An Elven Perspective: Carl Jung’s Shadow Work is NOT Shadow Play

I love this article. The title is not so definite as it sounds.
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    I too have had a sense and observed that Shadow Work has become taught to be more like Shadow “Play” more so these days than actual work, which doesn’t really get to the shadow as Carl Jung was interested in.
    Many new age, satanists, witches, spiritual teachers and gurus are really into teaching Shadow Work, but some are not getting to the heart of Jung’s teachings and are merely allowing for self expression rather than to make the shadow conscious.
   This often leaves people confused as to what the Shadow really is.
   The Shadow is not your sexy, dark, gothic, or powerful parts of yourself at all.  It is not found sitting by a candle, in a dark room or wearing a cloak and dagger in the hand. It is not sitting in nature, and picturing yourself growling and running with the wolves, as a strong destructive energy. It is NOT witchcraft. It is NOT dark fetishes, kinks, or desires you have that are unconventional or frowned upon by society.
  Nobody should want to see their own shadow and this is why it is so painful. You know deep down inside you are better than the actions your shadow brings to surface in the most inappropriate times.
  You can not see your shadow unless you watch other’s reactions and responses towards you after your own actions.
“The shadow is something very evasive. I don’t know mine. I study it by reaction of those around me. We depend on the reflection of the mirror of our encourage. When it is not good, self-criticism is in order.”
~ C. Jung
  His idea for the “Shadow” stemmed from his need to help the Collective of Humanity heal, not  for individuals to play with their shadow, but to cut it out from unconscious projections completely to enrich the world experience at large.
“The best political, social, spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others.”
~C. Jung
   He did NOT want it to be displayed more in the world, he wanted to cut off the “saurian tail” as he called it that mankind drags behind him…it is a dinosaur, a relic of the past and old ways of behaving. Why did he say to cut it off? Because THIS is what allows for people to do evil towards one another and self harm. This is what brings a mother to kill her own children to be free from obligation of motherhood. This is what causes gangs and mobs to be formed that care about making money, and not the families of the members they kill for “disloyalty”. This is the pedophile who takes little children from the parks. This is you when you hit your wife or husband in an argument. This is me for hurting someone with my words and not caring for their feelings for sake of “self expression”.
  There are infinite events and situations in the world where you turn on the news and see the Shadow of others in full display. It is the temporary state of insanity, where the demonic side can take over and leave you wondering, “where did that come from?”

“It is a frightening thought that man also has a shadow side to him, consisting not just of little weaknesses- and foibles, but of a positively demonic dynamism. The individual seldom knows anything of this; to him, as an individual, it is incredible that he should ever in any circumstances go beyond himself.

But let these harmless creatures form a mass, and there emerges a raging monster; and each individual is only one tiny cell in the monster’s body, so that for better or worse he must accompany it on its bloody rampages and even assist it to the utmost.

Having a dark suspicion of these grim possibilities, man turns a blind eye to the shadow-side of human nature. Blindly he strives against the salutary dogma of original sin, which is yet so prodigiously true. Yes, he even hesitates to admit the conflict of which he is so painfully aware.”

~C.G. Jung – “On the Psychology of the Unconscious” (1912). In CW 7: Two Essays on Analytical Psychology. P.35

  In effort to truly teach what Shadow Work is, I divided videos into the Seven esoteric sins to look at deeply in our lives and how they play out. These are not just Judeo-Christian sins, they come from ancient wisdom from many paths and also psychology.
  I too am working on my Shadow self, I feel it is my mission and lifetime to bring all my own darkness into consciousness and transform myself into my Higher sElf-one I know is there behind the shadow, healing it and making it less dark and thick.
  When you look at the power of the Universe, it expands with love, light and Life on planets. Darkness such as blackholes and destruction of planets and stars happen out of necessity for new life to emerge. It is never just the darkness that we must sit in, we must bring light to darkness always so that Life can exist.
  I will share something publicly with the world about my own shadow self that I am working on removing and not just accepting.
  I have been really cutting with my words towards others that I love in my life or strangers who challenge me. I must stop this. I can be really aggressive with my word play. I know how to hurt others when I feel threatened or fearful in some type of way. I have also got into physical fights with others too in my life when in fear or panic mode. I also know how to cut people out of my life, very coldly without looking back.  My Shadow is an icy cold monster that lurks behind me. A fire breathing dragon that has the power to hurt others when I want to.
  These two are examples of my own shadow. Like Jung said, we only meet our Shadow when we see the wrong we did towards others. And I have seen it. I have had to apologize for my shadow coming out.
  Looking at our shadow is not a fun experience, but it can be rewarding and bring fulfillment to your soul.
  Because very soon you do realize that your shadow is there, because FEAR is there. Fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, fear of worthlessness, fear of the unknown, fear of others hurting you. fear of yourself. It is the temporary loss of consciousness to know who you really are as a limitless spiritual being.
 So what to do now?
  Jung was right as a visionary. When everyone truly looks at their shadows in this world, this will transform the way society is. People will be more aware of their responses and reactions, and first think consciously about what they are doing to others as well as themselves. Road rage will not be a thing any longer. Cyber stalking & trolling others will be a thing of the past. People shooting others in streets, homes, schools, in night clubs or hospitals will not happen. Wars and conflicts will not be so easily gotten into. People will THINK of all consequences before acting. I will THINK before acting and hurting others.
“The most dangerous psychological mistake is the projection of the shadow onto others: this is the root of almost all conflicts.” ~ C. Jung
  Of course, this is something that some may call idealism about the future, but really it is realism. We are all capable of forming an understanding about our shadows. Not as children. Children tend to show their shadows easily by hitting others, and pushing them down with anger. But that is why they have adults around them to show them a better choice. A healthier way to deal with conflict and diversity. As we age, we are able to build reason into our choices and form mature decisions about our actions.
All taming the shadow is about, is MATURITY.
  Mature souls do not have a shadow any longer because it is nothing, but truth and wholeness within a person. The older and wiser you become in this experience, the less your shadow comes out at events and has control over you.
  This is the biggest difference between criminals in jail, versus citizens who don’t kill, rape, or steal from one another. Maturity is simply being at the stage of being able to make conscious decisions to NOT kill or steal from others in the moment.
  But all is not lost for those at lower levels of maturity, because as soon as maturity hits them in jail or outside of it, they discover the light. They make amends, and carry a grief as a burden that cleanses their souls through the process of making their darkness conscious. And they don’t do those wrongs and harmful things any longer. Many of society’s criminals become healed this way and become regular citizens with something positive to give back to the world.
It can take many lifetimes to get to this maturity for some, or it can take just this one right now.
  Everyone is at different levels of soul maturity, because like a prism, the Collective Source is refracted into many different levels of experience and vibrations of reality. But ultimately, people are always in control of their actions if they are a conscious soul able to form clear decisions.
  Eventually, ALL souls get to the point of Self Actualization-which is the point of knowing WHO you actually are.
  This has much to do with Galactic civilizations and where a world can go together. Citizens functioning at the highest level of Self Actualization is the Elven community of Tolkien’s within the Third Ages and the Pleiadian one even.
  This is where humanity can reach and they are slowly, but surely. Each soul that matures and reaches this point of self actualization adds to the whole and changes the course of the future.
  I am getting ready to prepare for my new videos on Galadriel’s mirror, Carl Jung’s archetypes, Gurdjieff’s enneagram that are all tools to work with the Self, and heal the collective when I come back from Thanksgiving holiday.
  This was something that was on my mind, that I wanted to speak about so I truly hope this brings clarity towards Jung and his Shadow Work and where his visions where really leading mankind.
In Love, Light & Wisdom!

A Message To All Pleiadian Elven Starseeds

I started out my coming out into the world on my youtube and then my blog, without any indication of where it would lead me. All I know is I was driven by some inner goal to bring to surface three major ideas:

  1.  We exist. And the creatures spoke about in tales and legends of Elves and Fae are in reality actual beings living now on other planets. This is why you are drawn to the Faerie realms whenever you hear about them on earth or just have a stored memory or longing. 
  2. Humanity is a part of a MUCH larger network of humanoid and non-humanoid beings who are family and are related to earth humans in some way and CARE about the direction they go spiritually, mentally and physically. 
  3. Nature, animals and the overall environment needs immediate attention from humans to ensure optimal survival and moving into a greater future as a Galactic civilization where Earth can be a port for other visitors to enrich their experience of living. 


There is far too much coincidence now between the Elven star,  Elvenkin, and the Pleiades. Many Pleiadians do feel very Elven-like or resonate in some ways with the Fae or Fair Folk. No matter if Pleiadians are “space elves” or not, they are very much elven as Tolkien described, through and through. The keepers of Atlantis and Lemuria, as ancient beings whose civilization is one with Nature and understand the Universe as Love & Oneness. The Tuatha Dé Danann that came to Ireland a long time ago, tried to help humanity for awhile and returned back to their ships. Pleiadian Elven beings have been around and now they are still here in human and Half-Elven form even.

This is why you may be drawn to natural and organic things, as well as be intrigued and think technology and science can be fun too. Pleiadian ships can beam in and out of different atmospheres of planets going largely unnoticed and there is a way to dematerialize and then re-materialize atomic structures of material objects to look very much like “Elf or Wizard” magic. Magic is just science utilized to the highest level of understanding the structure of most matter in the known Universe (so far) and then applying that wisdom.


Everything connects together and for the Pleiadian Elves on earth, the puzzle pieces may be starting to be put together. I am very happy to be able to do that for so many today. Every single human being came from the Collective Matrix of Pure consciousness as all souls do, but your unique imprint is to be a starseed on earth. That is your story and journey.  A Pleiadian starseed soul is one that lowered their original consciousness and density levels to 3D to fit the Earth model and be born into a human body. However a Pleiadian Elf carries 4th, 5th and 6th (and even above that) dimensional consciousness thinking which can cause discomfort in many ways. This means you live mainly through the heart, third eye and crown chakra consciousness of the ethereal or immaterial spiritual body-whereas Earth society is at solar plexus of Personal Power of the material world. No wonder you felt strange and saw things from a different perspective-one of more peaceful, harmonious, and perhaps a more honest one from the Divine Truth of Love.

When you compare consciousness levels of 3D to the higher consciousness of the Pleiadian civilization you came from, you may start to understand why you feel a little different from others and frustrated. There ARE Earth based human souls-they are needed in the collective matrix as well. Just as Tolkien wrote that mankind was separate from Elves, and had their own evolutionary path, so does the Pleiadian Elf from the Human Being. Human beings have their origins as well, but their line of heritage being born just on Earth first needs to be respected. Just as the Pleiadian was first born in Lyra, or the Pleiades in more recent times. All origin stories need to be respected of the individual, it is part of their spiritual journey. We shouldn’t be here to make other Earth humans feel like they are not from earth, if that is what they do not feel inside.

It is more important we bring a sense of diversity to the world, but a shared community.

One species is not better over the other, they are simply different branches from the same Galactic Tree, some could call the Collective Source where all subatomic particles for life came from first. The Earth Human has a big decision right now, to choose their own evolutionary pathways-to become more Elfin like and Faerie like in appearance becoming a vast array of magical and mystical beings that are too many to list here, or becoming more cyborg and technological in appearance leading to more oneness in appearance eventually and merge with A.I. There is even a path to become more reptilian like and hard with scales over time, tall and brute like strength in body and mind like the Draconian being. The evolutionary timelines are infinite just like consciousness, because those are the Great Stories born from the Collective Consciousness.

Each Earth human has their choice of their evolutionary process.  Nothing stops in death, since consciousness is infinite. The Pleiadian Elven starseeds are simply awakening into what you already ARE and your role on earth as one here during this time. A Pleiadian Starseed Elf has a different evolutionary process. You are moving a bit backwards to move forwards. In coming to Earth to help assist the spiritual growth, you are enhancing your own spiritual journey where you can join Ascended masters, and reach what is called the Eternal Rest or as Tolkien called it The Undying Lands. Not all Pleiadians will choose this and there are other alien life forms who are on this soul path right now too. Also nothing is set in stone, so even Eternal Rest is not definite of being the End. Remember even some souls were sent back from the Hall of Mandos in Tolkien’s stories, like Gandalf.

Are all Pleiadian Elves? It is a complicated question, but for the main part, I can say that the 7 sister star system and council of white Light, have evolved from the basic humanoid form into Elfin like form. This is why most channellings and experiences with Pleiadian beings are of a tall, Elfin, graceful energy and have a very nature connected essence. Whether it be the Native Americans first speaking about the “star people from Pleiades, before Billy Meier’s encounter in the Swiss Alps, or Billy describing the Pleiadians as very spiritual beings invested in Earth’s people as well as its environment and nature.

Will you look like an Elf in human form today? Not necessarily. It is more vital to Earth’s survival of harmony to blend in as a people. It does no good for a Pleiadian soul to look as they would in the Pleiades. This can become far too distracting to the mission of helping others, teaching, guiding and remembering for you too. Also humans are too caught up in the physical world and material world of outside appearances, so you as a Pleiadian Elven soul would do more good in blending in and so the majority choose to take on a very human form, but with some Elfin characteristics  and style that vary in body types, height, ear shapes, face shapes, color combination of skin, eyes and hair, fashion and style sense. Pleiadians are very diverse, so a soul who comes from the Pleiades before earth will choose to fit into a body that compliments their parents and can help them achieve everything they came here to do on earth.

Some very important messages about disclosure for Pleiadian Elves from me, your soul group sister. I am about to do a film interview for Yahoo News this month, and I know that this is truly a coming out story and will be viewable around the world in more ways than my youtube channel.

I do this for you all. This is part of my mission as a facilitator of project Elvenstar that has been in the works well before I was born. I came into the world to see it through or start it off in a more visible way perhaps through the usage of technology of youtube. I have some past experience as a priestess soul who is comfortable talking in front of large groups to help others. So I do that now. I risk being laughed at, called names, having negative comments on me in life or online. But I do it because I care for not only my Pleiadian Elven family, but the whole Galactic Union of other beings from other planets. I do it because I want Earth humans to know there is something more to this world, to them, and they are not alone and their potential for soul bliss is unlimited.

I am doing this interview because I know how hard it is to keep a secret inside all your life. Starseeds are born with a forgotten memory in order to be able to be born into the 3rd dimensional Earth, going into 4th D now as a whole. So there is a lot of pain in forgetting who you are and coming up against the other Earth human soul who isn’t ready for your “outta this world” ideas, persona, essence, opinions, and overall reality of how you experience this universe. I know the conflict inside to love Earth humans and also be enraged by their actions. Each killing of another soul by another, is seen and experienced as a step back for the collective. It pains us to be part of Earth, but also we have so much fun and overall amazing experiences too. And we learn in the process as well, what those lessons are, are different for each individual Pleiadian soul.

In the future more and more is going to come out about starseeds in general. This will lead humanity onto their path of building a futuristic civilization with a diverse array of people that can tolerate one another, because they learn that they come from different planets and origins that will ultimately make earth become more diverse, but also more FUN in the experience.

We Pleiadians are here to help remind humanity that evolving is a fun experience and there is a lot of joy in just opening up minds and allowing the flow of Creation to take place and not fight against it. Things are going to get very strange and we are going to meet more unique souls who show really far away origins who have come to earth to be part of this experience within this Collective matrix of souls. There will be a reaction to fear this transformation of the human to the Galactic Human, and I believe Pleiadians have the disposition to help soothe and calm this fear.

I am hoping with my interview that in coming out to the world in the most honest and sincere way possible I can prepare humanity to start to meet many more “unearthly” souls who have new perspectives and if they are open, can show them how bright a future they can have known as the New Earth. The earth itself does not change, Gaia is perfect in spirit, but it will be the perspectives that will bring humanity into higher dimensions. Pleiadian Elves, you are helpers in this, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and come out of hiding and do some work. 😉


In Love, Light & Wisdom~

Your Pleiadian sister,

Kimberel Eventide






God Playing Hide & Seek

My honest sincere wish as a Light Elf is to allow all those in the world today who are struggling, hurting, and FORGETTING everything they know deep down inside when they are listening. You are unlimited, but the illusion is the limitation you put on yourself through your Ego.


Here are my pearls of wisdom about Lightworkers and what they really are, I give them to you now.


Rumi’s Wisdom Of Inner Light

Here are a few quotes to reflect deeply on. Remember them during your darkest hours and you will always be able to turn on the light. You are the darkness and the light, but the light is the awakened part of  YOU.






No mirror ever became iron again;
No bread ever became wheat;
No ripened grape ever became sour fruit.
Mature yourself and be secure from a change for the worse.
Become the light.


Some nights stay up till dawn, as the moon sometimes does for the sun. Be a full bucket pulled up the dark way of a well, then lifted out into light.


Your defects are the ways that glory gets manifested… That’s where the Light enters you.

There is another language beyond language, 
another place beyond heaven and hell. 
Precious gems come from another mine,
the heart draws light from another source.


Pale sunlight, pale the wall. Love moves away. The light changes I need more grace than I thought.


There is a light seed grain inside. You fill it with yourself, or it dies.



Love is the soul’s light, the taste of morning, no me, no we, no claim of being.


The lamps are different, but the Light is the same. One matter, one energy, one Light, oneLight-mind, endlessly emanating all things.



Your depression is connected to your insolence and refusal to praise. Whoever feels himself walking on the path, and refuses to praise—that man or woman steals from others every day—is a shoplifter! The sun became full of light when it got hold of itself. Angels only began shining when they achieved discipline. The sun goes out whenever the cloud of not-praising comes. The moment the foolish angel felt insolent, he heard the door close.

In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.
A hundred souls cried out, but
we ar
e yours, we are yours, we are yours.
You are the light
that spoke to Moses and said
I am God, I am God, I am God.
I said Shams-e Tabrizi, who are you?
He said, I am you, I am you, I am you.

Why Aren’t Elven Souls Born With Pointy Ears?

Many of you may be thinking  as well as questioned by others why you don’t have pointy ears like an elf? I have weird shaped ears that stick out, but they certainly are not pointed naturally as you might expect for an elf at the tips like an animal  like a cat or wolf even. Some humans have really round ears or ears that don’t stick out oddly, and still feel like a Elven soul…well how can that be?

The answer is a bit complicated, but I will speak about it in layers to bring more clarity. The reason  most Elven souls do not have  naturally pointy animalistic shaped ears right now in this particular body and timeline, is for the purpose to fit or blend into society.

I understand the ear shaping surgeries going on at tattoo parlors are becoming very popular, and I think it is neat and a fun way of expressing your Fae spirit. Not everyone is drawn to do this or wants to and Still can feel like an Elf.

And here is why, broken down into different layers:

As I do see evidence that a lot of Fae souls are being  brought into this world to become warriors for Gaia and to inspire a reconnection to nature and animals. Well imagine if a very large group of people started to be born on earth with naturally unusually pointy ears all of a sudden. It may cause alarm and concern in many people. Earth has a nasty reputation for experimenting on alien beings. So the first part is for the protection of the elven soul during this time to not incite too much curiosity around non-Elf souls who it may scare or upset in some way. Different ear shapes are scattered about for the Fae soul to take a vessel it would most thrive in.

The next layer is for the individual to go through the process of being revealed their inner elven essence without coming out of the womb knowing, which ultimately defeats the purpose of the journey to go deeper within. It is almost like it would be no fun nor challenge if the information was revealed right from the start. True, it would help many souls remember early on and not be so confused to why they are so different and what is this connection to the Fae realms if they could look in the mirror and see big pointy elf ears. but the journey is very important to the destination. It is always more of a profound experience of getting deeper into the soul when you don’t have all the answers right away causing you to do soul searching to find them. With elf ears, I am talking real elf ears, not slightly shaped, but true  leaf shaped ears naturally , you may spiritually bypass all that searching and just know you are Elf.  It does take the fun of the journey out of it.

Another layer to look at is the validity of the idea that ALL Elves even have pointy ears. As long as the ears have a heightened sensory ability along with the mind, then the outer part does not matter as much to evolve as having. I know without a doubt there are different Elven species out there-some more animal looking and some more humanoid looking. If one studies the history of Elves in legends, they will find all sorts of beings described and sometimes the ears were never mentioned.  Often the Elves we think of being beautiful light beings are more like nymphs and are never really described further with having pointy ears. Elf ears has just become one of those ideas set in society’s image of Elves-big and small, but it could quickly be altered when you think of all the different types of beings within Faerie realms and other planets. So we may logically ask the question, do all Elves in the Universe actually have pointed ears? What constitutes an Elf? What constitutes a human even? These are deeper questions to ponder as a whole and maybe non-elf eared Elven souls are started to help break down this old barrier – and show that there are multiple ear shapes and different Elven beings all over Faerie.

And lastly the other layer is for the collective of humanity to learn that the Elven spirit is  not just about what is on the outside, but rather the Elven-Light within. We are all scattered around the world in different shapes, sizes, colors, and ear shapes even in order to not form a societal standard of Elves, but to show diversity within the Elven soul across the Universe. If there are Elven beings on billions of other planets in the universe then there multiple ways to being an Elven soul-this is the truth we are after. Showing within our Diversity our Unity. Not cloning ourselves to look all the same, but keeping that uniqueness inspired in all of souls.

Faerie and Elven souls are so important to this world, as it reminds humanity of the beauty in nature around them. It also shows a bit of magic within every day life that has become very materialistic and concrete. The Elven & Faerie souls are here to reveal the world of Faerie because the senses are now awakened enough to be able to finally see the lighter energies.

Every soul has a different journey and story. There may be some Elven souls who do have pointy ears and this is because they are meant to based on who they will attract, what they will do with their lives and become, while there are others without them so they can fit better into the life they were born into as simply looking humanoid, but carrying an Elven soul within.

As I say time and time again, the ears are not nearly as important as embracing the Elven spirit within. The ability to laugh and play, and see the beauty in all aspects of nature is what the world needs most right now. Elven souls can also show an intense devotion towards helping and healing humanity. The Elven soul will always carry these aspects within them that represents the Faerie realm that others can get a glimmer of hope from.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
― W.B. Yeats



A Healer Message From Source.

If I could take everyone’s pain and suffering I would. I see many different souls on earth all part of Prime Source, but waking into different journeys and unique ways from one another. Some feel lost and confused and some feel skeptical…and it is all OK.

You are fine, the way you are. You are an unique point of Consciousness from Source. You are all on your journey or have been on your journey for some time like me, into your reawakening into your infinite Tesseract of Soul Potentials.

Some of you awaken through the “starseed” journey, and some awaken through occult, religion, or even atheism and agnostic discoveries of the self. Some awaken into their otherkin nature. Some awaken into just being one with nature. There are infinite ways and life paths one can experience enlightenment within.

There are universes within you, and universes outside of you that include you. GOD/Prime Source makes many doors for the seeker to knock on, the wise Rumi once said.

And each time, when the door answers, your Higher Self will be standing behind it to greet you with a smile.

You are loved far than you remember right now, because earth is built to be as a rigorous school, because WE designed it this way from before time and space , when we were only Pure Consciousness.

Each of us is a multi-dimensional aspect of the Creation itself, and all is God/Prime Source. Yes even the skeptics, and the worry bugs who post here.

I right now am a certain aspect of Creation reaching out to suffering souls…

Everything will be fine in your life, if you manage to keep a good head on your shoulders and stay grounded in your life of what is it you wish to achieve, you will be moving slow and steady along. You did not come into your starseed self to escape from earth, you came to inspire others to think differently and bring forth a “new earth” which really is just a new society lived from higher consciousness and awareness.

There are a lot of “strange and weird” souls on earth right now, and I can tell you this is all part of the plan to expand perception of reality of what is earth?, what is a human being? You know what also is part of the Plan? That all beings in the world will eventually reawaken and reach enlightenment in fully knowing who they are.

I share this again as a deeper reminder, YOU are just fine. Do not lose sight of the goal to take it day by day and do the very best you can to get in touch with your higher qualities within yourself.

My voice is just another wave in the ocean, but hopefully some of you will listen to it to soothe your fears and worries.

Namaste and be well….truly…we are all blessed and have infinite potential to create all we desire to experience.

In Love, Light and Wisdom to you all. I SEE you.

My Accelerated Project To Combat Morgue.

Some of you may follow my youtube channel, and blog here, so you know that  I like to talk about anything in regards to helping humanity reach more peace and joy, while spiritually elevating themselves to higher levels of being.

I have another wordpress to spread more ideas on societal changes within the structures of the world and how it is ran today.

If interested in hearing more about this project, follow me here as well.

My goal with this would be just to get some ideas out of my head “downloaded” to me from the beings within the Pleiades star system written down of how society can change into a more peaceful type of society together, living in abundance with nature and higher wisdom.

It is a bit of a counter action towards “projectfallenstar” from Morgue & the illuminati  which I feel doesn’t represent the more Elven & Fae type of souls on earth, interested more in nature and a gradual unfolding of knowledge outside of mathematics and more through the personal experience and reflections.

My hopes and desires, are that my ideas can inspire both the old and new generations seeking for change on a fundamental level as a world without moving towards being so edgy and violent in burning down churches, but rather just making religions less “physically” needed any longer.

My style is so much different than Morgue’s and I am really interested to see where this project takes us inspired by the starry Elven beings who are our descendants.

So follow me and feel free to share any articles you may like, also I am always looking for your voice. Because it is not to just to be my project, I only am starting it for others.

It is all yours who love Earth, and want to make this an amazing place to live together in true peace and at evolved states of Being.