Why I Will Never Promote European Nationalism With Elves & Fairies

Some of you may not know the ugly truth, because I try to hide my burdens from the public to show more beauty in the world, but I have received a few white supremacism emails over the years in regards to the idea that “Elven-ness” belongs to the Europeans like Irish, Scottish, Dutch, Scandinavian countries.  I often promote unity within our diversity, and have welcomed everyone who wants to become more Elven-like to my groups and channel to get in touch with their Elven soul regardless of background. This has caused me to receive some attacks from those who claim I am mixing the “Elven heritage” with my words or my looks! I find it funny, because I am a mix of all of those they claim as European, but I don’t think as they do, so it has nothing to with DNA, it is about consciousness. I want to explore why I find it a meaningless mission devoid of empathy and higher wisdom about the Fae in general to promote them with a white nationalist attitude.

I was moved by my facebook “Unseelie” Fair Folk friend author Morgan Daimler, who pointed out courageously about the fairy Folklorist, Carolyn Emerick spreading direct Aryan grey propaganda through Fairy myths and folklore. Carolyn is concerned for her European ancestry to diminish and fade, as if it is truly a thing in a quantum world of energy.

Semi regular reminder that ‘folklorist’ Carolyn Emerick is a straight up “blood and soil” white supremacist. I won’t reference or reshare any of her material much of which includes supremacist dog whistles. ~ Morgan Daimler 

Those who claim Elf or Fairy heritage and Folklore only for European ancestry are doing a great disservice to the realm of Faerie and what the spirit of them really is about.

When I look at the world, I see a world already lacking much of the Fairy spirit and “sparkle” that I would like to see come into the lives of everyone on earth. Why on earth, would I limit this sense of magic, profound awe, and joy to a small demographic of the planet? Some European nationalists may believe they are preserving the Anglo-Saxon romantic and medieval fairy image for themselves, but even the fairies would feel this was a waste of energy. We are just shining souls in vessels, and this is where the Faerie spirit is found too.

The reason, you are born in a world where there are such things as fairies and fairytales in the first place is to inspire a genuine care for nature of its flora and fauna. As people get in touch with their Elven souls or Fae souls (whatever you may resonate with Gnomes, Dwarves, Centaurs, Winged Sprites and Pixies, etc.) they turn their head towards nature and observe it more deeply hoping to catch a glimpse of the fairy lights. When they start to connect to the elementals again, they are seeing it on a deeper level than a place to trash and tread upon. Each elements of Wood, Air, Water, Fire, and Light are appreciated and greatly cherished for their properties and gifts.

Nature is within us all, and the Tree of Life that all DNA on earth stems from does not discriminate between ethnicities and cultures. You will find beautiful Persia fairies called Peri, as well as the Duendes of South America. In Africa, there are the Emere of the jungle. All of these spirits of nature, come to teach one thing to humanity: Be aware of your deeper connection to nature to awaken to your true Nature.

This is not anyone’s place nor is it wise to say that Fairies stayed in Europe to take care of only this region of nature and that only the Europeans’ lineage is linked to the Hidden Folk. They mated and had relationships with many humans to whomever they pleased while they taught them about magic and the gifts of nature. I have met many Elf or Fairy souls who hold the consciousness block of Faerie in a human body, of different color and variety of Fae-like appearances. Fairies are for the whole planet as guardians and wisdom keepers of nature’s deepest universal secrets.

These secrets can be discovered by everyone, of all culture and all ethnicities. This to me is far more in touch with your true faerie soul than a painting of a blond haired and blue eyed nymph-like being prancing in the forest from medieval art or an anonymous fairytale from Ireland. This is superficial thinking about the Elven or Faerie beings. We need to move past this 3rd Dimensional thinking about them so that we can truly change the world in the way that many of us dream of.

This world is getting more “real” today. Can you feel it too?  The spirit world is merging with the physical one in a very real experience for many. The stories, myths and legends are not to be taken lightly or superficially. Their messages were real as reminders to all of us to care a little more about the environment, and to be aware of our fellow animal beings who share this planet. And also remember who we are.

If you simply like the Faeries or feel connected to them for some Aryan propaganda, I question if you truly want to spread the magic of Faerie on earth and make it accessible to everyone.

It is a simple question of logic. Would you rather live in a world where everyone accepts Fae Kind? Or would you like to continue to experience segregation and persecution against us?

To whomever next claims the elves and fairies for the “white” nation of Europe only, may the fairies come to take you away and open your eyes to the depth, and vastness of the world of Faerie and all the creatures that reside within this parallel realm to our earth. And only may you come back after your eyes have truly opened to the diversity within nature reflected in humanity.

As an Elven soul who would like to help assist in an Elven awakening or re-awakening in everyone that I can on earth. What a wonderful world it would be to gather in a world more Elves and Fae souls who don’t concern ourselves with limiting human perspectives of war, greed and ignorance, just as Tolkien said:

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

~ J.R.R. Tolkien

And lastly, it just is not kind at all to claim higher elemental beings as part of European culture, but not of others. Imagine you are a little child born in India who loves the fairies, which are called devas sometimes as “beings of light” and you come across a post claiming white nationalism for Faerie culture and Folklore. Can you imagine what that information does to the Faerie loving soul in India? It makes them doubt that this magic and spirit is for them too. To me this is an evil act, that has no roots in true Elven wisdom.

If you call me just a “sensitive liberal”, you would be wrong. I am an Egalitarian through and through, and believe in true equality of the sovereign spirit. Before I get into my own politics…

I have a motto very dear to my heart that I base my channel on, when it comes to the Elves and spirit of the Fae in this world: The more, the merrier. 


In Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberel Eventide

International Fairy Day’s Interesting History & Deeper Meaning

June 24th we celebrate a day for the Fairies! It was reputedly started by artist Jessica Galbreth, to honor the fairies and all other mythological creatures of folklore. I decided to look deeper into who Jessica Galbreth really is and she is a talented artist, as well as a Faerie visionary!

Jessica says this about herself on her site: https://thevintageangel.com

I have always been a dreamer and a romantic at heart, often feeling I was born in the wrong era.  The Victorian era has always held such mystique for me, and when I began this collection, I knew I wanted to recreate the magic of this era with my own twist with my collection of art and curated jewelry and accessories.


“Russel of Wings” by Jessica Galbreth 

Jessica Galbreth


I found something truly amazing that although she started this special day for Faerie lovers, Jessica is no longer painting fairies (and instead Angels) as she has become a Christian who believes you must pick one or the other. Maybe she or her pastor did not read about Tolkien as a honorable Christian Catholic man who created the Fae in his world of Arda? So here is the next part of her blog as an update.

In 2010, I became a Christian and didn’t feel that work represented me any longer.  For an artist, their art is very personal.  I retired all that old work, and began painting angels instead.  Soon after, I began making jewelry and really found my new niche.

~ Jessica Galbreth

I find this incredibly amusing today and just shows the power and spirit of the Fairies truly never dies in this world. You can create a holiday on the internet and so many recognize it now, and yet when you try to stop it or turn away from this fairy light, you never really can. No matter if Jessica has changed her own direction and path, it shows this immortality of Faerie is one that no mortal can deny. The Faerie Portal has been opened and the love and respect of all those on earth who remember and love the fairies keep it open.

International Fairy Day still rages on today in 2020, 10 years later after she has changed her mind about her personal focus.

The fairies are mysterious creatures, as they are ancient as this earth and seem to be embedded into humanity’s mind whether they accept it or not. Fairy Day is just another example of how close to the Elves and all other Fae that humans really are.

If you just let yourself believe in the magic of the Fae, and allow this day to prove to you their vitality and energy to spread the Faerie light all over the globe, what more proof do you truly need to know that they existed and still do?


In Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberel Elventide

Creator of High Elven Wisdom and Love “channel”


Here is my blessing for you today.


Why I Am No Longer Part Of Tië Eldaliéva, Yet Helped Plant It To Grow.

Tië Eldaliéva became a foundation on May, 1, 2020 and I will remember this moment fondly holding up the letter from the IRS welcoming it to the world.



Yes, it is true. “High Elven Wisdom And Love” channel and the “Tie eldalieva- the Elven Spiritual Path” have went their opposite, but parallel paths June 22, 2020. During the retrogrades of the planets, after a solar eclipse, and the Gates of Summer opened called “Tarnin Austa” from J.R.R Tolkien’s Lost Tales notes.

It was a sad event for me, as it happened because of different perspectives of seeing things in the world and ultimately how to teach or spread elven wisdom to others. I am not going to speak ill words at all about them publicly and we separated peacefully, but if you are really curious, the co-founders and I did not see eye to eye on what it meant to be “Elven” or to walk upon the Elven Path. So mutually they decided I would be best to be on my own, with my channel again.

Organized spirituality is difficult to attempt with something so much as those in charge directing its growth and then their followers of it. It is why I never belonged to a church before or any organization. Since we were not a cult, with one person in charge, there were four minds that had to see eye to eye of how to spread the elven wisdom in the world. This turned out to be the example of the difficulties you see always in religion, and how different branches of sects branch out from one original thought. Cofounders of an organization need to be a solid team, that understands one another and trusts each other.

One thing, they and I can both be sure of is that my channel helped generate the funds and donations to plant this foundation on earth. For that much, I am happy that I was part of to get to experience. Although I get to watch it grow from the outside, I still can feel some connection to it.

This ultimately means no change for me spiritually though, as I have always tried to walk and talk the Elven-light Path that Tolkien described as “wisdom of many days”. I have a facebook group that you can join with this name “The Elven-light Path”, and my channel will be a place to explore together what it truly means to be as wise as the Elves on earth/Arda with some connection to Pleiadian messages that I share.

‘Then Aragorn was abashed, for he saw the elven-light in her eyes and the wisdom of many days; yet from that hour he loved Arwen Undómiel daughter of Elrond.

~ J.R.R Tolkien

The Return of the King,  Appendix A


So join me tonight at this link at 8pm central to hear more about my departure and plans for a new beginning. I will go into what members can decide to do if they have joined my channel. All questions will be answered soon.

Eärendil And “The Netted Road” of Pleiades in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth



Today on June 18th 2020, Venus embraces the Pleiades, and 444 light-years apart they meet every eight years.

This means that the ship of Eärendil (Venus star light) has sailed towards the “Netted Road” of the Pleiades which is named “Remmirath” by J.R.R Tolkien, today. In the Silmarillion, when Varda the Queen of the Stars wanted to prepare for the Elves to awaken, she made all the stars and constellations we know of today and Tolkien included the Pleiades, though we only get the descriptive title of it in the Third Age. It is interesting to note that Christopher Tolkien was not able to identify a few stars named in the book The Silmarillion, so could one of those be the actual Elven name for the Pleiades?

Unidentified stars or constellations of Tolkien’s notes in The Silmarillion are: Anarríma, Telumendil,  and Wilwarin.

Telumendil is completely still unidentifiable, but I intuitively feel it could be the actual name of the Pleiades since it connects to the Teleri Elves that are known as the “Sea Elves” that sailed first to Valinor or either died in the “kin slaying” when the Noldor elf Fëanor, seized their swan ships in order to start war with Melkor/Morgoth. It reminds me so much of the Atlantis destruction which Tolkien had what he called a “Atlantis Haunting” which means he often could remember the huge wave coming over him during Atlantis’s destruction and he later admitted that he modeled “Númenor” after the lost island of Atlantis and described the Fall of Númenor to be much like the fall of Atlantis here on earth.

It is important to note that original Pleiadian messages do not suggest Pleiadians  who live in another dimension surrounding these Seven Stars are the creators of humans, but their mix of ancestors are human’s great ancestors that some then escaped towards the Pleiades after a destructive event on earth.

Pleiadian Contact report 003 Feb, 8, 1975 3:03am

Billy Meier: I have found that you star-people, if I may call you that, are always described as supernatural, heavenly beautiful, as guardians of mankind, nearly omniscient, and as teachers; it is said you are virtuously living in spiritual and consciousness related perfection. 

Semjase: We are still very far from this state as well and must continue to develop ourselves constantly. We are not the so called super humans or super beings that people on Earth have worshiped us as, due to their lack of knowledge and within their own imagination. We are not teachers or missionaries or trailblazers directly. We only have the dutiful task to preserve the evolving and already existing human life in the cosmos. That means that we endeavor to keep order and help monitor life. 

We are neither guardians nor overseers of terrestrial humankind; we feel obligated to them only because our ancient forefathers were their forefathers prior to their escape from Earth due to self-inflicted catastrophes by a few power-hungry people, before escaping to the Pleiades. 


While the Pleiadians to earth humans today are far more advanced in their worlds, and the Pleiadians in their humility may deny themselves as super-beings at the level of Unconditional Loving consciousness they are at.  It is known that the Pleiades is named after the Greek sea nymphs that were also maidens of Artemis of the Forest. Perhaps we can see the ancient connection of the Pleiades to the watery realm of Atlantis and of Lemuria that later associated it with the water connection of the seven daughters of Atlas a Titan, and an Ocean Nymph, named Pleione. Can we right now be understanding through myth,  the forefathers of the Pleiadians who would be half water like beings, as well as half humanoid land titans or giants? The Pleiadians do suggest they are humanoid, though could they have been humans that became a product of more Elvish ancestry mistaken for Faeries back in the time of revisiting earth again and again to different populations of ancient people? There is a strong connection to the Tuatha De Dannan even, who went underground and now today we have hidden underground Pleiadian cities on earth.  I do believe that Pleiadians while feeling obligated to help monitor life, many souls have incarnated here from the Pleiades to volunteer with this work of assisting. My mind sees no disconnect regarding ancient events leading up to who we are today. In Tolkien’s world of Arda, it would be the Valar who were the ancestors of the Pleiadians, the Pleiadian humanoids as the Elves who came before humans, and the humans on earth today as the humans. This is the interconnection that Semjase lays out and how the Pleiadians are human’s older kin. As the Elves were kin to humans, though the Elves simply had a little more advancement in Art & Artefact as Tolkien called it, which is magic through advanced understanding of the universe and creation through this wisdom of it.

As Semjase said: In reality we are human beings just like the earth humans, but our knowledge and wisdom are far superior to theirs, also in technical respects.

~ Pleiadian Contact Report 001 Jan, 28th 2:34pm

In Tolkien’s language Remmirath  means “fly cluster” or “jewels in a net” which comes from the Dúnedain  language of Numenor of half elven ancestry line, where once again we see the Atlantis connection.  “Remmirath” is a description or title and often Tolkien has two names to give titles or give a name. So at this point we do not know the true Elven name for Pleiades, we only have the Quenya Elven name for ‘fly cluster” as Itselokte. Cosmologically if Orion (Menelvagor) was created during Varda’s awakening of the Elves, then the Pleiades would have to be there since the Pleiades came before Orion in our solar system.

Pleiades star system is 100 million years old

Orion’s Belt is only 10-30 million years old.

Secret tomb


Another possibility is that Wilwarin could actually be the Pleiades, since it is appears as a butterfly shape.  Christopher Tolkien suggested it to be Cassiopeia, however this was a guess since it did not say in his father’s notes. I think the Pleiades has more of a butterfly shape here, see the four wings?


In the Lord of the Rings, during the first adventure of Frodo of the Fellowship we see the Elves burst into song in the Autumn of November as the Pleiades arose signaling a certain event when the darkness would be defeated and the light would come once again.

Away high in the East swung Remmirath, the Netted Stars, and slowly above the mists red Borgil ( Aldebaran) rose, glowing like a jewel of fire. Then by some shift of airs all the mist was drawn away like a veil, and there leaned up, as he climbed over the rim of the world, the Swordsman of the Sky, Menelvagor with his shinning belt (Orion). The Elves all burst into song. Suddenly under the trees a fire sprang up with a red light. 

‘Come!’ the Elves called to the hobbits. ‘Come! Now is the time for speech and merriment!”

~ J.R.R Tolkien, Fellowship of The Ring

Bealtaine and Samhain were both associated with the Pleiades star cluster and in particular the upcoming date of November 21st.
November is often called the month of the Pleiades because in this month the stars in this cluster are visible from dusk until dawn.


So now, today is a special day of another reminder of this light that will defeat darkness.

Look up and think of brave Eärendil , both of Elven and Human ancestry sailing back home or towards a new adventure once again. Can it be the Netted Road of the Pleiades is a bridge way back to our own ancient star ancestry as other cultures used to believe too, and to find our way back to the Valar once again, is through embracing the nature wisdom the Pleidians left for humanity throughout different cultures as the “star people” who visited earth many times?

Semjase said that the Pleiadians came to earth because since they did want to help liberate humanity with warnings and messages about the cosmic laws observed in nature for deeper answers to existence.

Semjase: We came to warn the people of earth about barbaric creatures who have destroyed whole planets or forced inhabitants into slavery, There will come a time when a conflict with these degenerate human creatures becomes unavoidable. Above everything there remains but one that possesses the power of life and death over all creatures. It is Creation alone, which has laid its laws over everything. Laws that are irrefutable and have eternal validity. Man is able to identify them in nature if he makes the effort. 

~ Pleiadian Contact Report 001 Jan, 28th 2:34pm


As Tolkien said in the Silmarillion…

Now when first Vingilot was set to sail in the seas of heaven, it rose unlooked for, glittering and bright; and the people of Middle-earth beheld it from afar and wondered, and they took it for a sign, and called it Gil-Estel, the Star of High Hope. The Valar, having listened to Eärendil’s plea, went with a mighty host to Middle-earth, and overthrew Morgoth. Eärendil took part in the battle, riding on Vingilot beside Thorondor and the Eagles. He struck down the great dragon Ancalagon and cast him down onto Thangorodrim, the event which, along with the sheer devastation caused by the War of Wrath, led to the Ruin of Beleriand. However, as prophesied by Mandos, before the Dagor Dagorath, the Last Battle, that “When the world is old and the Powers grow weary, then Morgoth, seeing that the guard sleepeth, shall come back through the Door of Night out of the Timeless Void; and he shall destroy the Sun and Moon. But Eärendel shall descend upon him as a white and searing flame and drive him from the airs.”

~ J.R.R Tolkien, The Silmarillion

Another example of the light always defeating the darkness that threatens to spread. Yet just as Nature is eternal and can find growth wherever there is life, so can consciousness be eternal as long as there is illumination of the true self.


Forbes Venus Pleiades Sky watch

Before I Fall: The Wisest Theory On Death

It is funny how life works to me as an energy empath. I never once heard of this movie, yet I was browsing Netflix and I was drawn to watch it yesterday while eating my morning breakfast.

I loved it. All my psychic and intuitive Elven senses tingled within me. I knew this movie to be truly accurate in its reaching closer to the truth of all our interconnection and the truth of what death and moving on really is about.

This movie at first has the facade of a “teenage” psych thriller movie, but a closer inspection and you see a really smart and powerful spiritual movie. The premise is a girl keeps dying and experiencing her death with the same outcome over and over again until she discovers why.

The acting by this young actress is brilliantly done to show the progression within her SPIRIT. You can see her “old soul” behavior by the final ending of the movie when she realizes what it is she must do before moving on.

Because I feel it is so important as a light in this world, I am scheduling a video to discuss this movie with me and promote it more because I feel it is the closest truth to what death, life and rebirth is all about. It also shows just how truly connected we really are.


Hope you can join me!


Please watch it by Tuesday night at 8pm central and join me to discuss it here:


Human Reconnection To Nature Will End Racism


The Elven & Fae soul is a soul group that is very diverse as they represent all types of beings from Faerie and other planetary systems that are like Faerie, who would consider themselves Starseed Fairies. What these souls have a clear knowledge about is Diversity, because they are deeply and intimately connected to nature and use all things that grow to their highest potential without harm. You will never find a human with a soul from Faerie or who has incarnated from a world that knows the universe’s secrets hidden within nature as a racist here, unless they have truly forgotten everything they have learned as they entered into earth.

To put it very directly, there are no racist Fae or Fay, it is not possible as no one race of fairies can be considered superior over another. We work together in our realms and if we have any issues at all, we know wisely how to work things out in cooperation belonging to the same ecosystem. We do not judge one another for how they look or background from where they came. That is what immature and simple minded organisms do who first start to use reason.

“You are like a child”,  Neytiri said to Jake for his immature human behavior in the movie Avatar.

Racism to higher dimensional  beings is considered a primitive behavior of simple minded beings that have not learned the secrets that are held within nature. It is true, there are evasive plants that do like to take over the territory of one another, but it is not because they think they are superior filled with hate or use reason to justify their action, it is because that is simply how that plant behaves and thrives. Humans and other beings who can think logically, can choose differently to survive.

Superiority is a false idea of those who lack spiritual insight to appreciate the diversity within this universe. A nature conscious soul will appreciate the different colors, variety of plant life and animal life that covers their world and planets. They rejoice in its variety and appreciate each plant and flower for its gift it offers, whether it be healing or spiritually releasing to them in terms of ingesting like Shamans do on earth. Or even to simply look at and appreciate the beauty of diverse organisms that offer something new to explore.

I can not stress this enough, but when humans reconnect to nature and their eyes open to the majesty, the diversity, and the divinity hidden within all of nature; they will know what it is like to belong to one single organism as the human species. A growing organism of an Over Soul that does not hinder or kill one another for what they appear as, but simply helps one another grow to their fullest as they understand their greater connection.



In Love, light and wisdom ~

Kimberel Eventide


More on Isilnárië of Varda’s Bright Moon of Fire

After the Birth of Flowers of Nost-na-Lothion of May 22nd, we move quickly into the celebration of Elven summer. It is the beginning of the summer on June 20th, known as the Summer Solstice for Earth. Yet, for Middle-Earth and for the Elves that pay closer attention to the changes of seasons, they have already started to celebrate that slow fade from cool spring days and sunny rains that bring forth the flowers.
By this time, you should start to feel the sun more fully awakened and experiencing the arrival of the heat of the summer time. This is a time of rejoicing of the summer and in particular the night time activities that occur more frequently when the weather is nicer. During the summer, it is wonderful to be able to go out and night and look up at the stars on a clear day.
For Varda, represents the light of the stars as she thought about “white light and silver” while she was an Ainur, and her music sounded like the celestial bodies that move around in orbit ushering the energies of new souls and old souls into the great theme of the world, to do their part equally.
She reminds all Elves of their love of the stars and the use of all their bright lights in their own awakening. We can today also be reminded of the idea that we are all made of stardust and to stardust we will return when we pass away and go back to the ground of earth. Yet, while alive we can choose to burn brightly or softly glow, like a star.
Make our mark on the world, express ourselves as we intended or discover we wish to. Or simply gently glow like the moon and help reflect others’ light. This illumination of the true self, is what gives joy and light of awareness of the spiritual unseen, beautiful things to our lives. With this awareness, we can ward off great evil coming from our unaware selves as well as from others, as the Divine Light of all of Eru pokes through the darkness.
She goes by many names, with her Sindarin name as Elbereth Gilthoniel and her Quenya name as Varda Elentári.
All Elves call out to her in their darkest moments as they remember this light that is promised to shine through the darkness always.
“in light is her power and her joy”. ~ J.R.R Tolkien on Varda
Enjoy this exciting Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse Full Moon of Fire today!
Tárainimë Kimberel Eventide
Tië eldaliéva – The Elven Spiritual Path

#BlackOutTuesday Reflections: What Does White Privilege Feel Like?

I decided to do exactly as asked by Black Lives Matter and the black community today, just sit and reflect as a white person.

I was told that #blackouttuesday was a day of rest and listening to the words of our fellow black Americans and world citizens. So here is what I reflected upon after these riots and protests, I listened intently with my elven soul. I sat in my home and quietly reflected on everything I have experienced up till today about the world.

I read a few good articles on sociology and the black plight and racism in this country, and absorbed some new as well as old information.  I actually watched the whole show of “Dear White People” on Netflix to do a little observation about seeing the other perspective as I heard it was very good. I did enjoy it, though it was hard to hear “Dear White People” being a soul born in 1980’s and born in a house that was very spiritual and hardly ever spoke about the past or racial differences. However, this is where my colorblindness has come from I realized as also with many other white people. If you did not grow up in a house that made race a priority or identification, then you will also grow up as an adult not seeing color as a big deal, or that it matters.  You will remain colorblind. Though today I learned this is not a good word to use to help stop the racism, and it actually does the opposite. Color to many, matters greatly, because it is part of their proud identity as well as issues in the world we must keep facing and address as a planet of diverse people.

I have seen online that all the Black Lives Matter and other black supportive organizations want, would be for whites to finally admit the presence of white privilege so we can start a dialogue on changing this inequality together.

So today, I worked very hard to SEE the color within society and the differences and privileges I may have had being a white female in America. Here is what I processed and all what I have learned about my white privileges.


  1. I am privileged as a white woman, I have not experienced a life of being judged by a police officer or suspected that I am a danger because of my appearance. This is not in my life experience. I am understanding the unfairness of this, as being accused of something I did not do is the most maddening emotion you can feel. I do feel for those who have to constantly feel guilty though they have never done anything. It must be horrible. I know it is not worth to erase the years of police brutality, but I do see that pain that the police and judicial system has caused our black community. I am saddened that these police officers and judges can not see energy in the way I am able to and how easy it is for them to make a life ending mistake such as we see and hear about in the news when we hear a black male being gunned down by police for no reason. I acknowledge that this is a white privilege that I had and will do anything I can do to help bring more equality in the way that I can. 

  2. I can see there is white privilege with jobs.  I will not say that I received every job that I ever applied for, but the majority of them I did get. Is this fair? It is fair for me from my perspective because I worked hard for everything I have earned in life not growing up wealthy and having no real business connections. However, it is not fair that an equally talented and passionate interviewee who is black would not get the job because of some bias ideas of the interviewer. I do not deny that white privilege on jobs exist though all my jobs have had an array of skin color and cultures as team members, since I live in a big city.  Yet, I see this is still a problem today and it is not necessarily connected to education at all. This is something that I do hope more jobs realize by having this bias, they miss out on having a true talent on staff representing the black community. 

  3. This third category, I have no experience with, but I can see that the black community does not have the same privileges as whites in politics as well as places of power like the banking systems. Though in 2020, our country is getting better with diversity in politics, we still have a long way to go to have wise black souls in a place of power to share the responsibility to run a country with other colors. I believe that the future could have a beautiful council of a diverse skin color and culture helping earth become an advanced galactic civilization. 


Most of all, as I reflected on the nature of white privilege and racism that still exists, it saddens my heart. I truly love my black brothers and sisters, and consider many of them  as wise, spiritual, and remarkable souls. Even the people that are not acting wise, I see them the exact same way I see unwise white people too, they are learning still and I understand.

I know I may not be seen as a powerful spokesperson for the black community with my channel High Elven Wisdom And Love, but I promise to use my platform as a focus on helping to remove and eliminate racism from the minds of others using my elven magic, throughout my years on YouTube and as a co-founder of Tië Eldaliéva – The Elven Spiritual Path. I realize, I don’t have to do much being an Elven soul, as to me the Elven Spiritual Path and the Pleiadian starseed consciousness is about seeing true spiritual equality beyond colors and borders. So I will continue to keep walking down this path together with others towards a more diverse, but equal world.

I encourage my fellow white Americans to look back at your life and give the gift of acknowledgment of your white privileges you have experienced to our fellow black beings, that we all need to move forwards into a brighter future without systematic inequality and racism.  We need to start really listening to what each other are saying about the issues, and talk more openly for peace.






We are all beautiful beings made of different lights, represented by different cultures and backgrounds here for a little while, but we are all from nature. And to the earth we will return when our bodies die, as our souls go back to the stars.


In Love, Light and wisdom,

Kimberel Eventide








Ask An Elf #4 – Dealing With Narcissistic Parents

Email Question:

What about if it is your parent who is a narcissist?
When its parents and he is sick and old its not easy emotionally would you just cut the contact if you knew they might not stray alive for a very long time ?
Narcs don’t seek counseling because  of shame and they don’t want to also because they aren’t aware that theres a problem and they don’t care about others feels no empathy or remorse or conscious . Sometimes I even wonder if they are human and with human souls who knows?……
My Reply:
Warm Greetings to you again.
Dealing with a narcissist parent can be especially challenging, because you live under their roof or you don’t, but still have to have some type of connection to them until you are ready to make drastic changes in your life of cutting total contact or they pass on. So I suggest the same thing- you need to give mental Space and Time away from them, even though physically you may still be there for them.
I suggest to not be in their presence as much as you can, or do not need to be. You can fill your role or duty as a good daughter and help your sick parent physically, financially, and even mentally be there with them while they are transitioning out of this world, slowly. But if they are truly a narcissist older parent, the chance is they may not seek help that they needed and healing they needed, so the only thing you can do is detach yourself emotionally from them as a child is supposed to as they “fly” from the nest one day.
Emotionally and mentally you need to give yourself Time & Space, so although you are still caring for them physically and helping them, you are not investing all your emotional needs or desires into them as parents. They can not give you the love you deserve to experience back and so you simply need to detach yourself emotionally.
The way to do this, is to get busy with your own life. So you can focus on your own life, and help them when they need, but not spend too much extra time or focus on them. If you can move out, even better. If you can not, then you need to treat them almost like a “job” which is a tough experience, but if they are sick and a narcissist then you are really only there to make sure they are comfortable while getting sicker and weaker.
That is the extent of your emotional devotion, I would say would be wisest. Otherwise they will only bring you down if you try to talk to them sincerely, make conversations or express your own life goals and dreams with them. They will not understand your needs, and so you can no longer see them as a parent who can fulfill that role. Now YOU must become the parent at this point to yourself and nurture and heal that inner child that was never parented correctly in the first place.
Then you can visit your parent, kiss them on the cheek and say with a sweet smile, “oh dad” when they start speaking nonsense or hurtful words to you,  and help them when they need, but no longer SEEK parenting or love from them. You also understand WHERE those hurtful words come from. You also have the new power to set healthy boundaries with them and say, ” I do not like the way you are talking to me right now, I am going to go now, father.” It no longer hurts as much when they can not give you what you expect or appreciate your love, because you now know their limitations, and can accept it.
You know their limitations and if one day they open to you and express their sorry and love-great, but don’t expect it to come from an old narcissist who never received healing.
You heal yourself, you focus on yourself and do what you have to do to help them. The day you discover your parent is a narcissist is the day you became the parent to your own hurt inner child. That needs attending to so you can be the best you can be in this life and attract the right type of partners and experiences. You have given your love to your parent and now it is time to give yourself that love.
Like Arwen had to eventually leave her father, it is painful, but ultimately the best path to take.
I wish you all the peace in your life.
Elven light blessings for your journey,
 Kimberel Eventide

Ask An Elf #3 – Dealing With A Narcissist

Email Question:
Do you have any advice how to feel lighter and to release the old ?
If one knows one needs to cut off a narcissist because  its not conducive to your wellbeing health or feelings of safety even if its a parent but the inner child feels bad about it and you feel empathy for the narcissist and feel torn about it but you know you have to do it because you need to choose yourself and cant choose both.
How to do to shift emotionally to feel better and lighter and how to find peace with this choice when you feel responsible for and feel empathy for the narcissist and when your ideals says its not correct to cut them off etc 
So many different things mixed up in this that makes it feels so heave and tormenting.
Can you please  shed some light into this and help me out in this?
My Reply: 
Mae govannen, dear sister.
I have personal experience with dealing with several narcissistic personalities. The hardest thing about this relationship is SPACE is key behind your healing as well as theirs. Sometimes, we are afraid to give that space and that is a learning lesson for us too.
A “narcissist” is a person with narcissistic qualities because of a variety of different factors that need healing and introspection on their part, but they often are too blind to see that they even need counseling, or some form of self help to receive it. They continue to selfishly hurt others around them because they truly are hurting way down deep inside and are not looking to fix themselves, but rather “take and use” others.
Best thing for an empath or anyone who gets involved with one is notice when your feelings, life path, opinions, dreams and goals are being put behind theirs and it is not a true equal partnership and WALK AWAY to get some space between one another.
An empath may feel badly about leaving their very needy partner or friend, but if they are truly wanting to assist in the healing of others or help them out of love, then it is the best thing for them to do. You need to give the narcissist TIME and SPACE, so they can experience an introspective realization about themselves and why others leave them when they don’t feel safe any longer with them.
This is no longer in your hands, as it is up to their own soul journey to decide the path for themselves. At least, all parties are safe with time and space away from one another and no more emotional manipulation happens.
Two things can happen after some time and space is given to them for healing by you removing yourself from their presence (as much as you can): Either they heal and realize many things about how they treat others, or they don’t. It is not up to you. This is where you need to let go and can experience yourself as “lighter” in the emotional body because you no longer have the burden to try to heal them, or try to give love to a person that seems like a cold bottomless abyss of “unwanted or unappreciated love” that you throw at them.
A few final outcomes can happen from both these pathways: After a person heals, they may come back into your life realizing you were always their love or friend there for them, even though they treated you terribly. They may then enter into a “redemption” type of relationship where they are making amends and growing with you further to increase their spiritual development.
OR they simply do not learn with you, don’t want to learn yet and are not interested in getting back into a partnership with you because you make them FEEL deeply…and this is very scary to a narcissist. Either a person with narcissism will “awake” and appreciate you for the emotions you allowed them to feel, or they will run away and find someone else “easier” to use and who doesn’t make them feel so deeply inside.  They do not like people who act as mirrors to others because of where they are in their level of awareness with themselves.
You can start to feel “lighter” as you allow them to heal and give yourself space away from them, so you no longer have someone “dragging” you down emotionally, making you doubt yourself and feel badly about who you are. This is when you start to feel truly free and lighter.
Moving away from narcissists is healing for you as well as them, and this is how you can be strong enough to decide to leave this type of one sided relationship that makes you question reality and the value of your love.
I,  in the past, found new hobbies, new interests, got deeply into my own spirituality and enjoyed my own time, learning to love myself again while for a whole year a very narcissistic man made me feel very badly about myself. You need healing as well, and this is vital to you finding your inner peace and moving into the higher realms of happy experiences in life.
I wish you all the courage during this time, to give SPACE & TIME to the narcissist and yourself.
Listen to my video for more, if you wish:
In Love, Light and wisdom,
Kimberel Eventide