Reflections On Tolkien’s Birthday

In honor of Tolkien’s birthday on Jan. 3rd in 1892, I am doing a few things today.

Watching the 2019 Tolkien movie about his childhood and early years of developing into the writer he became. Also looking at many of his famous quotes and pondering over them.


But I came across this one in which he described himself as a Hobbit:

I decided that it would be a fun activity to create my own meme. After all, I resonate more with the Elves, so it is time to look at exactly why. So I made this one today:

It was fun to try to follow Tolkien’s template. If you want to make one yourself, it could be a nice little challenge to describe why you are more like a Dwarf, a human, a Hobbit, a wizard, or an elf like me.

I also created this little poem in honor of him today:

A man who lived through the ages of darkness, but did not weary.

His spirit remained optimistic and his demeanor quite cheery. Though he grumbled at the ignorance that he saw, he marveled at the strength of love in the world.

His sight gives me inspiration to keep going in this world, though it seems humans are not always responsive to magic and Faerie. There is still much time, and his visions are only growing larger today for all to see.

If only he could see the impact his writings had on those looking for the glimmer of light through the shadows.

He helped me see there were people who did view friendship, truth, beauty and honor as important and something worth fighting for. He showed that a simple life of relaxing and tea could be sought after.

He mirrored back all my thoughts about nature and its importance to preserve it on earth and always be conscious of its spiritual worth.

I truly admire this man, and he remains my favorite lightworker on earth. Though I should not play favorites, I can not help it, he shows me the beauty of my own soul and the souls of others who love his works.

This love for him will never end, and he will remain immortal in many of our minds. He was such a treasure to find as a child and cherish as an adult. He allowed me to meet my other kind in another world and dimension.

He showed me a world where everyone could be dressed as kings and queens, as sovereign beings without concern of war and competition.

His wisdom will forever be an awakening tool for me to use mysElf and to teach others. I do hope the future generations will never forget this remarkable man and his writings.

They are indeed the key to a kinder and more merrier world.

So yes, these are all ways I spent thinking about the great man today who transitioned from this world and onto the next in 1973 on September 2nd. May he continue his rest in peace in Valinor with the other Fairies.

In Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide


Enjoy a video I made of all of Tolkien’s paintings set to Faerie type music, last year.

How I Am Already Part Of The Illuminati And Also Not

A few weeks ago, I made a post to my facebook page regarding the “Illuminati” rationalists attacking my page for their own intentions to get rid of mysticism in the world which I definitely help represent. Please understand that I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I do know about certain historical groups and organizations that still have power in this world.

The Illuminati, when I speak about it is about the Bavarian Society and the Enlightenment Era ideologies that they represent. They are not an “evil” group of people as a whole and in fact in their mind they believe they are helping humanity and always have been aiding the “enlightenment” or final “gnosis” of the masses.

I have been sick for a few days and am still recovering, however I am feeling very clear right now in the month of Scorpio and I would like to become totally clear to others too.

I wanted to be completely honest with everyone about me being part of the Illuminati and yet not part of any organization, and maybe me coming to terms with something about myself will help others too. I am hoping it brings more clarity and understanding of one another in this world.

The world is not made of “good” or “bad” people and even organizations and secret societies do not hold a total evil or good alignment. I very much believe that good and bad is based on the unconscious and conscious choices of each person daily. Much as J.R.R Tolkien believed about small acts of kindness.

I have found that it is the small everyday deed of ordinary folks that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.” ~ Gandalf (J. R. R. Tolkein

~ The Hobbit

I would love to help others understand this and stop judgment and eternal damnation of one another’s souls. So I am completely coming out today as both Idealist and Rationalist in regards to philosophical schools of thought.

Many who attacked my page claimed to be Rationalists, however I am not fully sure they understand who I really am as a person. Once again they are judging me without really knowing me. It has caused me some stress and a bit of drama in my life and I am tired of it and would like to find some type of resolve to be left alone for my remaining time on earth.

So here it goes.

I am an Illuminati occultist without the secret organization and I stand on my own in my own little Elvish home, without others joining with me or wanting me to join them. I make no money from the organization and I have never been recruited to join any one.

I think it is wonderful that many people can feel they are part of a network and come together for a common goal.

I am completely and utterly alone in the world with these “Illuminati” thoughts though. I am both a spiritual Mystic and a Rationalist at the same time. I am an Idealist that believes in mind over matter, but also a Rationalist in some regard as I believe the material world to be as real as the immaterial or spiritual one and that ultimately a balance of awareness is needed. I do not fit into a single category and it is a very strange place to be in, I guess to some. I am hoping if there are others out there, they read this and do not feel alone anymore.

A Mystic, Rationalist and Idealist? How can that be I am all three you ask?

A mystic to me and the definition is one who wishes to reach divine union with the higher self while alive as well as in death. That is the ultimate goal of a mystic and there are many different ways that a mystic can walk this path. We see truth in all spiritual paths from this mode of observation.

A Rationalist believes in science and that the material world is just as important or more important to know than the spiritual or immaterial one.

An Idealist believes there is only mind and that the spirit or immaterial world of consciousness is the truer reality beyond the physical.

Well, it is easy to try to fit people into categories saying one person is a “rationalist” and another is an “idealist” or “mystic”, but is it really accurate?

When you really understand that the consciousness is very deep and vast as the universe itself in each person, you may not be so quick to judge or put people into boxes in your own mind.

The “Illuminati” does not exist in the way it did in the late 17th century, but it still very much exists and is not a conspiracy. If you think it is, then you simply don’t know your history of this world. The “Illuminati” today is really just a huge group of people from many different organizations that hold the same ideologies that is anti-authoritarian regimes and this includes both in government and religion. They want the freedom of the people from those who hold Empirical rule over society and this includes ideas and beliefs in science and religion.

Well, so do I. I too believe in the consciousness reawakening of mankind without the fear of religion or the enslavement of the government.

So yes, I don’t know what this quite means as I am not affiliated with anyone and have always been a lone elf in this regard. But I am hoping that by putting this out there, I can be left alone by the “blinder” Rationalists who can not see me as one of their own. I am hoping that the Idealist Hyperians can leave me be as well, because I really don’t think most of them understand me or my channel and I was never against the YouTuber Morgue in the first place. I am an Idealist too like him, in the philosophical term. I simply had concerns especially since calling out a problem with “mystics” and his own interpretations of mysticism creating problems on earth in terms of spiritual evolution. The Hyperians are not my “style” of Idealism, but it does not mean I am or mystics like me, are an enemy or should be.

To me, this is a misleading teaching done to his own followers on the meaning of mysticism. I do not wish to drag out a debate anymore about this, but I will not let others gaslight me on this for what I know is accurate of my truth I have come to know. I also don’t want conflict and would like to be left alone from each sides of the camps, and have them finally see that I fall into both of theirs and am not an enemy of either side.

One day, I may do a YouTube video to really express myself publicly on this matter. But for now, I just don’t have the energy to do it as I know this is a controversial subject and has been a war about for many ages. It is the power play you see in the world between science and religion still today.

I simply want no part in this war.

I will leave something only a mystic may know and many can remember deep down inside: All souls eventually become a mystic towards the end of their journeys in retiring from this material existence and into the light body one of being pure awareness.

Everyone is a mystic in their own way as we in each lifetime are in the process of unification with the original state of being and mind we once came from. It is always about our soul evolution and journey in this life, and it can take as many lifetimes as it needs to to become a mystic. A mystic is simply the label given to the soul by themselves, who recognizes this mission within themselves to go back Home.

Wherever and whatever Home may be for them.

Interpret that however you will.

May this confession serve your highest good and be illuminating to whomever may read it as they find it in their own reality mirroring some higher truth back to them, as well.

And once again, may you never feel alone in not fitting fully into groups or organizations in this world, spiritually.

In love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel Eventide

Where To Find The Realm Of Faerie

I know in 2020, many souls today who did not grow up with influence of Faerie land in their home may scoff at the idea of “fairies” to exist. Which I personally find funny, because it brings up the existential question to me: Doesn’t EVERYTHING exist in some form, be it a thought? An idea? A noun? A thing? The philosopher Allan Watts would say there is no such thing as “things” because it is really a “think” since all there is to your reality is consciousness since this universe is made up of energy and thoughts are the energy that form the matter. And, as Tolkien said in his essay On Fairy-Stories, they are relevant to the world as they provide deeper messages to us all.

“To the elvish craft, Enchantment, Fantasy aspires, and when it is successful of all forms of human art most nearly approaches. At the heart of many man made stories of the elves lies open or concealed, pure or alloyed, the desire for a living, realized sub creative art, which is inwardly wholly different from the greed for self-centered power which is the mark of the mere Magician.”

J.R.R Tolkien, On Fairy Stories

Those of us who believe in the power of Faerie are able to catch a glimpse of this magic that is different, yet not unattainable to humans.

The realm of Faerie to me is a multi-dimensional realm of light and spirit (now). At one time, I do believe the story began about Faerie where it was part of Earth in a more physical way as creatures from the stars and born from earth’s elements itself roamed the forests and ocean caves. Yet, since humankind spread out all over on earth, they have hid deep inside the earth as “inner earth” or they simply moved on to other worlds.

The realm of Faerie in terms of Higher Spirits of Elementals, they live now in the astral fields of experience. A place to visit in your heart and in your dreams when you connect with this energy. You can still experience them with a “think” because they belong to the Collective Consciousness we are all connected to.

Anyone who wants to visit Faerie simply has to wish in their heart for that connection, and they will see Faerie all around them when they look out to nature. It will be with the inner eye, in the inner dimension of spirit. And I do believe that if a soul wants to return or go towards this experience they can evolve to become a light body spirit outside of bodily form of pain and limitation that moves out of the duality and into the interconnectedness of nature. This can be represented in the relationship dynamic between winged fairies, pixies, goblins, centaurs, trolls, mermaids, gnomes, dwarves, and elves living together amongst many magical plants and fauna in breathtakingly beautiful realms themselves.

So do not lose faith in Faerie, it is one of those “thinks” that exist in the mind of many humans today for a very special reason. To hear more of the reason for Fairy-stories from the brilliant wisdom of J.R.R. Tolkien then go here.

Come understand the need for Faerie to the human mind!

Tolkien Wednesday Quote #1- On Loss And Grief

“The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

I thought I would start out with this famous quote spoken by Haldir, one of the Elven guards of Lothlorien forest to Merry, one of the Hobbits. This quote has a significant meaning to me, so full of wisdom, that it shows the heart of Tolkien himself.

Clearly with this quote, we are painted an image of a bleak and dangerous world that sometimes is colored by loss and grief in life. Why do the things we love have to die? It is one of the most painful realizations to know that with deep love comes also its partner of deep emotional grief and pain. But this quote gives hope to me and hopefully to others to understand that it is not Love that is lost ever, it is the experience of having loss and grief that makes us appreciate the love we have more. So this is the meaning that because love is now “mingled with grief”, it is “greater” or bigger in our eyes.

We appreciate the people and animal friends more because they have the possibility of leaving us one day and with that inevitability we are forced to not take our time with them (too much) for granted.We have to remind ourselves of this, because the mind does not want to think about death in the future of things we enjoy and it also allows us to fully enjoy people in our lives without the fear that death is coming.

When you experience death in your life, first hand, it changes you as a person. You are now fully awakened to the fact that things in your life can change and people can go as soon as they came into your life. It can make you afraid to love another and open yourself up again to the pain of loss, but there is a force that is not contained by fear. Love finds a way to move through your fear even if you may lose something again.

It is because Love is mixed in a dangerous and painful experience that we see the full balance of Creation itself. To Tolkien, his idea of God had a plan. A plan that all of the pain and suffering would amount to something and that something would be a greater experience and expression of love for all beings…perhaps.

Project Northmoor To Save Tolkien’s 6 Million Dollar Home

I came across a wonderful project, I will be happy to donate to this holiday season. It is a quest to save Tolkien’s house and turn it into a library/museum to preserve the famous home of Tolkien’s while he was working on the Lord of the Rings and other stories. It will be the first Tolkien centre of the world! This is a lofty goal to preserve this home for future generations to come to share in the wisdom of Tolkien that inspired so many.

You can find out more by listening to Gandalf/Ian Mckellen’s message here and donate to help out too:

How Nature Can Show The Way Towards Peace

I am never surprised by the amount of people who love nature and appreciate it.

Though some don’t recycle, reuse and help pollute the land, this is done with a temporary forgetfulness of how they are nature, made of everything the earth and stars are.

Though we may be earth guardians or not,

It is universal that people from all over the world can enjoy a beautiful scenery in nature. A tree, a flower, a peaceful pond with ducks, a monkey in a tree, these are all things humanity will appreciate together because they are from the same tree of life.

Though the spiritual common ground is love, friendship, joy and peace, you will find that the physical common ground is Nature and the Planet we all live on together.

It does not matter how different you are from someone’s perspectives on an issue or ideology, I bet you both appreciate the beauty in nature and maybe the key to peace is finding that same connection of nature.

In Love, light and wisdom ~

Kimberiel Eventide

Tolkien Quote #5 – Seeing Legends And Myths As Truths

“After all, I believe that legends and myths are largely made of ‘truth’, and indeed present aspects of it that can only be received in this mode; and long ago certain truths and modes of this kind were discovered and must always reappear.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien

Today, I gave my interpretation of this mystical quote by Tolkien. I explain how it speaks about “interconnection” that since Tolkien believed ultimately in a spiritual unity of all of the physical manifestations to come into being by some primordial force.

Watch here for more:

My YouTube channel

Only in the “mode” of story, music, or artistic visuals can we capture the Beauty of this One. The Shining Eternal Light can not be easily found in this world, especially when we look with glazed over eyes or eyes that see only hate and separation.

But when we gaze at the face of Infinity, we may see a spiritual Truth that is found throughout all the movies, books, music and paintings we love to entertain ourselves or simply give us a spiritual reminder about.

Whatever you may view as “God” will be untouchable, omnipotent and beautiful Divine energy, and so you can see THAT within you when you recognize it within all others and things that are thought to be just “entertainment”, but WHY are they entertaining to us is the deepest question we can ask ourselves.

They resonate with us on a deeper spiritual level and some people may not YET see these things or only think of them as fantasy, however maybe that is just not their role to play within the collective.

My husband shows me many things about the Divine World, but it is certainly not mysticism and spiritual insights. It is in how he cares for me and our dogs, gives a warm roof over my head while I pursue my passions and dreams. He shows me Divine Love in another way than I show him and others.

So look for the Spiritual Truths within all things and then you will finally know thyself and as Alan Watts said, you “will find God” in the game of hide and seek.

Why must they “reappear” to us again as Tolkien said? Well eventually we always must find our true selves to end the game of duality and walk back into the light of eternal truth and unity.

In Love, light and wisdom,

Kimberiel or Kimber’el Eventide

Tolkien Quote #4 – It’s No Bad Thing To Celebrate A Simple Life

This is such a meaningful quote for me and I wanted to share my thoughts about it. I made a short video for YouTube, you may watch for a few short clips from my simple life.

I was so happy to see this quote of Tolkien’s appear in the uncut version of the Fellowship of the Lord of the Rings movies. In a longer scene of the Shire, Bilbo is describing the Hobbits and how happy they are living a simple life. It is a great reminder to us “bigger” people to remember to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life. Simple things to me are those that celebrate our natural states when we are at rest and not in motion. We are in this world always moving with the world, but if we stop and stand still we may find a certain happiness that can not be bought.

It is serenity and peace of the mind that is not found on a quest, or a search, it is simply a choice of not moving and being ok with standing still and enjoying the scenery. To me it is the Objective eye of the Universal Consciousness that can appreciate the simple things and make most of the moments in life without any real goals except for happiness.

You may find when you really ponder life and the nature of consciousness, all we are/have is a collection of moments. So when you create a collection of moments that are full of less stress and drama then it can be best for you.

I find these following things really help me in life live a more peaceful life:

  1. Weed out the toxins and drama in your life. If somebody is not making you happy, then kindly let them know you need your space and peace. Those who really love you and respect will understand as they figure out how to stand still and appreciate a more simple life. If something is not bringing you happiness any longer, then let it go and try to do less for awhile and be content with that.
  2. Think about enjoying things that are free in life, or close to it. It could be going on a nice long walk every day in nature, playing with your pets, reading a good book borrowed or found inexpensively. It could be writing or creating art. Sometimes the simplest things don’t require money, or very little at all.
  3. If your goal is to make a lot of money, be famous or successful in society’s eyes as well as your own, try to remember that these are things you can not take with you when gone from earth. So keep the journey in mind of being peaceful and fun in this way, rather than just keeping an eye on the destination. You are already a success to those who love you, you just need to see it yourself. There is nothing wrong sometimes with not having a goal in mind and simply just living day by day and seeing what adventure it takes you to next.
  4. Use nature as your teacher to show you the way towards inner peace and resting states of being. The plants, trees and even animals can show you by example how to simply BE in life.

May you enjoy my little video I made about this.

In love, light and wisdom,

Kimberel Eventide

Tolkien Quote #3 – It Takes Only One

This quest may be attempted by the weak with as much hope as the strong. Yet such is oft the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world: small hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere.”

Elrond, J.R.R Tolkien

I feel this quote is very similar to the one from the Fellowship of the Ring movie of Galadriel saying to Frodo that “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

Both Elrond and Galadriel are speaking about interconnectivity of all souls and when one person makes the effort, no matter how small they are in size or status, it really effects the whole collective. Energy is shared and moves in waves, like a ripple in the pond. If you throw something out there into the world, one way or another it will effect another. The Butterfly Effect is a real observed phenomenon in nature. And a good intention versus a bad intention will get a reaction back to the individual to experience, but the whole collective will feel it on some level.

All actions are done by the small hands within this world, but the Collective Consciousness that is shared amongst a species, and even in a universe will be effected in some way, at some time, and on some other dimension, as all things connect.

So the message that the Elves were giving, that I leave as another reminder today, is for you to make any effort that you can to change something or create something new in the world. Even if one person notices, it is enough to affect that person who will in turn affect another, and so on. Energy gains momentum of movement as you put forth any effort, and it doesn’t matter how strong you are to push it…all you need to do is have the spirit of courage and will of determination to be the one to push it.

Why I Identify As A Starseed Elf By Kimberel Eventide

Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them.  male and female he created them; male and female he created them.

It is the year 2020, and this is a question that is being asked to the collective with all the identification of others coming to surface that is baffling many. What IS this image of God?

The all powerful, transcendent, omniscient, omnipotent God is not identified as anything and can be seen as infinite images in the minds of all souls around the universe. As God made humanity in this image of infinity, then the deeper message is that we hold that infinity within ourselves to create at will. There is no one image of God, and therefore mankind is a reflection of this ambiguous and creative energy that created the universe..the multiverse.

The human is described anthropologically as a “bipedal primate mammal” and yet this form can look like anything as it has evolved shape and color over the many years on earth geographically , and even billions of years within the universe on other planets have there been the “human” form. The humanoid form is a blueprint for one type of intelligent life, a prototype and blank form to create from. When humanoids reach a certain level of existence and awareness itself, then they evolve spiritually to know themselves as something more than their physical form. Humans are the soft skinned philosophers, the artists, the flexible creators that reflect creation itself. We are existence and life itself moving forwards. So the question of WHAT is human is truly arising as we are learning together and within ourselves that the word human is just a “foundation” to build upon. The word alone is not what identifies us, but it is the spirit and energy inside that vibrates and shapes us. We are discovering it is far more than just the music that we like, the clothes that we choose, the way we do our hair and the collective consciousness of identifying each other that makes us who we are. We are who we feel inside, the spirit of energy that surrounds us and colors our world and perspectives we perceive life as.

Humans are ultimately a creative form of life on earth that is free to evolve into what it chooses due to its environment. The freer the environment in terms of choices, the more freer the form evolves into what it will. We are in the age now where the environment and nature no longer dictates our growth, but it is personal free will and choices that do color a person’s experiences and self expression. Nature has evolved us as different colors, shapes, and sizes over time, but it is the spirit of Creation that flows inside us to create ourselves as we see fit within nature.

As long as we do not hurt one another, and realize using our logic and reason the nature of cause and effect, we may be able to express ourselves as we choose in this life. The future may begin to hold many opportunities for humanity to discover its unlimited capacity for growth and personal evolution.

Gender politics and identities is not really a social issue or construct that needs laws, it is about awareness, it is the individual realizing itself as an unlimited being with the potential to create itself at will. Sit down and have a conversation with any of the people with otherworldly identifications of otherkins, therians, and transgenders and you will see they are quite normal, and maybe have their own wisdom to share seeing the world from the perspective of the eyes of an uninhibited being themselves in the process of transformation and awakening to the unlimited self. The Soul itself has no set female or male form because gender is only possessed by organic life by what means natural reproduction is ensured.

We who choose to identify ourselves as something beyond what society thinks as an earthly human are not those imprisioned by doubt or self esteem issues, we embrace change, transformation within and move with the spirit of creation itself molding us into what it will and helping humanity to see its inner potential. It’s the true Brahman spirit of creation that we are tapping into, though we may never label it as such. It is the sculptor in the sky, it is us. We may wake up one day and feel we need to align to how we feel inside as a free form of self expression within this world. As self expression attracts other souls to us that we wish to walk this journey with and share experiences.

It is not just us who are unlimited either, we do it for all of humanity to know their true unlimited nature. We are simply the pioneers in a new age who are taking off that veil of humans for others and showing the spirit within. The soul itself has no form, but shapes itself through thoughts, actions and experiences. We are those who are not feeling limited by our human form and embracing the times of expressing ourselves as unlimited. In doing so, we bring inspiration and permission for others to do so.

We are not trying to cage or trap humans to accepting something they do not believe, we simply are asking a deeper existential question of WHAT IS REALLY HUMAN?

When a human is a bipedal creative vessel of consciousness of unlimited growth and artistic potential within? Can we start to let the outside show this spirit of creation outside of ourselves? Must we always stay within the lines or is it time to discover for yourselves there really is no lines or borders, except for the ones that society has drawn as a collective?

The identities that we take on are “archetypes” as they are collectively experienced and recognized together. These identifies themselves are not the proto types for all as they are only caterogories and within those caterogories is an other infinite well of self expression. we are fractals of energy, that reflect the infinite and we are learning that each category can be expanded upon and evolved. There is no one type of “High Elf” just as there is no type of “Dragon Being” or Mermaid or Blue Alien, as some have identified as.

I say prepare yourselves humanity as the spiritual awakening increases in this world, you will start to see less ego that binds you to your unlimited being, but shows an evolving consciousness that is remembering its true self as the creative expressions of Life itself. Welcome to the new earth, enjoy the ride into the unlimited consciousness of eternity.

J.R.R Tolkien stated in a letter to Milton Waldman of Collins publishing in 1950 that “Elves in his story have a magic that Art not Power, sub-creation and not denomination and tyrannous reforming of Creation. It is Art and artifact, delivered from many of its human limitations. The Elves are immortal at least as far as this world goes, and hence are concerned rather with the griefs and burdens of deathlessness in time and change, than death itself. “

In Love, Light and Wisdom,

Kimberel Eventide

The Beautiful Wisdom From Chico Xavier

“Life doesn’t cease and death is a dark game of illusions. Closing the body’s eyes doesn’t decide our destinies. One must navigate in one’s own drama or comedy until one has crossed all the paths of spiritual evolution. Only then will one find the waters of the divine ocean.

An existence is an act. A body, a garment, a century, a day and a death. Death is the breath of renewal. But I am not going to suffer with the idea of eternity. It is always possible to start over. Now the the holy voice speaking in the sanctuary of my soul is filled with forgiveness and love.”

Chico Xavier

Come to the film discussion at 8pm Sunday central to hear more spiritual messages from this movie based on the medium Chico Xavier’s service to humanity: