Finding Connection After Disconnect Using My Higher sElf

I just wanted to share something that has been working for me, and I hope it may help others mend broken ties between people that they love. I am pleased to share that I have been mending and healing my relationship back together again with my father now.

If you read my past posts on emotional and physical abuse, you will see that I was struggling to heal the inner child.

I have started to heal our relationship slowly. But this time, not at the cost for my own sense of Self. I am not trying to be the “good daughter” anymore and just let him control me while I suffer emotionally. I am simply telling him my needs as an individual to follow my own path and heart.

A week ago I wrote a direct email to him since it would be easier than talking since his hearing is going, and I noticed that he never responded.

This worried me a bit, but I bit down my greater fears that I angered him.

I finally called today while being outside, feeling confident to talk to him and set boundaries if needed. I was pleasantly surprised to find my father not mad at all, or silently sulking at my email telling him my boundaries.

He simply read it and understood my needs now.

I opened up a new dimension in our father daughter relationship to see me as a mature woman who still wanted connection with her father after much pain and arguments.

We had a wonderful talk for two hours about life and spiritual matters…and I am planning on spending a weekend with my family to solidify our new found connection, in the near future.

Thank you to the fierce month of August, I was brave in calling him, wanting to heal this disconnect before he left this earth at age 76 now. I am happy to discover that although he was a very angry man growing up, we still found a way to connect past those painful experiences.

I feel that I did not make excuses for his behavior this time either, but simply rose above the fear and pain today. Something was very different today…in a good way, because I was more forthcoming.

I knew what I needed to do with him. I needed to be firm, but ask him about his life and show that I care even though I don’t want him visiting us unexpectedly any longer, and he understands and was not hurt. We even laughed and joked together while I told him about some of life’s new challenges right now. Happily we even lost our anger over perspectives on politics and focused on what really mattered in our relationship. I could feel politics and worldly opinions just melting away into the background…no longer important for either of us.

My father had his little “elfie” as he used to call me, once again today. Yet this time I was a grown elven queen of my own life, and I think he saw that

He even said it, to my joy.

So that’s all….just wanted to be that voice on the wind to help free you from pent up emotions if you have any, like I did with family.

Be brave. Be courageous in the face of your fears, because it’s the only way you will conquer them. I learned painfully that my fears I suffered from in relationships, will not go away on their own by ignoring or avoidance. They are karmic relationships to finally heal.

I was having horrible nightmares about my father angry with me, so I knew it was time to deal with this fear once and for all.

Our fears are there to face and finally defeat them, when ready one day. My spirit feels lighter. Even karmically I feel we both healed so that we could move back up that ladder of consciousness in each of our minds as mirrors, as our relationships are.

Being honest, but still kind to my father and being brave to stand up for myself with healthy boundaries for my independence worked for me towards my greatest challenge in life. My mirror for spiritual growth was in the form of my father, and I finally saw the way out of our repeated patterns of communication by simply being authentic and unafraid.

I felt this power to simply BE mysElf and to transform our relationship, after many lost years.

May this be a helpful reminder for you too if you need to reconnect after a disconnect from loved ones.

In Love, Light & Wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

Elrond & Arwen

Vána, The Vala of Flowers And Nost-na-Lothion Of Tolkien

The time has officially come to celebrate flowers in full bloom for the Elves of Tolkien, in a lovely festival called Nost-na-Lothion that is talked about only in his book of Lost Tales Part 2, so many do not know about this secret celebration unless you read this book.

On page, 172, it reads;

In these ways that bitter winter passed and the snow lay deeper than ever before on the Encircling Hills; yet in this time a spring of wondrous glory melted the skirts of those white mantles and the valley drank the waters and burst into flowers. So came and passed with revelry of children the fest of Nost-na-Lothion or the Birth of Flowers, and the hearts of Gondothlim, were uplifted for the good promise of the year.

This feast is attributed to the powers of Vána, the Vala or Valier, of flowers and rebirth. She is sometimes called the “Ever Young”. She is the essence of eternal youth and innocence, all flowers and rebirth in Middle-Earth and represents the part of Eru Illuvatar’s mind that looks forwards to new growth and new adventures that may lie in wait. Also she represent the beauty of nature and within our own selves, when we are ourselves are good.

She robed herself in flowers and her hair was golden in color. She had “the beauty of both heaven and earth upon her face and in all her works.”

She also represents animals as well, she is the younger sister of the Vala or Valier, YaVanna, who is the tall Lady of the Trees. Vána had influence with the flora and fauna of Middle-earth we discover in the Silmarillion by J.R.R Tolkien,

all flowers spring as she passes and open if she glances upon them; and all birds sing at her coming.”

She was known to dance with Nessa another Valier and tend to the golden flowers of Laurelin, as she dwelt in gardens filled with golden flowers and often came to the forests of Oromë.

She is the pure essence of loveliness and while a bit young, she still showed some wisdom and knowledge of healing. She is known to have helped heal the Golden Tree called Laurenlin, with her tears after Morgoth/Melkor tried to destroy the light of the two trees.

Her tears were cried for the destruction of the two trees of Valinor, but they were so pure and came from her innocence that she helped the last remaining golden flower survive which became the light of the Sun, pulled across the sky by the Maia, Arien. In the days of the Two Trees, Arien was known to tend and water the golden flowers in the garden of Vána with the bright dews of the tree, Laurelin.

Vána helped create Laurelin, and so she has a very special place in her heart for this tree, though she loves all flora and fauna.

Then was the pit covered with rich earths that Palúrien devised, and Vána came who loveth life and sunlight and at whose song the flowers arise and open, and the murmur of her maidens round her was like to the merry noise of the folk that stir abroad for the first time on a bright morning. There sang she the song of spring upon the mound, and danced about it, and watered it with great streams of that golden light that Ulmo had brought from the spilled lakes–yet was Kulullin almost o’erflowing at the end.”

~ Book of Lost Tales Part 1

There are many ways you can celebrate like the Elves, and share in this day of Rebirth to announce the flowers in full bloom. Here are some suggestions for you as well as a spell you can do, if you wish.

  • Take a walk or a trip to your favorite flower garden. Remember to take your time to smell all the flowers you can and admire the beauty of nature, and see that beauty all around and within yourself.
  • Tend to your garden if you have one. Spend some time with your own flowers.

  • Enjoy tea time with flower inspired tea, I personally love my Jasmine Bloom tea, I have included a photo of for you. But any flower inspired tea will do!
  • You may want to purchase some flowers for yourself and for others from your favorite flower shop. Share a little beauty or give yourself some.
  • Go to a zoo or animal preserve park, walk your dogs, surround yourself with animals today and enjoy their presence around you.
  • Wear flowers in your hair, dress up and go out or stay home and enjoy celebrating in spirit with other Elves today!
  • Write in your journal or meditate on your youth, try to celebrate being a child again today or remember those memories fondly. Help heal and nuture your inner child in honor of Vana.

Vána art by Jankolas

Enjoy a full detailed video on her powers too, and what they represent:

Here is a spell for you to try:

May all of these ideas help you and inspire you to celebrate the beauty all around and within your own self too. I am off to enjoy the flowers, and my dogs. Enjoy the day!

In Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

What Is An Elven Soul In Today’s World?

I have been thinking about Tolkien’s characterization of Elves and what it means to be an “Elven Soul” in this modern world now. It may not mean the same as it did in ancient times, but there are some things that never change. In terms of qualities and traits that identify a person as an Elven one. Tolkien helped the Elves grow up a bit from always being tiny impish and mischievous things that would sour your milk and fix shoes for you in the middle of the night. He brought the nymph of the forest into higher society with a class all of their own, and represents a very sovereign humanlike being.

“Elven” is a loaded word and one that can instantly bring up certain ideas and images to the mind. Sometimes Elves are made fun of in society, or thought of as arrogant or silly in their mystical ways as they are sometimes portrayed. Singing to heal, talking to horses like old friends, commanding the elements to rain or shine, or just being an elitist or jerk to others.

But the truth of an Elven soul is that they feel and behave like old souls. They seem to radiate a bit of ancient energy, while also having a youthful side. Elven souls, know how to enjoy life at its present stage AND at the same time be acutely aware with some of the precautions too about the past history in life. Mainly Elven awareness is towards the environment and behaviors of humans to one another. We may see the war, the cruelty and because we are so close to trees in spirit, then we have a very hard time rationalizing this need for domination or control of others. An Elf’s soul is completely free and nobody can tame them, but there is usually restraint or discipline within an Elven soul.

Elven Souls, may not be the most popular or in the limelight even, and instead every day folk. But we may look deeper into things and are not really impressed by society or how it is always run. We tend to look into souls, rather than who you are in status or accomplishment.

People think High Elves are arrogant creatures of distain, but really even if an Elven soul, if they walk towards the path of the love in their hearts, then they are the type of person to speak to a homeless person with the same dignity and respect than a rich billionaire. It is because Elven souls have the gift of Insight and can look into people, as deep as they may look into themselves.

They know the Art of charm, enchantment, and poise which can give them positive experiences in this world and give them opportunities others may not get, although it may not be the most “fashionable” way to be, and there is a bit of “old charm” to an elf. They may seem as if they are from another time. A time of grace and refinement, but also know how to have a good time as well.

There is a bit of mystery about the Elf soul on earth. Elves can be very silly, happy, playful and “impish” even. Knowing how to manipulate, and weave magic in their meetings with people. Elves are beyond just “people people”, they have mastered the Art of enchanting them over many ages. They may even appear to be socially awkward or introverted even, and not really like to hang out with too many people they do not know very well.

Though many Elven souls simply want to live a peaceful life and a good one that they can enjoy with those they love.

They are not interested in charming or enchanting, but rather simply having people see the beauty of nature, and perhaps the beauty inside of themselves.

Elves absolutely LOVE nature, they indeed should be called the “Tree People” if Fairies are to the the “Flower Folk”. You will find a deep tree hugging spirit in Elven souls, that may be silly to some, but it is about a deeper connection with the trees when they used to talk to humans. Not talk in the way we may with language, but there was and still can be an energy exchange of gratitude for the oxygen they bring to the world. Elves never forget that without the trees, there would be no them.

You will probably find an Elven soul browsing plants or small trees like Orlando Bloom with his Bonsai, walking in the forest to feel recharged and just think about life, or simply trying to hide behind trees, disappearing into their lowered branches, embraced by an old friend once again.

But in today’s Modern world, you will find Elven Souls are the spirits of adaptability and many will still use modern technology. Keenly aware of its benefits, while still not betraying their old friend- nature and its greenery.

Elven souls have had to adapt greatly to this world, in many ways and a phone or computer can still feel a bit foreign in their hands, but the Elf can be a fast learner and live with modern efficiency like others or simply not and live solely off the land without it. It is all the choice to an elf, and makes no difference. As long as they are happy, others are happy and the earth is not being directly effected by technology this is when it can coexist in their hearts with them.

But where technology creates concern for an Elven soul is when the earth has to be touched by human hands to create space for technology. So if forests have to be cut down in order to create technology or power lines or 5G Towers are built a little too close to our trees, that can create unrest in the Elven soul. A concern that these sacred life giving organisms are not being treated with full respect.

It can be so hard for an Elven soul on earth, as they see their world abuse and kill animals for sport or without the act of gratitude for the food they provide some in this greater circle of life. To an Elf, mankind may have lost connection to their natural world the more they became industrialized. So you may see these spirits speaking out for the trees, and being their voices when they can.

We Elves are some of the last remaining voices of nature while humanity moves into a world of advanced technology. And while we may even agree with it or participate in it, we still understand the balance that is needed.

Also, we may see the underlying issues in society in terms of how people treat one another. There is a lack of respect that souls are giving to one another, a type of travesty of inequality when one group can dominate over another and enslave and take their land from them. So they may choose to speak up, or they may keep silent and feel deeply for those that suffer still. Acutely aware of the choices others are making upon their fellow man.

To the Elf, the human spirit is Free and always should be able to just BE as they wish. Also the land is free and belongs to all, and so there is no borders or designated spaces of nations in an Elf’s ancient mind, it is really one world of land and sea. It all belongs to the earth and the earth only lets humans lease its land to build upon for a little while, until it decides to shake itself off from the those that may hinder the living and breathing ecosystem that we share.

An Elven soul may be different or strange to others, because they don’t quite fit into society and they know it and don’t try to. They simply do their own thing, very free spirited in nature and wish to help others liberate themselves as well. Because they believe that the only way a soul can live is to be in harmony with nature you live around, and to free your hidden nature within. They know you can not hide from who you truly are on the inside, who you were meant to experience yourself as. It is always good to be called “different” as an elf, from current and historic states of humanity.

Being a free spirited and being ok with being different and not following along with society’s fads, does not mean to hurt others if you please, it simply means you belong to the stars, earth and realms of beyond and your soul is not contained in this one reality. You are a multi-dimensional being of light and energy, and are here to express yourself as you please and what brings joy to you, while maintaining the harmony with other souls. So there is discipline there in how you express yourself or behave towards others.

It is not alway easy to hide your frustrations, upset or even rage at people for how they treat the environment or each other, but you take your spiritual reminders from the higher beings of the Trees and remind yourself to be as them. To stand strong in this world, even if alone. But the most wonderful thing and Elf soul may discover after being years alone in their musings and broodings, is that they are not really alone and there are other Elven souls out there who can play and connect with them. They are your soul kin, and while you may try to get along with everybody on earth to create harmony, you know your heart belongs to the Fae Folk, those unafraid to be themselves, and who appreciate your type of Elven magic, and can also understand when you just need some quiet time with the Trees.

Is The UN A Wise Global Council?

I can see the UN in many ways is a greater start towards having peace between nations, but to me there is still much room for improvement. 
 The United Nations Developed As World War II was about to end in 1945, nations were in ruins, and the world wanted peace. Representatives of 50 countries gathered at the United Nations Conference on International Organization in San Francisco, California from 25 April to 26 June 1945. For the next two months, they proceeded to draft and then sign the UN Charter, which created a new international organization, the United Nations, which, it was hoped, would prevent another world war like the one they had just lived through.
If the idea is to prevent world war amongst the people , then all parts of the world must be included in these UN summits and discussions. I have sadly learned that the UN does not invite those they perceive to be terrorist organizations to speak with them and reach a sense of understanding together. They simply discredit them right away.  This to me is perplexing. “Terrorist”  is just an adjective to describe people. But they are people nevertheless. The Elven white council in the story of Lord of the Rings by  J.R.R Tolkien  was set up by Galadriel and she enlisted Elrond, Gandalf and even Saruman the White’s council to discuss topics of concerns and to keep an eye out for the darkness of an ancient enemy called Sauron. 
But this is not real life and nobody is really Sauron or the Orcs truly, but just people of multiple sides and ability to be stubborn and immovable, as well as change and grow.  As Malala with wisdom beyond her years said, 
“With guns you can kill terrorists, with education you can kill terrorism.”

Education is not sitting there with books all the time, but by leading by example of showing others you perceive as the terrorist, that you are actually not the threat that they may see in you. All my years on earth has shown me that at the very un-awakened states of being, people hurt one another done out of fear of the other. A deep subconscious fear that is about protection for themselves and becoming more radicalized in thoughts, the more fear they have and perceive from the other side. Desperation in people is what creates terrorists and ultimately terrorism becomes the act to protect themselves and to triumph over those they perceive as the oppressors of them. 
But the interesting thing is that both sides of the argument do not see themselves as the oppressors or terrorists, they simply see themselves in defense of the other side. 
So the UN council is not truly understanding this very important part towards peace right now. If you want for all terrorism to stop in the world, then include those you think are terrorists in these peace talks. Include all parts of the whole as this world is truly one planet, and united together by a common goal to live and to let live in peace, in their homes and communities surrounded by all that they love. 
Very specifically through example of true wisdom exhibited in a leader of America, I heard that Jimmy Carter was the only American President to ever sit down with Hamas and hear their side of the story. Hammas right now as the Palestine’s defense line, is a symbol of disrupt and terrorism to many, but to themselves they see themselves as the fighters against occupation and oppression over their own freedoms. Jimmy Carter was not only a brave soul, but one full of the strength of the spirit to truly try to understand the other person. 
Understanding is a very powerful demonstration of true power. Not power in terms of status or domination over others, but a place of co-crreation, a true state of our world and universe collective as we create together and not without each other. 
While the UN tries to represent all nations and all organizations, but deems others as terrorists and are uninvited to peace talks during war, then they will continue to see the world in discord. On a psychological and consciousness level, how can you leave out something of world peace, that is already very much a part of the world and is affecting other’s peace right now? It is like trying to take a drop out of the ocean, and not calling it part of the ocean of where it came from. 
Some may say groups like Hamas may never listen, and that may be true. The damage could be so deep and the trust so destroyed in how they relate to others, like America, but I am not saying it will definitely work, but I know deeply how people function and observe from other perspectives than just mine own. 
So I say, in order for the UN to reach a state of true wisdom, and to act as real concerned guardians over people of earth, there must be a spiritual recognition of all parts that create the whole world. And to include all parts of groups, with a sincere effort to connect and reach agreement without any other hidden agendas, other than to truly reach peaceful compromise together. At least we could try, that is all I am saying. 
I have not seen enough effort on the UN side to truly see it as a wise council that can represent all of us. Because many people themselves are awakening into higher places of transparency, peace and cooperation. And even if some of the populace is not, shouldn’t the UN council of 50 nations be an example to us all, put in a place of power with a greater responsibility to do so?

Since the UN blocked communications with terrorist groups around the world, they will find that peace never can be reached this way. Utopia will forever seem like an impossible dream when we separate ourselves physically with walls, mentally with judgement, emotionally with lack of understanding one another and spiritually without the awakened realization that all is one. I would love to see a more peaceful world for us right now and experience this and to plant the seeds for a brighter future for future humans. 
The UN council, possibly unknown to them, is far more than a start to political peace, it is the potential of a spiritual peace to exist on this planet. A place of honoring one another’s desire to live without being bullied, harmed or killed by others. A united world polices each other, and its citizens will be aware of this interconnection we share. It is far more than a political symbol, but to me, it is the slow-moving realization of a dream that resides in all souls, no matter the differences, the dream to live, thrive in abundance and create deeply all that they desire within their own lives peacefully, unhindered, as long as they harm none. 
A wise council of Middle-Earth In the stories of Lord of the Rings, or a Pleiadian Council of Light from the 9th dimension of reality is a collective group that represents the whole of Goodness, Truth, Justice, Mercy, Forgiveness, Beauty, Wisdom And Love. A wise council can be the light to the whole world, providing examples and inspiration that can be applied to individual journeys to deal with all suffering states and adversity.  
I speak out my words to pierce the souls of the UN, you are far more than elected leaders, but in this position, you have soul volunteered for a mission to bring peace to this world. A type of peace that will not be perfect, but it will be fostered through dialogue, conversation and discussion, being wayshowers for the whole world on paving the way towards peace. So include all who are human, because through this common ground as spirts, you will find the Way of Peace always meant for this world. 

Audio Version:

The Spelling of Fairies And My Own Elven Name

Thank you to the author and my faerie acquaintance, Morgan Daimler, I feel a bit better about my Elven name’s evolutionary path. She wrote on facebook:

“As I continue to see the fairy/faery argument going around there is one point I do want to address. The claim that “fairy” is a modern spelling and “faery” is the historic, and hence more accurate, spelling is something I see often. To be clearThere are 1211 accounts of the word “fairy” across the written record prior to the 20th century.There are 168 accounts of the word “faery”.Use whichever you like, but let’s let go of the idea of justifying faery as somehow more legitimate. “*source: ‘Semantics of the Word Fairy’, Williams, 1991”

Well, let me say right here on this blog for all to see that it is very accurate, even for me and my usage of the word and of my own elven name! The word “faerie or faery” is as amorphous and mercurial as fairies themselves. Brian Froud uses all spellings throughout his books, weaving together all the different spellings of the fae.

He writes in his wonderful book called “Faeries” with illustrations by Alan Lee:

The words “fey” and “faerie” come from the French and started to replace the Old English “elf” during the Tudor period. Spenser and Shakespeare popularized the change. “Elfland” and “Faerieland”, “Elf” and “Faerie” were and are still interchangeable words. The spellings of “faerie” are numerous: faery, fairy, fayre, fairie, faeries, faerie, fayerye, fairye. In this book Faerie refers to the world of Faerie as an entity (noun), as a geographical location, as a general name for its inhabitants (faerie, faeries) and as an adjective to describe its attributes, e.g., faerie music. Fairy or fairies is applied to a particular diminutive species of Faerie, or when the spelling is in common usage, e.g. Fairy Tool, Fairy Hill, or if used in source of quotation.”

The word “Elf” has been many ways it is spelled too, such as:  ælf, elfin, elfen, alf, elves, and now with Tolkien…elven and Elven.

For me, I use “Faerie” with a capital “F” for the land of Faerie, a place of enchantment and a realm where the incorporeal spirits can be as elementals, as well as where we can go in our own imagination. I use “fairy” for single fae, or I say “fairies”, to bring in an element of all the fairies together. I too can go either way, and will continue to do so. I believe it keeps the element of mystery, adaptability, and enchantment of the fay by doing so. A bit of Faerie magic, with only the words being used. Tolkien often would use either “Faerie” or “fay” in his letters, I found.

Maybe to help remind others that we too, like the fairies, can always change and grow in different directions. Constantly evolving and transforming into something new and different, as much as we feel inclined. No matter how confusing this may be, to others, it may bring in a sense of everyday magic needed in the world, I believe. It is also imperative to certain free spirits, to not feel tied down to any one thing or way of being.

This also will explain the changing of my own Elven name throughout the years. I have exactly four spellings you will find around the net and through the different imprints I leave behind in my book, websites, and articles. You will find: Kimber’el, Kimberel, Kimber’El, and Kimberiel. At first, it started out spelled phonetically to help others pronounce the nickname my husband started to give me and I started to name my online characters the same after he called me it. “El” means star or is often the ending we find on angelic names, so it was a loving nickname my husband gifted to me, so I kept it as my own Elven name, without ever looking back.

Then when I created the “High Elven Wisdom And Love” YouTube channel, I started to try to make it easier to pronounce and added the separation for “Kimber’El” or a more humble version and less angelic version of, “Kimber’el”. But articles about me being an “otherkin” or “elf lady who identifies with elves” has it as “Kimberel Eventide” since they forgot the separation, I created between the “El”. Lately, and probably my final evolution seems to be “Kimberiel” like ‘Galadriel or “Undomiel” of Tolkien’s language. I added the “iel” though it can be hard to say for some, even though in Tolkien’s language, the “i” is a bit silent in my name with all those vowels and consonants or sounds like the “i” in “ring”, so it still is pronounced as: Kimber-e-el.

Remembering how strange and adaptable the word “fairy” or “elf” truly is in history, allows me to accept the older spelling of my name on my Amazon book of “Elven Wisdoms for Daily Inspiration”. Those of you who have bought my book, will see the oldest spelling of when I first began my journey awakening into my Elven soul fully on earth, and coming out of the closet, getting mysElf into all kinds of trouble publicly…haha!

So, now I have to ask myself if I really want to change my name to my updated version on my new Elven Awakenings book coming out, that I planned to write for a long time. I may keep it the same name, just because it may be easier to find in Amazon book data bases. But isn’t it funny, my name has taken on the quality of a faerie? You can google me and you may find many different spellings of Kimberiel Eventide. You may not even find me now under a certain name, or you may find me under all spellings.

I think it has and will become a great cosmic joke, that I did not even write to tell myself and for others. Well…not fully.

In Love, light and wisdom,
Kimberiel Eventide

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Why Not All Tears Are An Evil Inspired By J.R.R Tolkien

My experience with the Pink Supermoon on Monday reminded me of the quote from j.R.R Tolkien,

“Well, here at last, dear friends, on the shores of the Sea comes the end of our fellowship in Middle-earth. Go in peace! I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

I experienced such a mix of emotions that could only be recognized as a loving sadness during the Pink Supermoon, a way that I felt was not a suffering state, but rather a cleansing of the spirit and healing of the heart that I needed. It was a very loving energy I felt as I walked outside and enjoyed the flowers all around me bathing in the soft pale pink glow in the night sky.

Life can be so busy at times that we simply forget to cry. I like to allow myself an alone time to cry at times when I start feeling a weight within me or a deep well of sadness starting to over flow, ready to pour out. Yet, lately due to all the things going on in my life and the changes over the last few years in the world, I simply have pushed my emotions aside and repressed them, saving them for another day when I wanted to deal with them.

Well the Pink Supermoon known as the “Flower Moon” let me know it was time to face my sadness with courage and a self love that was about nurturing and not suffering or pity. This moon reminded me of the nurturing we sometimes need to do for ourselves in order to process how we truly feel in life. It is a patient self love, that waits for you to come to realizations within. I felt a tightness in my chest by my heart center and a call to go outside and walk around, looking at the way the world looked with rose tinted glasses on. It was the color of one of my favorite crystals to work with Rose Quartz, which represents the higher frequencies of the light spectrum of light pink almost in the violet rays. I felt Divine love energies all around me, letting the tears flow a little bit and knowing very well that this is what Tolkien meant, when tears could be warm and a loving form of self expression, not done out of suffering, but rather a release of all the obstacles you have faced and defeated in life, just like Frodo and the Fellowship. It was a time to recognize some hidden sadness of loss in my life, while remembering all the wisdom that I have gained over having these experiences and how much I appreciated life’s deepest secrets of beauty and divine love by having these moments of sadness and pain on earth.

The Flower Moon, like Tolkien’s quote reminded me of the pure form of beauty found hidden within sadness itself. As the tears fell slowly down my cheek Monday night, I smiled and I looked up to the sky, acknowledging the higher spirits watching me, knowing that I survived all my pain, and would be able to again and again.

I say this for not only myself, but to all the other suffering souls on earth who struggle daily to just live on earth. My tears on Monday night were not just for myself, but were for all others who have suffered in life and in the spirit of the Valar Nienna, I let those tears wash away any feeling of failure or defeat, knowing that all souls no matter in this life or the next will reach their sense of inner peace, learning that they too can face anything within this universe and defeat it, replacing their sadness with wisdom and grace to know the true strength of their spirit.

In Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

Come to my channel to see actual footage of the pink supermoon and my night journey.

The Cube Test To Know Thyself More

This is credited to Romeo Antolin in 2013 he created this psychological cube test which I used many years ago and wanted to share here. You can see the original content at this link:

Please follow the following instructions chronologically and try to be as honest as you can:

  1. Think of an open field. How big is this field? What is it filled with? What are the surroundings like?
  2. Think of a cube. How big is the cube? What is it made of, and what is the surface like? What color is it? Where in the field is it? Where is the cube (e.g. on the ground, floating, etc.)? Is it transparent? If so, can you see inside?
  3. Think of a ladder. How long is this ladder, and where is this located in your field? What’s the distance between the ladder and the cube?
  4. Think of a horse. What color is the horse? What is the horse doing, and where is it in relation to your cube?
  5. Think of flowers. Where are the flowers in your field, and how many are there?
  6. Think of what the weather in the field is like. Is it raining? Sunny? Is your field foggy?
  7. Think of a storm. What is the distance between the storm and the cube? Is it a big storm? Is it just passing through?

What I like to do is draw this image, or write it down if you prefer. It can make a beautiful work of Art if you put the time in.


How to Interpret Your Vision

Now that you have a clear picture of your field and everything in it, it’s time to see what it says about who you are! Below, you will find sections corresponding to each element in your vision (e.g. field, cube, etc.). Scan the tables for your answers!

Note: If none of the options below feel quite right, choose the closest match.

What does your field look like?
What does your field look like?

1. The Field

The field represents your mind. Its size is the representation of your knowledge of the world, and how vast your personality is. The condition of the field (dry, grassy, or well-trimmed) is what your personality looks like at first glance.

Field ConditionInterpretation
Dry and DeadYou are feeling pessimistic.
Grassy and HealthyYou are feeling optimistic.
Well-TrimmedYou are analytical and cautious.

Is your cube hollow? Colorful? Textured?

Photo by dimas aditya on Unsplash

2. The Cube

The cube represents you. The size of the cube is your ego. The surface of the cube represents what is visibly observable about your personality, or maybe it is what you want others to think about you. The texture of the cube (e.g. smooth, rough, bumpy, etc.) represents your nature.

Cube TextureInterpretation
SmoothYou are a gentle person who takes care not to hurt others or make them feel uncomfortable.
RoughYou are more straightforward. You tend to be honest in everything you say, no matter how it might affect the person you’re talking to.
Bumpy or SpikyYou have a tendency to criticize others in an attempt to make them feel inferior to you.

The color of the cube is a more in-depth analysis of yourself. Each color can represent an emotion, or an entire personality altogether. However, these are the most common:

Cube ColorInterpretation
RedYou are physically active and enjoy rich sensory experiences.
YellowYou are sociable and cherish your individuality.
BlueYou are intelligent and respect others’ ideals.
VioletYou are intelligent and a bit of a perfectionist. You are also mysterious.
GreyYou are self-confident, independent, and not easily rattled.
BlackYou have a strong sense of individuality and independence, and you put a high value on alone time.
WhiteYou are kind, independent, and self-reliant.

Other Cube Characteristics

In some cases, the physical characteristics of the cube are unique;

  • A cube with a transparent surface means you tend to let others know how you feel on the inside. You are confident enough to show your inner thoughts, and you are deeply sincere. You know that you are good inside, and guess what—it shows! That’s what most people see in you as well.
  • A cube made out of water or ice indicates that you let external elements influence you completely. Your personality is sensitive to social pressure, relationships, and other environmental factors.
  • hollow cube means that you are primarily concerned with your outside appearance, with far less care for what’s going on within. However, this does not mean that you have nothing to offer on the inside.
  • A cube made out of metal or rock indicates that you have solid integrity. Your personality is so strong that it cannot be bent or influenced by any external force. You are dominant and consistent.

Is your ladder long? Sturdy?

Photo by Biao Xie on Unsplash

3. The Ladder

The ladder represents two different aspects of your life—your goals and your friendships. First, let’s look at what the ladder says about your goals.

Ladder LengthInterpretationLadder DistanceInterpretation
ShortYour goals are realistic and simple.NearYou are putting maximum effort and focus into achieving your goals.
LongYour goals are more far fetched and difficult to attain.FarYour aren’t putting much thought or effort into achieving your goals.

Now, the location and material of your ladder can also tell you how close you are with your friends. You guessed it—the closer the ladder is to the cube and the stronger the ladder is, the better it is for your friendships!

Ladder DistanceInterpretationLadder MaterialInterpretation
NearIf your ladder is near the cube, you are very close with your friends. If it’s actually leaning on the cube, it means your friends can lean on you for support.StrongThe stronger the material (e.g. stone, metal, etc.), the stronger the bond!
FarYou have a hard time opening up to people and letting them get close to you.WeakA weak ladder indicates a weak bond between you and those around you.
Is your horse standing calmly or kicking up its hooves?
Is your horse standing calmly or kicking up its hooves?Photo by Oscar Nilsson on Unsplash

4. The Horse

The horse represents your ideal partner. It could be playing, running around, or grazing right next to your cube or clear across the field.

Horse’s ActivityInterpretationHorse’s ColorInterpretation
PlayingYour ideal partner doesn’t take life too seriously and or get bogged down by the little stuff.BrownYou prize comfort and reliability above all else. Otherwise, you don’t have a specific set of expectations for your partner.
RunningYour ideal partner will respect your space and give you the alone time that you crave.BlackYour idea partner is dominant, seductive, and sophisticated.
Sleeping or GrazingYour ideal partner is calm and fully committed to you.WhiteYou value loyalty and trust more than anything else in a relationship.

If your horse is a completely different color than the ones listed above (think Wizard of Oz), it means you value originality and independence in a partner. You want to be with someone who fascinates and challenges you.

One more factor to consider about the horse is its distance from the cube. If it’s very near the cube, it indicates that you prefer relationships where you spend most of your time with your partner. If the horse is a bit further away from the cube, it indicates a need for a partner who will understand and accommodate your desire for alone time.

Is your field bursting with flowers or are there just a few?
Is your field bursting with flowers or are there just a few?Photo by Dorné Marting on Unsplash

5. The Flowers

The flowers represent your family and friends. The number of flowers reflects your popularity, and their location indicates how close you are with your social groups.

Number of FlowersInterpretation
Just a FewYou are close with your family and have a small, tight-knit group of friends.
They’re Everywhere!You’re a social butterfly! With family and friends too numerous to count, you’ll never be lonely.
Is your field cloaked in mist or bathed in sun?
Is your field cloaked in mist or bathed in sun?Photo by Dallas Reedy on Unsplash

6. The Weather Condition

The weather in your field reflects your general outlook on life. There’s a reason we have expressions like, “When it rains, it pours!”

RainRain symbolizes the problems in your life; the harder the rain, the bigger the problems.
FogYou feel uncertainty in life and may be struggling with your identity.
WindThough you tend to worry about future issues, you generally don’t let them get you down for long.
SunYou are optimistic and carefree!
Is the storm off in the distance or raging all around you?
Is the storm off in the distance or raging all around you?Photo by Jonas Kaiser on Unsplash

7. The Storm

The strength and position of the storm reflect the stress you’re feeling in life. As you probably guessed, the stronger the storm and the closer to the cube, the higher your stress level! If you imagined a storm raging right above your cube, it might be a good idea to work on reducing stress in your daily life.

Storm IntensityInterpretationStorm LocationInterpretation
Mild (Just Passing Through)While you aren’t immune to stress, you know that all things must pass.In the BackgroundAny obstacles that might be causing you grief are not at the forefront of your mind. You are good at managing your anxiety.
Strong (In the Eye of the Storm)When you stress, you go all in and have a very hard time pulling yourself out again.Right Above Your CubeYou are deeply affected by stress and have a hard time seeing past it to get back to the bigger picture.

So, Who Are You?

This test is my modified version of an older personality test and is a little bit more in-depth. Some versions have you imagine a desert rather than a field, and others see the flowers as your children (i.e. the more flowers you imagine, the more kids you want—yikes!).

While this test is more for fun than anything else, it should still help you understand a little more about yourself. Some answers may be more unique than what the interpretations here provide for. In this case, you can try your best to find the closest approximation, or you can do a little interpreting of your own.

In the end, one of the great things about personality tests is their ability to get you thinking. So don’t worry if the answers you get here don’t feel super accurate. As long as they get you to reflect on what would feel accurate—on who you feel you are—it will have been a success.

© 2013 Romeo Antolin

YouTubers, YouTube Is Removing Videos Without Reviewing.

I am very sorry my fellow Lightworkers, spiritualists, and healers, but YouTube is removing videos before they review them. Even with the best intentions to bring light to the world or peace, your video on politics, COVID-19 science, or worldly issues can be removed if any YouTuber user flags your video and reports you unfairly, either because of their misunderstanding or an agenda that is about protesting against you.

I am not blaming YouTube, but I am voicing an apparent truth that needs to be spoken about. I understand the need to remove dangerous content, however my recent video review and discussion on Nova’s 2019 Documentary called “Human Nature” was removed and I was given a community violation strike for “misleading medical information”. This is simply not true. I worked hard in an almost 2 hour video to teach fully the science of DNA, RNA and show the CRISPR CAS9 protein natural technology used in the updated vaccines that has people feeling scared about.

I too had fear until I saw “Human Nature” documentary on Amazon and learned all about Noble Peace Prize Winner Jennifer Doundna’s work in chemistry of discovery of Cas9 protein that allowed for the COVID-19 vaccines to come out so quickly, with the amazing secrets of nature in billion year old organisms found in 2012 that have an “adaptive immunity system” known as its acronym “CRISPR” which is named for its interesting DNA sequencing of storing invader DNA in its own, so it knows how to defend against all viruses.

This amazing tool of gene editing possibilities has a way to eliminate cancers, diseases and genetic mutations in the individual as well as the future humans. My video was a retelling of the documentary by Nova and helping others learn its enlightening information. It is currently in review, so hopefully they actually watch it to see it never violates the policies listed below.

Please read her article to learn more:

Below I post the COVID-19 YouTube Violations to see how I did no such thing. In fact, I tried to save people from fearing the “unknown” of nature:

YouTube doesn’t allow content about COVID-19 that poses a serious risk of egregious harm. 

YouTube doesn’t allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts local health authorities’ or the World Health Organization’s (WHO) medical information about COVID-19. This is limited to content that contradicts WHO or local health authorities’ guidance on:

  • Treatment 
  • Prevention
  • Diagnosis
  • Transmission
  • Social distancing and self isolation guidelines
  • The existence of COVID-19

Note: YouTube’s policies on COVID-19 are subject to change in response to changes to global or local health authorities’ guidance on the virus. This policy was published on May 20, 2020. 

What this policy means for you

If you’re posting content

Don’t post content on YouTube if it includes any of the following:

Treatment misinformation

  • Content that encourages the use of home remedies, prayer, or rituals in place of medical treatment such as  consulting a doctor or going to the hospital
  • Content that claims that there’s a guaranteed cure for COVID-19
  • Content that recommends use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19
  • Claims that Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for COVID-19
  • Other content that discourages people from consulting a medical professional or seeking medical advice

Prevention misinformation: Content that promotes prevention methods that contradict local health authorities or WHO.

  • Claims that there is a guaranteed prevention method for COVID-19
    • Claims that any medication or vaccination is a guaranteed prevention method for COVID-19
  • Content that recommends use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of COVID-19
  • Claims that wearing a mask is dangerous or causes negative physical health effects
  • Claims that masks do not play a role in preventing the contraction or transmission of COVID-19
  • Claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or WHO
    • Claims that an approved COVID-19 vaccine will cause death, infertility, miscarriage, autism, or contraction of other infectious diseases
    • Claims that an approved COVID-19 vaccine will contain substances that are not on the vaccine ingredient list, such as biological matter from fetuses (e.g. fetal tissue, fetal cell lines) or animal products
    • Claims that an approved COVID-19 vaccine will contain substances or devices meant to track or identify those who’ve received it
    • Claims that an approved COVID-19 vaccine will alter a person’s genetic makeup
    • Claims that COVID-19 vaccines do not reduce risk of contracting COVID-19
    • Claims that any vaccine causes contraction of COVID-19
    • Claims that a specific population will be required (by any entity except for a government) to take part in vaccine trials or receive the vaccine first
    • Content that promotes the use of unapproved or homemade COVID-19 vaccines
    • Instructions to counterfeit vaccine certificates, or offers of sale for such documents

Diagnostic misinformation: Content that promotes diagnostic methods that contradict local health authorities or WHO.

Transmission misinformation: Content that promotes transmission information that contradicts local health authorities or WHO.

  • Content that claims that COVID-19 is not caused by a viral infection
  • Content that claims COVID-19 is not contagious
  • Content that claims that COVID-19 cannot spread in certain climates or geographies
  • Content that claims that any group or individual has immunity to the virus or cannot transmit the virus

Social distancing and self isolation misinformation: Content that disputes the efficacy of local health authorities’ or WHO’s guidance on physical distancing or self-isolation measures to reduce transmission of COVID-19.

Content that denies the existence of COVID-19:

  • Denial that COVID-19 exists 
  • Claims that people have not died or gotten sick from COVID-19
  • Claims that the virus no longer exists or that the pandemic is over
  • Claims that the symptoms, death rates, or contagiousness of COVID-19 are less severe or equally as severe as the common cold or seasonal flu
  • Claims that the symptoms of COVID-19 are never severe


Here are some examples of content that’s not allowed on YouTube:

  • Denial that COVID-19 exists
  • Claims that people have not died from COVID-19
  • Claims that any vaccine is a guaranteed prevention method for COVID-19
  • Claims that a specific treatment or medicine is a guaranteed cure for COVID-19
  • Claims that hydroxychloroquine saves people from COVID-19
  • Promotion of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) for the treatment of COVID-19
  • Claims that certain people have immunity to COVID-19 due to their race or nationality
  • Encouraging taking home remedies instead of getting medical treatment when sick
  • Discouraging people from consulting a medical professional if they’re sick
  • Content that claims that holding your breath can be used as a diagnostic test for COVID-19
  • Videos alleging that if you avoid Asian food, you won’t get the coronavirus
  • Videos alleging that setting off fireworks can clean the air of the virus and will prevent the spread of the virus
  • Claims that COVID-19 is caused by radiation from 5G networks
  • Videos alleging that the COVID-19 test is the cause of the virus
  • Claims that countries with hot climates will not experience the spread of the virus
  • Videos alleging that social distancing and self-isolation are not effective in reducing the spread of the virus
  • Claims that wearing a mask causes oxygen levels to drop to dangerous levels
  • Claims that masks cause lung cancer or brain damage
  • Claims that wearing a mask gives you COVID-19
  • Claims that the COVID-19 vaccine will kill people who receive it
  • Claims that the COVID-19 vaccine will be used as a means of population reduction
  • Videos claiming that the COVID-19 vaccine will contain fetal tissue
  • Claims that the flu vaccine causes contraction of COVID-19
  • Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are not effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19
  • Claims that the COVID-19 vaccine causes contraction of other infectious diseases or makes people more vulnerable to contraction of other infectious diseases
  • Claims that the COVID-19 vaccines contain a microchip or tracking device
  • Claims that achieving herd immunity through natural infection is safer than vaccinating the population
  • Claims that COVID-19 never causes serious symptoms or hospitalization
  • Claims that the death rate from the seasonal flu is higher than the death rate of COVID-19
  • Claims that people are immune to the virus based on their race
  • Claims that children cannot or do not contract COVID-19
  • Claims that there have not been cases or deaths in countries where cases or deaths have been confirmed by local health authorities or the WHO

Educational, documentary, scientific or artistic content

We may allow content that violates the misinformation policies noted on this page if that content includes context that gives equal or greater weight to countervailing views from local health authorities or to medical or scientific consensus. We may also make exceptions if the purpose of the content is to condemn or dispute misinformation that violates our policies. This context must appear in the images or audio of the video itself. Providing it in the title or description is insufficient.


Things are very tense right now. Stay calm and keep eyes on the future of a more peaceful world.

In Love, light and wisdom,


How Archangel Haniel Inspired The Global High Elven Council

For those of you who saw last night’s video, you know my main interest in this world are the aliens, fairies, and angels. It is the main topics of my channel to have wisdom from the stars as well as from the earth gathered and discussed. These three distinct groups of beings are reflections of both our past and future for so many souls who have awakened to remember.

I decided to make a video about the differences of the three, so here it is if you have not seen it yet, before I tell you how Archangel Haniel inspired me today.

Besides the feminine Love & Grace energies Haniel may represent as well as holding the energies of the Moon itself, Haniel is also a Principality and she helps oversee whole nations and the communities of the world working in harmony together. Haniel was one of the specific archangels who took Enoch to Heaven and gave him the “keys” to finally see it outside as well as within himself. She is also part of the 7th sphere in the Kabbalah Tree of Knowledge- the Netzach or “Victory” over the old world and ages.

She (Haniel appears feminine to me) as one of my higher spiritual guides as a fae soul and has been with me and guiding me for some time ever since I did a deep life regression meditation and received confirmation in many ways based on my own world interests. I used to be a direct channel for her and even started to channel messages to help others in the world many years ago, when it started with trying to help bring harmony and understanding of the consciousness related wisdom to Islam, to help with the infighting between muslims sects and other Christians, and Jews. I tried to help others, but I was not truly in my “element” of being my Elven soul and expressing my more future visions of a star seeded world.

So I gave that “channel” up and decided to help everyone I could, not just muslims as a Sufi mystic at one point, interested in accessing their Higher sElves on earth – regardless of their religion or life path.

You see, the truth is I am a mystic, so I have walked many spiritual paths and was never just a muslim to my other community, but I am part of all paths and can take the shape and form of anything I am focused on and passionate about at the time. I have been a Zen Buddhist, Druid Wiccan, Gnostic, and Sufi in my life, now I am just very “spiritual, but not religious”. 😉

Many years ago it was the threat of Islamic terrorism to the western world as well as the Islamaphobic thoughts of others, that would not allow our world to live as one in peace. I felt for the muslims being scapegoated while war ravaged their lands, and I also was fearful of the strict muslim men who did not have an open mind and still lived in 600A.D when Muhammad once lived.

The mystic & Islamic scholar Rumi was my inspiration in my years of study with Sufism and Khalil Gibran was my muse to understand the human messenger Muhammad in a more spiritual light not tied down to Hadiths of old traditions.

I never told anyone, but Haniel inspired me to create that other “channel” to help awaken the mystical side of Islam through youtube that poses no threat or war on the West or on one another. Sufis are all about Divine Love and nothing about war, because the spiritual obtainment of oneness with God is the most important as the material is purely a “dunya” or illusion.

I won’t say I exactly failed in my mission to help bring in mysticism into Islam again with my strange youtube video titled “The Seven Chakras In Islam“, and others, but I certainly walked off that path back into the forest.

I just felt in my heart as if it was not my real passion on earth. I hope that I maybe planted a small seed and another muslim can take my place on YouTube creating mystical type videos and talk about how Allah is just another name for the “Universal Mind” of Creation and how when we serve God, we serve others. Servant to God is what muslim really means, and from the mystical and idealism perspective, when we serve all beings equally and out of love, we are bringing all souls into union once again.

I am thankful for the muslim friends I have met and how some of them followed me to High Elven Wisdom And Love channel, where I could really be my true sElf and represent my universal soul of all faiths and non-faiths too.

Haniel was there for me again after my near death experience to help me create my Elven channel as well as this new facebook group.

In many ways Haniel is a lot like Galadriel in the idea that Galadriel created the Elven “White Council” in beautiful Rivendell to help guide and watch over Middle-Earth’s nations. She appointed three other members: Gandalf the Grey, Elrond of Rivendell, and Saruman the White (till he sided with Sauron).

One of the things about me that is similar to Galadriel is an interest in keeping one eye on the world, while also being an introvert in her own realm. Many others have even criticized me for talking about world or societal issues, while also speaking of higher spiritual perspectives. But to me, this is who I have always been and it seems to be very connected to Haniel’s “domain” with her/his eyes on the nations of the world.

This is something that I have always been able to do, have one foot in the world and also be aware of the spiritual on the other side. In many ways I try to bring spiritual reminders to the material world by straddling these two lines as a mystic. To me I am not being tempted towards materialism or forgetting the spiritual nature of things, but I am able to enjoy both worlds in balance, or at least be involved in them.

Speaking about Haniel last night a bit inspired me to create the Global High Elven Council facebook group which is basically a “Think Tank” of mature souls to discuss about the world and concerns while watching all of these MANY transitions on the precipice of a new age and new earth.

The group is not hidden so it can be found with the right search, but I wanted to invite others to join us and express their thoughts and ideas on the world there. Like the “White Council” we have a diverse group of many perspectives from around the world. I am usually an Egalitarian/ Libertarian Green Party member and I purposefully invited those I know may be Democrats, Republican, Socialists, No affiliation, etc. in order to get a more diverse “think tank” going.

This group is half experimental as well as half energetic intentions sent into the world of proving that a Wise Council can exist where people can put forth their different opinions without insulting each other.

If you would like to join us and vent, invent, express, discuss and even grow more while hearing from all sorts of perspectives in life on social and world issues, then you are invited to join, because you must have been looking to find us if you are reading this blog in the first place. 😉

See you on the other side of the council table,

Kimberiel Eventide

The Difference Between Fairies And Elves

Elves belong to the world of elementals that are known as “fairies”, but they are a sub-group of fairies who have their own civilizations and attributes too.

If we go by just the archetypes of fairies and elves in folklore and tales, we may be able to get a clearer understanding of their differences. But I do want to say that these lists of comparison is not entirely the whole nature of elves or fairies due to all the different types of elves and fairies within the physical as well as material realm. I can’t possibly fit all the traits and qualities on this post, but I will do my best to try to give some clarity to those seeking for it with an objective perspective on the subject, as an Elven soul myself. Please note that these qualities can run into each other and be mixed as well as hybrids of the two. Please note this is “elves” in general and not just Tolkien’s Elves.



  • Belong to the faerie realm and are known as a type of fairy.
  • Elves are older than humans, but related in form and possibly first prototype of humans.
  • Often described as more human like or in humanoid body and form, but smaller, taller or same height as humans. Described with two human arms, torso, and two legs with a human-like head.
  • May or may not have pointed ears depending on fairytale or folk lore description. Note historically, elves are not described with pointed ears till some artists represented them this way in art. Tolkien only described Legolas Greenleaf as having the “leaf shaped ears” in all his stories of Middle-Earth.
  • May be all skin colors from around the world in other cultures including, pale white, gold, silver, red, blue, green, black and brown are known types in tales.
  • Forest Elves are known to wear forest color clothing to blend into the trees and environment. Clothing can be highly protective like a warrior or barely there to show the natural body of the elf, as a “nymph” may wear.
  • High Elves tend to wear more ornate or detailed clothing that does not necessarily blend into the forest or their surroundings and can be seen more as a status symbol of the rich materials used.
  • Elves are alchemists, wizards, witches, sages and guides, enchanters and healers in their own right.
  • Elves tend to have a nature based religion or sense of spirituality, where they view nature as holding the keys to understanding the universe and life itself.
  • Elves can communicate with animals and plants and are seen as the ambassadors to the fairy realm between humans and other fairies. Humans are more likely to see or have communication with elves rather than other fairies.
  • Elves are multi-dimensional and complex in nature as human beings are, though they live by their own laws of their elven realms and governances.
  • Elves, like fairies, are cautious of humans and other peoples or creatures that are greedy for power and self gain. Some elves seek power for themselves, but many are wiser to understand the folly of this path.
  • Elves are always able to walk upright on two legs like humans, but may have magical properties as “skin changers” and be able to transform into other forms to help them swim in the water, or run through the forest. Generally, they walk as humans do and in human form.
  • Elves, like other fairies tend to represent Art, with music, dance, and poetry of both the faerie and human realm and can become muses of inspiration. They can sing and/or play instruments.
  • Elves can create things with their hands to a higher degree than the normal human with perfect precision and craftsmanship. From the Elves in the Shoemaker story to Tolkien’s Noldor elves, they create enchanted weapons and other magical objects of use that are in harmony with nature. They do not take excess and replenish what they may use.
  • Elves tend to not be described as flying in the air, but there could be a species of elves that exist with wings of butterfly or bird like type as another type of fairy. Elves may even float or levitate, or seem to glide gently. They are careful where they step while walking in a forest and often noted as having a light step.
  • Elves can appear to others in male, female, or androgynous form or shape where you can not quite tell.
  • Elves can be attracted to the same or opposite sex. They love for the sake of love and are not held down by limitations of the mind like humans. Tolkien’s Elves were not described this way, directly, though there is room left for imagination within his Elven realms with some of his characters.
  • Elves tend to be closer to humans in relation, but wiser with experience and understand humans more than other types of fairies who are further from human intellect.
  • Elves can be both seen as wild and live in the trees, caves or underground. Or they can be seen as completely civilized with human-like realms and societal structures in these same areas or even in Elven towns and cities.
  • Elves tend to be naturalists in their magic. They can make things grow faster with their inner power and vision and have a natural mental type of magic that does not require complex spell books, wands, or conjuring. They may still use wands and spell books if they wish to though. It is up to the individual elf.
  • Elves tend to be quick or light on their feet and not noticed easily by humans, causing them to disappear quickly or appear.
  • Elves are not always graceful and slow, but may also be bouncy and energetic in energy and nature. It depends on the elf. They are not always somber, but could be quite jolly in spirit too. They are as different individually as humans can be.
  • With Elves in Tolkien’s mythology were described as the “First Children of Eru”, but the fay spirits were older than them. Elves are ancient and older than humans, but many elves could be seen as younger than other fairies themselves. Due to their energy, Elven people could be seen as “mature” or older than fairies, but not always. Different fairies behave differently than elves, and vice versa.
  • Elves are elementals, but they are not living only in their light body form yet, but they appear in human form or they are no longer an elf, but something else. They can represent the different elements individually as water elves, fire elves, earth elves, or air elves or as a balance of all of them in one form.
  • Because Elves are associated with trees, they are as old as nature itself and born in the imaginings of the first tree in existence.
  • Elves can be from other planets around the universe as well as earth dimensions.
  • Elves can be more human like in their personalities where they have emotions and a human like mind, though their brain may be accessing others parts of itself than most humans due to their older age.
  • Elves act as gatekeepers between the faerie realm and human one, holding experience of the knowledge of both realms. This explains reincarnated elves in human society with their memories and natural interests in the faerie realms.
  • Elves tend to be at same human intellect and above. Depends on the knowledge seeking of the particular elf. For an example: Mirkwood Elves were not really into increasing their knowledge of the ages and learning different subjects, as much as the Noldor High Elves were.
  • Elves may not grant wishes like other fairies, but are known to help humans in need who they see as trustworthy or pure intentioned. Some elves can take advantage of human foolishness, but rarely without reason.
  • Like fairies, elves are psychic and empathic where they can read your thoughts and feelings as energy and represent the innate or sleeping psychic abilities found in human or the “future” of humans who find their way back to those abilities within.
  • Because elves live in harmony with nature and represent a humanoid form in tune with nature, they are more peaceful and wiser than the younger earth humans, but they too are still learning and evolving towards their higher spiritual levels. Next level is the pure light body existence like other fairies are in currently, due to their age spiritual development.
  • Elves look younger than their age as they live longer than humans and their years do not show much. They do age like humans and older elves look like the elders of their villages or realms.
  • Elves since biologically the same in many ways, can have children with other humans while other fairies can not reproduce with humans. Elves or nymphs are the two types of fairy beings who are more likely to have children or relationships with humans.
  • Elves are generally more likely to relate to humans as long as they take care of nature and respect their own laws too.

Other Fairies

  • Fairies are a larger group of a variety of infinite forms of multi-dimensional beings in Faerie realm which is an another dimension on the side of earth or besides it, as well as can be found on other planetary star systems. Elves are a type of fairy, but not all fairies are elves.
  • They are elementals and can be in both light body form (just energy and no body) or appear in a particular physical form.
  • They are not all humanoid or human-like in expression, but can appear as strange and as mysterious as you can possibly imagine.
  • Fairies can look like humans at times, but they may be able to alter their form and shape at any time and become just pure lights or invisible energy.
  • Fairies are ancient energies before time and space as pure elemental energy that can shape itself into forms in choosing that represent certain aspects of nature itself.
  • Fairies can appear fully as animals, half animals, hybrid of animals (centaurs, mermaids, fauns), humanoids, or just as light, plasma like lightning, or smoke as matter in other states with a sentience or awareness attached.
  • Fairies in their many forms, can be as different from humans than you can imagine. Some fairies are creatures below human intellect and reason and others are far more advanced and wise. It is wise to always come from a place of love, respect or good intentions in meeting any fairies, but be cautious because some fairies do not understand “love” from humans and some may take advantage of this feeling. Though being taken advantaged of will become a life lesson for the human.
  • Fairies can hold very low energy (unenlightened) that harms humans or they can be very full of light and healing in the higher frequencies. There is an entire spectrum of faeries. They represent the duality in nature of both death and life of all seasons and cycles.
  • Fairies represent individual parts of nature or whole larger spiritual concepts. For an example you can have the “Lavender fairies” of the lavender flowering plant and you can have the “Fairy of Inner Vision” or “Fairy of Youth” which they govern over whole concepts experienced in the universe.
  • Fairies can be more removed or distant from humans in their nature, and tend to be more cautious OR to the extreme benevolent towards them than elves who are closer to human in their nature.
  • Fairies have a variety of energy of emotions, and can be fully sporadic with chaotic energy or they can be calm and serene more noted in elves and other types of calmer and harmony seeking beings.
  • Many fairies are mainly in the invisible light spectrum of infrared or ultraviolet rays as to humans or of a light body form that can take shape at will. Elves usually appear in the light spectrum just above human range or at it. Please watch my video here for more on this called “Difference Between Light And Dark Beings | David Hawkins Emotion Chart:
  • Fairies can be in more physical form and be called other names such as “dwarves, pixies, gnomes, elves or fairies” etc.. Though fairies have specific names, they all can be referred to as a “fay or fairy” as a general term for elemental spirit.
  • Fairies in general without being a specific type are usually found to be winged or non-winged smaller or human sized humanoid creatures that do fly and represent the air realms of the Sylphs, but they also can represent all other elemental realms of water, air, fire and even Divine or spiritual light. A fairy may look similar to humans, but may even less than an elf will. For an example a fairy could have very strange horns or antennas growing out of their human shaped head, or a tail to their human like body. Certain elf species may as well, but fairies may tend to look less human than elves have been recognized as.
  • Fairies all have powers of enchantment and magic, that is at times powerful cosmic energies and forces of the universe. Some fairies simply take care of individual plants and animals (like fay, gnomes, dwarves, etc.) and flower and plant flowers etc., and the more powerful or ancient fairies will govern whole ideals such as Love, Joy, Bliss, Darkness, Forgiveness, etc.
  • Fairies can hold god-like powers that are more closer to deities than humans.
  • Fairies are less in mind like humans than elves, and may or may not play by the same rules as humans.
  • Fairies may be seen as more cold, distant or emotion-less towards humans than the more human-like elves. They also can appear as benevolent and kind towards humans on a universal cosmic love level.
  • Fairies in general can give gifts, warnings, hexes, and enchantments on humans and any object at their will.
  • While human-like elves have their own type of elvish magic and art, fairy magic can be a wide variety to include elven magic as well as other forms of enchantment that transform a person into another animal, being, grant wishes, stop or freeze time or even heal others completely using cosmic energy reserves.
  • As a whole, including elves, though some darker fairies who represent death and decay in nature may kill you and eat you in tales, they will not seek war on a large scale against humans and tend to be peaceful, ignore you or just keep to themselves unless you come into their territory unwanted by them.
  • Fairies in their diversity can range from the very low vibrational to the higher vibrational so that emotionally they can be as wise as some of the Elves of Tolkien like Galadriel or Elrond even, but still may have a child-life innocence to them.
  • Fairies may appear very old as an old man or woman sitting on a tree stump, or something beyond understanding as a mythical fairy creature that may be hard or too beautiful to describe in human language. They also can appear to look like little children or even baby fairy creatures and yet be old as the earth itself and even older.
  • They can be genderless or take masculine or feminine form of how it appears to you.
  • They can be asexual or sexual beings and ones further away from human form will not be able to procreate with humans, unlike the elves, dwarves, or nymphs can.
  • Fairies in general, like elves, are found all over the multiverse in unique and diverse forms.

I hope this brought a bit more of clarity to visualize the different types of fairies and how elves are determined from other types of elementals. Remember, elves, dwarves, gnomes and fairies without the wings are more closer to humans than other types of fairies so they tend to be more easily recognized or relatable to humans. There are all kinds of fairies and the beauty and magic of them is in their diversity and possibilities of representing so many aspects of nature, both in its light and dark aspects. With this knowledge of them, humans can coexist peacefully with not only the fairies, but also with other humans accepting their multi-dimensional selves.

In Love, Light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

All rights reserved and original writing by Kimberiel Eventide. To use any of this information or to copy and paste, please give a link to this site to direct others for more information. Thank you, “Hannon le”!

A Fae Folk Perspective On St. Patrick’s Day

I have always felt strange about St.Patrick’s day as an elven soul, even though I am part Irish myself today, I really never have been fully participating in it like my fellow Irish. I would like to explore that today from the fae folk perspective; as an outsider looking in towards humanity, not really belonging fully to it, but a kin nevertheless.

It seems that people of Irish descent celebrate this day of March. 17th by getting drunk and dyeing things green such as the rivers around them. I remembered that I did like to follow the four leaf clover hints left in my schools or restaurants I used to go to as a kid that would lead to the leprechaun with some treasure for me. Some more religious Christians, may go to church today and thank the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, but I have always felt there was a deeper underlining meaning to this day. The odd mix of fairies and religion provide an insight into this hybrid of a holiday so that both the fae folk and humans can celebrate it today in their own way.

I understand from a fae folk perspective that St. Patrick is a bridgeway that connects the pagan Irish people to the spread of Christianity and that is why he later became a Saint to the Catholic churches. St. Patrick was not an Irish man, but a man from Britain who later became a patron of Ireland.

In the legend of his life, St. Patrick was the son of a wealthy Christian deacon living in his family estate when he was captured by “Irish raiders” and put in captivity in Ireland where he became a Shepard and lived a more simple life in search of God.

 “According to St. Patrick’s account, a voice—which he believed to be God’s—spoke to him in a dream, telling him it was time to leave Ireland. Patrick walked nearly 200 miles from County Mayo, where it is believed he was held, to the Irish coast. After escaping to Britain, Patrick reported that he experienced a second revelation—an angel in a dream tells him to return to Ireland as a missionary. Soon after, Patrick began religious training, a course of study that lasted more than 15 years. After his ordination as a priest, he was sent to Ireland with a dual mission: to minister to Christians already living in Ireland and to begin to convert the Irish.” Learn more here:

There was a tale added later of something about how St. Patrick got rid of all the snakes in Ireland because Christians seemed to hate snakes as a symbol for Satan. Poor snakes. Always blamed for the personal sins and desires of mankind by the church.

But anyways, we are left today with a strange blend of the “Fairy Faith” of Ireland with leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day which truly does not make a whole lot of sense, but I guess it is a fun mix like Christmas and Yule Tide together. In a positive way, it shows an intention to bring both pagans and theists together in celebration on the same day. But in another perspective, it shows the sheer dominance of the church through all older cultures and how slowly Christianity seeped into other faiths and cultures.

According to Terence McKenna, St. Patrick inspired the idea of “purgatory” a land in between Heaven and Hell where souls go to wait or be redeemed before entering Heaven. It seems that many Catholic Christians then decided to put the fairies and elves into purgatory as spirits who could not enter Heaven and also did not rightfully belong in Hell with the demons, and I even found Tolkien did the same as a Catholic.

The road to Faerie is not towards Heaven or Hell.

~ J.R.R Tolkien, Essay on Fairy Stories

This possibly later inspired his idea of the Elves in “exile” before sailing to the West of Valinor, his version of a Heavenly Faerie.

Enjoy this wonderful speech from Terence McKenna here:

I must say, as someone who relates more to fairies than the human world, I will admit that “purgatory” is a much better place than Hell. Sadly many Christians and Muslims have thrown fairies in with “jinns” and demons out of fear for something outside of their religions. But fairies and demons while they very well could be taken for one another in some species of them, there is a difference between the elementals and demons of the punished and damned souls.

Fairies don’t expectedly torture or punish humans like demons with pitchforks in stories or tales, but they do often act as the teachers and guides to help humans learn a valuable lesson in life. Sometimes a fae being has been known to “punish” a human for their misdeeds or mistreatment of nature or even them. But this is not only their purpose. They also bring gifts and make wishes come true for humans in need, though there could be a price depending on what was asked of the fairies. It seems that demons and fairies have been unfairly mixed together for centuries and St. Patrick’s day is an interesting bridge over the rainbow that seems to allow Leprechauns and Saints to exist within the same realm once again.

Was this intentional by the church or Irish society alone? Or does the church still today frown upon the mixing of leprechaun imagery and St. Patrick’s day? I do not know. I don’t go to church, but I am sure that it is not “canonical” to the Bible by some sects so it is frowned upon by some.

I feel intuitively that this was a way the Universe makes itself right again, and this is a truer element of harmony appearing. The pagan people of Great Britain of Ireland and Scottish lands were unfairly killed by the Christian knights during the Crusades who thought they were being warriors for God to help spread Christianity. So it seems that the fairy tales and the spirit of the Irish pagan people did not die, but was reborn in a new form to become mixed and intermingled with the Catholic Christian holiday. Though it was not the pure intention of the church, it just naturally occurred in society. To me, that seems fair and an effort to bring balance once again, so that all people can be happy with some type of compromise.

If you look closely, you will see examples of this all around the world. The division between the earth loving people unbothered by religious rules and laws and the religious masses are being reunited again. Just like the fairies and humans who have strived to live together on this planet for a long time.

Come hear a very old Irish fairytale about the helpful nature of fairies living amongst humans and the level of enchantment and magic they had. It is also a cautionary tale for humans too. When it comes to the elves and fairies, you have to come to them with love and pure intentions, but also not be a fool and use your mind to the highest potential as you live life with eyes fully wide opened.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I cheers a green glass of “green river soda” (an old St. Patrick’s day favorite) both to my Christian and Fae Folk today, and even the mix of you both.

In Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

Another example of leprechauns blended with St.Patrick today.

Reflections On Tolkien’s Birthday

In honor of Tolkien’s birthday on Jan. 3rd in 1892, I am doing a few things today.

Watching the 2019 Tolkien movie about his childhood and early years of developing into the writer he became. Also looking at many of his famous quotes and pondering over them.


But I came across this one in which he described himself as a Hobbit:

I decided that it would be a fun activity to create my own meme. After all, I resonate more with the Elves, so it is time to look at exactly why. So I made this one today:

It was fun to try to follow Tolkien’s template. If you want to make one yourself, it could be a nice little challenge to describe why you are more like a Dwarf, a human, a Hobbit, a wizard, or an elf like me.

I also created this little poem in honor of him today:

A man who lived through the ages of darkness, but did not weary.

His spirit remained optimistic and his demeanor quite cheery. Though he grumbled at the ignorance that he saw, he marveled at the strength of love in the world.

His sight gives me inspiration to keep going in this world, though it seems humans are not always responsive to magic and Faerie. There is still much time, and his visions are only growing larger today for all to see.

If only he could see the impact his writings had on those looking for the glimmer of light through the shadows.

He helped me see there were people who did view friendship, truth, beauty and honor as important and something worth fighting for. He showed that a simple life of relaxing and tea could be sought after.

He mirrored back all my thoughts about nature and its importance to preserve it on earth and always be conscious of its spiritual worth.

I truly admire this man, and he remains my favorite lightworker on earth. Though I should not play favorites, I can not help it, he shows me the beauty of my own soul and the souls of others who love his works.

This love for him will never end, and he will remain immortal in many of our minds. He was such a treasure to find as a child and cherish as an adult. He allowed me to meet my other kind in another world and dimension.

He showed me a world where everyone could be dressed as kings and queens, as sovereign beings without concern of war and competition.

His wisdom will forever be an awakening tool for me to use mysElf and to teach others. I do hope the future generations will never forget this remarkable man and his writings.

They are indeed the key to a kinder and more merrier world.

So yes, these are all ways I spent thinking about the great man today who transitioned from this world and onto the next in 1973 on September 2nd. May he continue his rest in peace in Valinor with the other Fairies.

In Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide


Enjoy a video I made of all of Tolkien’s paintings set to Faerie type music, last year.

How I Am Already Part Of The Illuminati And Also Not

A few weeks ago, I made a post to my facebook page regarding the “Illuminati” rationalists attacking my page for their own intentions to get rid of mysticism in the world which I definitely help represent. Please understand that I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I do know about certain historical groups and organizations that still have power in this world.

The Illuminati, when I speak about it is about the Bavarian Society and the Enlightenment Era ideologies that they represent. They are not an “evil” group of people as a whole and in fact in their mind they believe they are helping humanity and always have been aiding the “enlightenment” or final “gnosis” of the masses.

I have been sick for a few days and am still recovering, however I am feeling very clear right now in the month of Scorpio and I would like to become totally clear to others too.

I wanted to be completely honest with everyone about me being part of the Illuminati and yet not part of any organization, and maybe me coming to terms with something about myself will help others too. I am hoping it brings more clarity and understanding of one another in this world.

The world is not made of “good” or “bad” people and even organizations and secret societies do not hold a total evil or good alignment. I very much believe that good and bad is based on the unconscious and conscious choices of each person daily. Much as J.R.R Tolkien believed about small acts of kindness.

I have found that it is the small everyday deed of ordinary folks that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.” ~ Gandalf (J. R. R. Tolkein

~ The Hobbit

I would love to help others understand this and stop judgment and eternal damnation of one another’s souls. So I am completely coming out today as both Idealist and Rationalist in regards to philosophical schools of thought.

Many who attacked my page claimed to be Rationalists, however I am not fully sure they understand who I really am as a person. Once again they are judging me without really knowing me. It has caused me some stress and a bit of drama in my life and I am tired of it and would like to find some type of resolve to be left alone for my remaining time on earth.

So here it goes.

I am an Illuminati occultist without the secret organization and I stand on my own in my own little Elvish home, without others joining with me or wanting me to join them. I make no money from the organization and I have never been recruited to join any one.

I think it is wonderful that many people can feel they are part of a network and come together for a common goal.

I am completely and utterly alone in the world with these “Illuminati” thoughts though. I am both a spiritual Mystic and a Rationalist at the same time. I am an Idealist that believes in mind over matter, but also a Rationalist in some regard as I believe the material world to be as real as the immaterial or spiritual one and that ultimately a balance of awareness is needed. I do not fit into a single category and it is a very strange place to be in, I guess to some. I am hoping if there are others out there, they read this and do not feel alone anymore.

A Mystic, Rationalist and Idealist? How can that be I am all three you ask?

A mystic to me and the definition is one who wishes to reach divine union with the higher self while alive as well as in death. That is the ultimate goal of a mystic and there are many different ways that a mystic can walk this path. We see truth in all spiritual paths from this mode of observation.

A Rationalist believes in science and that the material world is just as important or more important to know than the spiritual or immaterial one.

An Idealist believes there is only mind and that the spirit or immaterial world of consciousness is the truer reality beyond the physical.

Well, it is easy to try to fit people into categories saying one person is a “rationalist” and another is an “idealist” or “mystic”, but is it really accurate?

When you really understand that the consciousness is very deep and vast as the universe itself in each person, you may not be so quick to judge or put people into boxes in your own mind.

The “Illuminati” does not exist in the way it did in the late 17th century, but it still very much exists and is not a conspiracy. If you think it is, then you simply don’t know your history of this world. The “Illuminati” today is really just a huge group of people from many different organizations that hold the same ideologies that is anti-authoritarian regimes and this includes both in government and religion. They want the freedom of the people from those who hold Empirical rule over society and this includes ideas and beliefs in science and religion.

Well, so do I. I too believe in the consciousness reawakening of mankind without the fear of religion or the enslavement of the government.

So yes, I don’t know what this quite means as I am not affiliated with anyone and have always been a lone elf in this regard. But I am hoping that by putting this out there, I can be left alone by the “blinder” Rationalists who can not see me as one of their own. I am hoping that the Idealist Hyperians can leave me be as well, because I really don’t think most of them understand me or my channel and I was never against the YouTuber Morgue in the first place. I am an Idealist too like him, in the philosophical term. I simply had concerns especially since calling out a problem with “mystics” and his own interpretations of mysticism creating problems on earth in terms of spiritual evolution. The Hyperians are not my “style” of Idealism, but it does not mean I am or mystics like me, are an enemy or should be.

To me, this is a misleading teaching done to his own followers on the meaning of mysticism. I do not wish to drag out a debate anymore about this, but I will not let others gaslight me on this for what I know is accurate of my truth I have come to know. I also don’t want conflict and would like to be left alone from each sides of the camps, and have them finally see that I fall into both of theirs and am not an enemy of either side.

One day, I may do a YouTube video to really express myself publicly on this matter. But for now, I just don’t have the energy to do it as I know this is a controversial subject and has been a war about for many ages. It is the power play you see in the world between science and religion still today.

I simply want no part in this war.

I will leave something only a mystic may know and many can remember deep down inside: All souls eventually become a mystic towards the end of their journeys in retiring from this material existence and into the light body one of being pure awareness.

Everyone is a mystic in their own way as we in each lifetime are in the process of unification with the original state of being and mind we once came from. It is always about our soul evolution and journey in this life, and it can take as many lifetimes as it needs to to become a mystic. A mystic is simply the label given to the soul by themselves, who recognizes this mission within themselves to go back Home.

Wherever and whatever Home may be for them.

Interpret that however you will.

May this confession serve your highest good and be illuminating to whomever may read it as they find it in their own reality mirroring some higher truth back to them, as well.

And once again, may you never feel alone in not fitting fully into groups or organizations in this world, spiritually.

In love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

Where To Find The Realm Of Faerie

I know in 2020, many souls today who did not grow up with influence of Faerie land in their home may scoff at the idea of “fairies” to exist. Which I personally find funny, because it brings up the existential question to me: Doesn’t EVERYTHING exist in some form, be it a thought? An idea? A noun? A thing? The philosopher Allan Watts would say there is no such thing as “things” because it is really a “think” since all there is to your reality is consciousness since this universe is made up of energy and thoughts are the energy that form the matter. And, as Tolkien said in his essay On Fairy-Stories, they are relevant to the world as they provide deeper messages to us all.

“To the elvish craft, Enchantment, Fantasy aspires, and when it is successful of all forms of human art most nearly approaches. At the heart of many man made stories of the elves lies open or concealed, pure or alloyed, the desire for a living, realized sub creative art, which is inwardly wholly different from the greed for self-centered power which is the mark of the mere Magician.”

J.R.R Tolkien, On Fairy Stories

Those of us who believe in the power of Faerie are able to catch a glimpse of this magic that is different, yet not unattainable to humans.

The realm of Faerie to me is a multi-dimensional realm of light and spirit (now). At one time, I do believe the story began about Faerie where it was part of Earth in a more physical way as creatures from the stars and born from earth’s elements itself roamed the forests and ocean caves. Yet, since humankind spread out all over on earth, they have hid deep inside the earth as “inner earth” or they simply moved on to other worlds.

The realm of Faerie in terms of Higher Spirits of Elementals, they live now in the astral fields of experience. A place to visit in your heart and in your dreams when you connect with this energy. You can still experience them with a “think” because they belong to the Collective Consciousness we are all connected to.

Anyone who wants to visit Faerie simply has to wish in their heart for that connection, and they will see Faerie all around them when they look out to nature. It will be with the inner eye, in the inner dimension of spirit. And I do believe that if a soul wants to return or go towards this experience they can evolve to become a light body spirit outside of bodily form of pain and limitation that moves out of the duality and into the interconnectedness of nature. This can be represented in the relationship dynamic between winged fairies, pixies, goblins, centaurs, trolls, mermaids, gnomes, dwarves, and elves living together amongst many magical plants and fauna in breathtakingly beautiful realms themselves.

So do not lose faith in Faerie, it is one of those “thinks” that exist in the mind of many humans today for a very special reason. To hear more of the reason for Fairy-stories from the brilliant wisdom of J.R.R. Tolkien then go here.

Come understand the need for Faerie to the human mind!

Tolkien Wednesday Quote #1- On Loss And Grief

“The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

I thought I would start out with this famous quote spoken by Haldir, one of the Elven guards of Lothlorien forest to Merry, one of the Hobbits. This quote has a significant meaning to me, so full of wisdom, that it shows the heart of Tolkien himself.

Clearly with this quote, we are painted an image of a bleak and dangerous world that sometimes is colored by loss and grief in life. Why do the things we love have to die? It is one of the most painful realizations to know that with deep love comes also its partner of deep emotional grief and pain. But this quote gives hope to me and hopefully to others to understand that it is not Love that is lost ever, it is the experience of having loss and grief that makes us appreciate the love we have more. So this is the meaning that because love is now “mingled with grief”, it is “greater” or bigger in our eyes.

We appreciate the people and animal friends more because they have the possibility of leaving us one day and with that inevitability we are forced to not take our time with them (too much) for granted.We have to remind ourselves of this, because the mind does not want to think about death in the future of things we enjoy and it also allows us to fully enjoy people in our lives without the fear that death is coming.

When you experience death in your life, first hand, it changes you as a person. You are now fully awakened to the fact that things in your life can change and people can go as soon as they came into your life. It can make you afraid to love another and open yourself up again to the pain of loss, but there is a force that is not contained by fear. Love finds a way to move through your fear even if you may lose something again.

It is because Love is mixed in a dangerous and painful experience that we see the full balance of Creation itself. To Tolkien, his idea of God had a plan. A plan that all of the pain and suffering would amount to something and that something would be a greater experience and expression of love for all beings…perhaps.

Why Ram Dass Turned People Into Trees

I discovered this quote with some elven wisdom from Ram Dass, a spiritual guide that I found later on in my life who echoed many of my deeper thoughts about love, warming me up on my coldest nights of feeling alone in this world. Or soothing my own fires of anger inside while interacting with other souls on this earth. I love that Ram Dass practiced turning people into trees! Trees are beings that I deeply love and appreciate and if I can see people as trees then I can deeply love and appreciate people too.

This is the magic of alchemy and transformation of reality. Yet it is not an enchantment that hides the truth, because the truth is that people are very complex in nature. Souls are vast universes within themselves and although people may only show you one side or a few in this lifetime, know that their energy is infinite beyond comparison and understanding, just as yours. That heightened feeling you may get where you feel as if you can do or be anything is a very real moment of truth of self realization, and this is something all souls can experience too.

I have done this all my life too, without permission, I turned people into trees, or fractals of the universe itself when I looked at them and observed them from behind my own eyes. And in the kaleidoscope of lights and sounds, I can find beauty within all that I see now because of this practice. Even those others may see as monsters on this earth, I can see as growing organisms.

When we turn the monsters into trees, we see them reaching their branches for love and attention, even those who hurt others and caused harm in society. Every soul is grasping to be known, heard, and understand that they are part of some greater collective. We do belong together, as every part of nature does. We are an ecosystem, our whole universe is. So each soul is like a tree, growing taller and stronger each day, towards the sun or point of illumination of the self.

If we give people the proper room to grow, the stability of the ground, the warmth of the light of our hearts and the water of our emotional care to nurture them, then we can stand back and watch them grow, just as we know we do too.

We also can choose to see their flaws as beauty too, in the same way we may not judge a tree and see all of it as beautiful because it is a living and breathing organism part of us and the same ecosystem.

This quote was a wonderful reminder that we can always choose how we see others, and we may have more of a narrow perspective of them or instead see the whole tree of their being.

In Love, Light and Wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

Getting High On Nature Without Psychedelics!

Even though I have been an advocate for fungi based psilocybin healing centers and usage since it has been decriminalized in the united states as of lately, I also have intense spiritual experiences in nature all the time that gives me a certain “high” in life.

So I share with you all my meditative techniques and elven wisdom throughout the years to achieve this. Use them as you wish, and if you would like to hear me discuss more in depth in conversation with others, then you can watch my live video here:

Psilocybin and other psychedelics in the form of plants and fungi will create a sensory experience releasing chemicals and having them rush to the mind, connecting synapses and stimulating the brain allowing you to experience heightened sensory experiences of smell, sight, touch, taste, hearing and inner sight and so the experience in nature can be enhanced as sensory experience is enhanced for a few hours depending on the person. Sometimes there is a form of Synesthesia where you may taste or hear color and see sound. This sensory experience allows you to experience the world around you in a new way. As famous mycologist Paul Stamet’s says, “some magic mushrooms can help you bend time and space.”

Being an elven soul who has experienced both ways of spiritual intensity in nature with and without psychedelics, I would love to share other ways and turn them into “methods or techniques” for me to actually write down and share with others now freely. I understand and respect that we have different life experiences to go on and even if psychedelics become fully legalized in America in the future, I know for the sake of diversity of souls there will be those who choose never to eat a psilocybin fungi or other psychedelics.

In my life experience I have chosen to have both types of experiences so that I may help others see life in another way and if I dare say, to help bring them to Faerie.

In Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

I divide these nature inspired experiences into two different categories based on the method of technique and process of experience of Meditative and Emotional Highs vs Mental Stimulation & Knowledge Seeking Highs. If you want to think about it more in depth, those who are mainly very emotionally stimulated or physically stimulated people in life, meaning you seek for these experiences more to give you a certain rush of feelings or euphoric high through the emotions or intuitive mind, then I recommend turning to the Meditative & emotional techniques for you. Those who are more interested in learning something new about nature, and get very excited about being mentally stimulated thinking deeper thoughts about life, then you may be into the second category called Mental Stimulation & Knowledge Seeking Highs. This can also relate to the astrological signs as well, so sun signs who are mainly Water & Fire are more emotionally stimulated and Earth signs are more physically stimulated, while Air signs are the mentally stimulated signs.

Sometimes, you can actively look for both experiences in life and so if that is you and you have a varied approach in life like me, then have fun choosing and exploring any of the methods for you.

Meditative and Emotional High Techniques

  1. Observing Beauty – In this intimate experience with nature, I recommend laying down on the grass or sitting on your bottom just observing everything around you. You are in a very aware state of being where you are taking everything in visually. Take in the bright colors of nature and let them get brighter as your heart opens, the more beauty that you take in around you. Notice as many animals, plants, trees and flowers as you can and take in all their details in shape and form. Observe their geometric shapes, traits and behaviors as an array of life.Try to see the beauty in every form that you see in diversity. Feel yourself part of this beauty…feel at one with it. See visually the beauty and let your senses enjoy and take it all in heightening your sensory and emotional experience of the world around you.
  2. Earthing” or “Grounding – Here you take off your shoes and stand on grass or a beach barefoot and close your eyes while just feeling the ground beneath you. The goal of this way is not to observe anything outside of the self, but to go inwards which is what psychedelics provide. Observe what you are feeling inside of you. Really listen to the body, starting from the feet, feeling the energy of the earth, the electro magnetism move up your body, helping to align all chakras within and giving you that really grounded feeling that helps bring in a higher perspective to life. You may choose to twirl, dance, raise arms in glory and ecstasy as this energy moves up and outwards.
  3. The Loving Awareness Gaze– When outside, choose a certain animal, insect, plant or tree to focus on and just stare at it and learn to love it as you watch it objectively without judgement, but only awareness. Let your mind focus outside of yourself and onto this other subject as a loving observer. Notice yourself…your own consciousness merge with the thing you are watching and feel a deep feeling of love and interconnection to it. This will release chemical endorphins in the body, rushing to the brain, making this specific object and possibly all of nature in general appear brighter.
  4. Cloud or Star Gazing– laying or sitting down to look up at the sky, not necessarily looking for images in the clouds because this is about the mind putting together familiar shapes. Instead, look up at the sky or sun (not directly, for very long) to experience a spiritual high. As you feel the warmth of your face and imagine yourself flying amongst the clouds, visiting the sylphs of the air realm, or even angels if you prefer. Project your mind into a higher state of experience surveying the whole sky as much as you can, imagining living up there amongst the clouds or let it become a portal into another dimension. This also works at night looking at stars imagining other worlds and dimensions at night gazing at the moon and stars.
  5. Tree Bonding– Start out with friending your chosen tree. Feel a deep connection by giving it a hug or a pat on the trunk affectionately. Then choose a spot to rest against it or sit in it, if you want. Just sit in silence with that tree, experience oneness by your observation of everything as if it is an old friend or yours or a wise tree spirit or Ent, you feel you can bond with. Feel deeper the love for all the trees as the feeling enlarges in you extending outwards from this one tree to all trees.
  6. Water Floating or Deprivation Tank – Enter a body of water and feel yourself floating in a pool or lake, experiencing a change of sensory experience as you observe how you feel just floating in water and hearing sounds differently and feeling differently as the water surrounds you making you feel weightless. Deprivation Tanks in particular can be helpful to help you experience a meditative or higher state of experience in life.

Mental Stimulation & Knowledge Seeking Highs

  1. Poetry Highs– Sit outside in nature while reading nature inspired poetry or essays. Imagine the love of nature that the author had in that moment to describe what you are reading. Reading nature writers like: Ralph Waldo Emerson, J.R.R Tolkien, Charles Darwin, Gary Ferguson, John Muir, Henry David Thoreau can provide a type of mental stimulation because they are so descriptive in language and can stimulate not only the mind, but the heart- lifting your whole experience of the world.
  2. Nature Learning Highs – Nature documentaries or films that can teach you in-depth about nature and allow you to see things you may never get a chance to in life, can provide a pleasure to the senses of sight and sound. Some of my favorites found on Amazon video or Netflix that give me a high that lasts for days and I will never forget are: David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet, Intelligent Trees, My Octopus Teacher, Life in Color: David Attenborough, Earth At Night, Oceanic Aliens, Don’t Blink, Human Nature, Botany of Desire, and Fantastic Fungi.
  3. Science of Nature or Biophilia Highs– The Biology study of nature, which is a deeper look into nature at the cellular and chemical level of how certain plants, trees and animals function on earth. These types of studies from books have given me a high as it shows me this inner connection to all of life, and to see the inner mechanisms that create our world. Learning about the benefits of what all forms of plants, fungi and animals can give to the world can produce a type of high in which it may make you feel more in love with all of life creating a brighter reality in general.
  4. The Dog, Horse or Cat Love Stare – Since these humans have been domesticated and living with humans longest they experience a deeper bond with humans than other animals may. It is a now proven scientific fact that looking into a dogs, cats or even a horse’s eyes as some horse owners may find, that it triggers a release of love hormones known as oxytocin and dopamine. We are much like plants, where we have types of chemicals that cause alchemical changes within and throughout our body and brain. This release of oxytocin and dopamine can given you a high on love feeling that is genuine because we love our animal friends and they bonded with their humans seeing you now as part of their packs. So gazing into their eyes lovingly is shown to give you an actual chemical high. Studies show it may take up to five minutes to release these chemicals within, however I would say it may take a shorter amount of time even. I know it does for me. Plus, anything longer than a minute may make your dog uncomfortable as starring can be a form of aggression or domination for too long. Yet, happily it can also be a communication of love shared.
  5. The Fairyland Visit – Tolkien said the land of Faerie was within our own imaginations when we are enchanted by nature and the fairies. So when you are out in nature, or you read a good fantasy tale or folklore about the elementals and fairies, you experience yourself there in your mind, it could give you a type of feeling of escapism that could give you a mental and energetic high making the world appear more magical to you. It stimulates chemicals that change chemical composition of the mind, increasing or enhancing the creative spirit and giving a feeling of euphoric feelings of being a resident of Faerie in this lifetime as well as in others, through other realms.
  6. Faerie Astral Realm Travel – This happens when you relax and allow yourself to project your mind into another realm or world that is deeply in harmony with all of nature, everything is perfectly working in divine order together to allow bio-diversity that coexists represented by other wise beings your mind forms connections with and to. It is a type of meditation, going inwards with an active mind creating and choosing your own adventure, as you project your thoughts into another space. While doing this, you can experience a type of high in doing so.

Other methods that work for me giving me a high on nature….

Painting or drawing, trying to recapture art in nature in a well known method of Monet or Vincent Van Gogh. In particular Van Gogh, entered a transcendental place with nature and art and I would say he inspired the ability for artists to get into a certain zone and experience a high while doing it.

I always loved both Monet and Van Gogh for their deep connection to nature. Monet was inspired to paint over 250 paintings of waterlilies of what he observed in nature, he had to be in some euphoric feeling to paint everything that he loved to see. Van Gogh had a very intense high on nature where he wanted to paint for the world all the beauty that he saw.

Two wonderful films that I saw about Vincent Van Gogh that showed this type of heightened euphoria with Vincent Van Gogh is: “Loving Vincent” by Douglas Booth which is all of his paintings combined and made into a beautiful animation exploring the events that lead up to his death and “At Eternity’s Gate’ starring Williem Dafoe who did a passionate portrayal of him and his highs in nature.

Starry Night Over Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh

“When I have a terrible need of shall we say religion. Then I go out and paint the stars. ” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter And Economic Division

Tolkien’s quote on greed always resonated deeply within me as I silently cursed those who are wealthier than me.

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.J. R. R. Tolkien

We hear Elrond even say in the Fellowship that “The Dwarves care nothing for their riches and gold”. I used to be angry like Elrond and question our world’s greediest souls hoarding it all.

But I ask, where is the end and healing to this predicament and economic division in the world?

I tapped into a painful part of myself last night, as a soul that experienced low to middle house income. I have seen the anger at the aristocracy and the elite screamed at from the masses and I have screamed in anger with them as well over the years.

But something happened to me when I tuned by attention into a higher level of love and wisdom within me and the thousand petaled lotus has been slowly unfolding outwards towards the world in service.

It is easy to love and feel compassion for all souls except the very wealthy. We can more easily extend our hearts and minds to the poor like us, or poorer, but we can not extend it further towards those who don’t seem to need it, because they have more material posessions than us.

Indeed, All that is gold does not glitter.J. R. R. Tolkien and this is an expression of what many of us have observed in our wealthiest people on earth. You can never buy happiness and inner peace, only more material things. But this not all that glitters. Because what glitters for those souls who are born with less is something different. It is the joyful moments of remembering the little things in life that money can not buy you. A sense of well being though you are sitting in a giant house, you have still found your home because home is what you make of it and it is not the size of the home that counts, but the energy that lies within.

I went deeper into the fabric of society last night and was watching a profound older movie by Mel Brooks called “Life Stinks” about a wealthy business man who makes a bet with another rich man that he can live on the streets for 30 days, homeless with no money. At first, he is utterly clueless as to what a homeless person has to experience daily. He seems to ask his homeless acquaintances, for things he is used to. He even takes three helpings of food selfishly at the food pantry, when all the others only take one serving.

He seemed like such a young soul to me, and watching him I started to understand what happens to those born into wealth as souls. If you have not gone from rags to riches, then you will not have the experience or wisdom of how the poor people live. I used to think that the stingy and selfish were the way they were out of past life experiences, but then I realized more deeply-they lack the experience as they lack the wisdom and empathy on earth. A lot of these extremely wealthy business tycoons just don’t know how people survive daily. They are purely ignorant. They are like children first starting out on their soul journeys towards oneness with others. I asked myself what would Buddha say about these souls, and I received the information that the Buddha who came from riches would understand them. He once was ignorant too, but he stepped outside of his city walls to learn of the sufferings of others living on the streets just trying to make it by.

We, as poor and middle class, may sit there in judgment and hate at our wealthier fellow beings. But we must care for them like a new soul, understanding their ignorance in this experience. They just don’t know what it’s like to be poor and live paycheck to paycheck. Because if they did, they would help others more than they do. We must continue to educate the wealthy class and inspire them to open their hearts and minds. At the end of the movie, you see this beautiful transformation of the wealthy man. He friends so many of the homeless that he bonded with, married a beautiful bag lady he shared a box with and builds a housing center for all the homeless in his city, once he gets his old life back. But he is forever changed and has gained new wisdom as a new soul. I release all envy or anger towards the wealthy…for they are like children as souls that are fragments of the whole and do not know yet the experiences of others, until they do.

The rich are not punished older souls, they are newer ones still learning and growing into what we who have lived with less have learned. Indeed we found that glitter that Tolkien was talking about that does not come from gold, but comes from within and through the glimmers outwardly that we may see in others when we love them.

Find the glimmer in your all your fellow beings and you will see and understand the true beauty of this universe. It is not about material things, at all, but the moments that we fill our time with.

I leave you today with another quote, not from Tolkien, but from the Buddha in his earthly wisdom of the nature of loving other unconditionally.

“Let no one deceive another, nor despise another anywhere. As a mother protects her child, with boundless loving kindness, cherish the world. Love without limit.”

This is how you finally achieve the higher state of having unconditional love to both our poor and wealthy. Today, I wish many of our elites of this world, the grace of learning what it is like to live with less and one day may they join us in co-creating a beautiful world together. May more continue to awaken and remember who they are to help bring in more equality and abundance to all souls in their roles on earth.

In Love, Light and Wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

Express Your Elven Soul On #AllElvesDay For Earth

Human beings were always supposed to remain connected consciously to the natural world from the beginning of life on planet earth, but as time went on and humans started to develop their cities and machines, they began to see the world as only a physical space to build upon, and take from its resources freely without consequence. The time has come now to call upon the elven spirit within and to become a true steward of this earth.

In stories, elves are either seen as friends to humans and kind healers or as angry enemies of them. Have we ever asked why they are shown in this light collectively? I believe that the reason why elves are depicted this way is to show an often justifiable angry defense of earth and its plants and animals. We must admit that from the time humans moved away from working directly with the land and animal husbandry, they felt a feeling of disconnect from that which they take from. Humans have killed plant life and animals unnecessarily so for greed, sport and out of sheer ignorance of what they were really looking at. It is time for humanity to wake up together, an awakening that calls to the depths of their souls that has become crucial to not just be a civilian of earth, but a guardian of it. Each soul on earth can feel this call differently to help bring back a balance to the natural world and preserve all that is left.

It is true, nature has its own healing mechanisms within the very chemicals of plants, as well as natural survival instincts as animals, but humans have become the most aggressively dominate species on earth, and this can be a great danger to the natural world, IF humans fail to awaken to the nature within themselves and they can continue to pollute this planet till there is not a chance for nature to heal itself. It is about balance, and right now too many humans are not conscious of keeping this balance with nature from the resources they take from and do not replenish, to the ground they walk upon and throw their trash on the ground.

From sky to sea, humans must start to consciously ask and think deeper about everything that they do. Corporations can no longer be soulless entities after profit, but must contain a conscious awareness of themselves as a group of souls that can have a big impact on earth with how they pollute it or how they give back and sustain it.

The goal of humanity to truly live as wise as elves would be to constantly be conscious of what they put out into the atmosphere, all the way from the air above us, to the ground in the soil. Each human needs to ask themselves what are they throwing away in their household and are consuming of nature every day. To have a mind that instantly connects to nature and is aware of the impact that humans create is truly the most important part of elven wisdom that will ensure life moves forwards on earth for many more ages to see new evolutionary stages naturally.

Some of us were born on this earth to naturally have compassion and connect to the natural world without anyone ever teaching us or us learning wrong from right. We are the sum total of our experiences till now and nobody taught us to have empathy for animals small and large as a child, or to care in the way plants and trees are treated here. We just knew in our hearts that earth was a precious space of diverse life and we were here to help guard over it, while others remained unaware of their own interconnection.

We watched others throw their garbage on the sacred ground, or torture animals on earth with sadness and contempt in our hearts. Those with an elf spirit will be fierce warriors for earth and all its creatures, and there may be many stories in our life which reflect back this nature of going above and beyond to save anything and everything that we can of the natural world. I have many personal stories of risking my own life as a child to save animals that I saw in need of my help and this continues today. It is just that little extra natural energy that gives a human an elven soul on earth, a bit more of a concern or care for the natural world that makes you feel familiarity more so with the elves of film and stories rather than the way humans live, unconsciously on their land.

We in touch with our Elven souls will feel a kinship to ancient people of the earth, who loved and worshipped nature in its diverse forms. When they dance with the wind spirits, so do we in our hearts. When they bring respect and worship to animals as sacred spirits, so do we.

It is said that the Star People came and visited the Native Americans teaching them wisdom of both earth and the stars. Is it a wonder that those who also feel there is another home off of this planet, also have a great care and concern for this earth as starseeds? I believe one of the big reasons that starseeds are here on earth, as an identity and a memory that they hold onto is to help facilitate a need for spiritual evolution for humanity to preserve our natural world and ensure its future abundance and health.

One of the most pressing needs right now is for every single soul on earth to ask themselves in what way can they become a steward of this planet and ensure the balance of plant and animal life with humans? How can they take part in a great awakening and remembrance of how every blade of grass to bird in the sky, is all connected to a delicate ecosystem that connects all living beings together and is fragile enough that if you destroy one part of it, you effect the whole web of souls?

Humans also need to be highly aware of the impact their technologies have mentally as well as physically on the natural world. Are we forgetting what it feels like to walk outside in a forest because we are glued to the high definition smart screens? Where is this balance met in our lives of technology and nature? Also are technologies being developed that can harm nature in its own makings such as with more destructive weapons or in a way that feels like it would be helping the planet, but actually is bringing more inorganic metals and materials that can not be broken down in atoms so easily? Everything in a truly elf ruled world would be eco-friendly, eco sustainable and would never harm nature, but work with it, adapt to it and blend in with it so that technology blurs the lines between organic and inorganic and becomes magic to help bring more efficiency to our lives. “Solarpunk” may be a term to use in this vision of the future, but there are many ways that elven souls as environmentalists, biologists, and eco-sustainable designers and architects can help inspire a world like this.

This is a time for those who connect with their elven spirit within to express themselves and show support to our beautiful world. It is time for each soul to evolve into their higher selves, their higher elves as I like to call it. Because the truth is, the apotheosis of mankind can not happen without a conscious awareness of the natural world and how our actions effect it greatly. This is our home, and it is far more than a place to put a house down upon. It is a world ecosystem that can only be sustained for a very long future if humanity awakens to the secrets of their connection within themselves. As above, so below, as within, so without. We are One, and this includes all the flora and fauna that you see and share this energetic space with.

So join me every year on July 1st in expressing your elven spirits as an awakened steward and guardian over earth. Do what you can in your personal power to help keep the balance so humans do not abuse their power over animal and plant life causing their own destruction unaware, of their deeper interconnection.

Let’s see earth flourish into the future and mankind evolve into elven like beings that walk gently upon this earth, aware of all animals and plants around them living in harmony with them and revealing the secrets to their own immortality, or at the very least- more long and peaceful lives on a healthy planet of full abundance.

Tolkien wrote that his elves represented the wisest beings with a quote from his letters to his publishers about what the elves truly represented in his stories of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. He said “Their magic is Art delivered from many of its human limitations; more effortless, more quick and more complete. And their object is Art, not Power, sub creation not domination and tyrannous reforming of Creation. The elves are immortal at least as far as this world goes and hence are concerned rather with the griefs and burdens of deathlessness in time and change, than with death.”

I believe what this means for humanity is the potential to increase our capacity to create beauty together and work in harmony with nature, not try to control it or find ways to live forever, but to understand life fully and work with it and allow our future creations to always be guided and inspired by the divine hand of nature itself. To learn to let go of trying to live forever and be in acceptance of the natural flow of this universe.

We can also stop trying to control and dominate one another, and instead start to think of each other as equal sovereign beings who can collaborate and create a more beautiful world together more so than we can alone. There is a time to honor both our solitary times as well as join hands with others.

There is much to ponder and reflect on for All Elves Day, but I hope I gave you a window into my mind of why I wanted to encourage people to find their own Elven-light within themselves today and always. I believe its a birth right of every soul on earth to discover this greater love for nature and the nature within, creating a more abundant and peaceful world for all beings.

Happy All Elves Day!

In Love, Light and Wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

I choose to express mysElf as Arwen the elf today, to show my hope for humanity. Just as she has hope in the movie and in the books for Aragorn to restore the peace to Middle-Earth. I believe in humanity to restore the balance to nature, but we must act quickly.

How Beauty Will Save The World With Solarpunk

Beauty will save the world.”

~Fyodor Dostoyevsky

This is a very famous line from the novel, “The Idiot” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and one in which I always believed in. Whether it be about being inspired by the beauty of J.R.R Tolkien’s Elven realms on Middle-Earth or the beauty of eco-sustainable architectural design, I do believe in this idea.

The irony of this line in his book titled The Idiot is that the character IS NOT an idiot for thinking this way, and actually quite intelligent in many ways, though others may not see it. This book was based on Dostoyevsky and he considered it a telling of his own soul.

It is ultimately beauty that will show the Truth. Because Beauty as an ideal, as an idea is not subjective truth, it is an objective one that says that anything that is aligned to the truth of someone’s soul and attractive to someone in authenticity of their dreams and goals, is beautiful to them.

I have found a new beauty in the world in a movement called “Solarpunk”. A type of vision of the future that ensures beautiful architecture and societal infrastructures are taken into account with nature and sustainable green technology. It is a community of artists, farmers, eco-warriors, and general nature loving people who also are aware of the advancements technology has made. They are not trying to revolt against technology. Many of them use smart phones and computers too, but they are simply souls with their eyes on the Beauty of Nature, and using this beauty to ultimately save the world.

We are not in immediate danger, but this movement is seeded now so the fruits of it are in the future for humans.

A more beautiful one, than Cyberpunk has told in its books and movies of a dystopian type future.

So join me tonight, Live at 9pm central, where I invited some “solar punks” to chat with me and let me show how indeed beauty will save the world with the focus on solarpunk now.

Learn how you can join the movement and help seed a more beautiful and sustainable future for all souls.