 

As chief of the FBI said, 

“The amount of hateful angry rhetoric on the internet shared on social media exceeds what anyone can even imagine.”

I believe all sides of the political and religious spectrum experienced pain and felt anger during these 4 years evidenced by riots and protests. So it is my wish that others are taking this time to heal as I did, and truly make the effort to find our way back together as a nation.

The importance is to acknowledge our feelings, what we all learned and slowly start to piece back our lives and our nation. 

As a global citizen, who was never an American patriot, I was just born here. I see that America has much to learn, but I never gave up on this nation. After all, we are One in a spiritual sense, so I believe in that power of unity and singularity guiding all souls back towards one another again from our original energetic source.

I truly believe it is by putting our minds together to ensure we all lessen our environmental impact, that we will finally find the bridge between one another-to preserve the beauty and sacredness of nature and our inner nature as aware and sentient beings. 

I thank you for reading this and may you not feel alone if you too felt some pain over politics. It is very easy to get wrapped up in politics as a spiritual being, when you are a spiritual being who cares about others regardless who they are, so never blame yourself for doing so on earth. 

The very essence of Spirit is to care about others and in many ways, a spiritual life is to live guided by your heart, merging the spiritual with the physical world.

I wish you healing and a sense of excitement to look towards a brighter future of many more lessons learned together.

For the Trump supporters who left my channel along with emails or comments towards me, I will say this. I am sorry to see you go with our differences, but I am not sorry in standing up for what I believe in and supporting my other LGBTQ friends and any non-whites who have ever experienced the darkness that white supremacy represents of spirit. 

For those who supported Trump and remain part of my channel letting me know that our perspectives don’t sever our spiritual connections, I thank you for your open mindedness and courage to hear different perspectives. You don’t know how much that means to me and what potential for beauty it shows the future as holding or perhaps you do, and for that I thank you. 

I have no intention for my channel to become a commentary channel about the world, but rather an exploration of just how high and noble our spirits can become towards one another, the earth and ultimately for ourselves. 

That to me, is Elven wisdom. 

In Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

Project Northmoor To Save Tolkien’s 6 Million Dollar Home

I came across a wonderful project, I will be happy to donate to this holiday season. It is a quest to save Tolkien’s house and turn it into a library/museum to preserve the famous home of Tolkien’s while he was working on the Lord of the Rings and other stories. It will be the first Tolkien centre of the world! This is a lofty goal to preserve this home for future generations to come to share in the wisdom of Tolkien that inspired so many.

You can find out more by listening to Gandalf/Ian Mckellen’s message here and donate to help out too: