Can Elves Be Demons or Angels? What Makes Up An Elf?

The wonderful author of Fairy Craft, Morgan Daimler, posted this article to her facebook page.

Elves Described In Anglo-Saxon Manuscript 

It is a fast read that shows elves in different perspectives from different manuscripts discovered. It provides some evidence that elves existed, whether in the imagination or real experience, they were still a thought form that manifested in people’s lives to write about.

In one manuscript from an Anglo-Saxon woman, a woman is said to be saying an exorcism prayer to be relieved from an “elf” from the devil. Which in this meaning “elf” is referring to a bothersome spirit she senses in her life.

In another manuscript, there is indication that “elf” means a beautiful, or youthful looking woman or man like a nymph from classical texts. This seems to be more the direction Tolkien went with his elves, with added intelligence and desirable characteristics than just having natural beauty, but having wisdom too.

It is important to understand that the english word “elf” comes from “ælf’, and this word comes from the Germanic root -“white being”. It is sometimes seen expressed as just a ghost, spirit or elemental in old folklore and stories. Possibly seen as a white being for many reasons- a bright light, a “good” spirit or energy sensed, or simply a light body, a vague immaterial bodily form that can be seen only subtly by few. I do not think it is referring to the color of whiteness, but rather the quality of the light spectrum of “white light” which is actually all colors of the light spectrum combined together. Only in some folktales and legends we see little dwarf like men with pointed ears, or fair women described as “elfin”.

One of my favorite childhood stories was about a little angry demon who stamped his foot who was seen by a girl, and after the little girl befriended the “demon” because she thought he was sad, he transformed into a little happy elf that danced and played with her. This story is significant as it shows the actual “flip flopping” of a spirit to a demon to an elf just by sheer projection and perception of the little girl altering his behaviors by her own.

“Elf” is the umbrella term for all kinds of non-human and humanoid beings as well as spirits or “hidden folk”. In modern times of technology and space exploration, we have something called the “space elves” or those from other planets than earth, but “elfin” in nature like the way Pleiadians and other extraterrestrials  are described in terms of nature and mannerisms. We also learn in history that not all elves have pointed ears, but could very much look just like a human being who hides in forests or underground caverns. Elves are perceived in many ways in 2019.

You have to be specific when you refer to elves these days and that is why I say “Tolkien Elves” a lot in titles because otherwise we are talking about MANY different beings. There are so many elves, all shapes and sizes that across the world you will find beings and creatures remarked as fairies, elves or earth spirits of sorts. For some brief history on elves noted from around the world, you can watch my video here:


So what makes a spirit or demon really an elf then?

I feel, on the deepest level of reality from Prime Source of the universe, the collective consciousness of humanity in this world has “elves” as their mirrors to them. Me awakening into my Elven soul means I am getting back to my original roots spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally so. Wether I am an Elf, or have always been an elf is not part of my story in this life-it is about my BECOMING very publicly in front of others and awakening to my “otherkin” nature inside. Though, I will give a hint, if I or someone else did not naturally have this elfin inclination then I may not be focused on this in my life as many humans are not. For all intent and purpose, I AM an elf in spirt and a bit in humanoid form that is re-awakening, that much I am confident about. We Fae souls come to earth in a variety of form and spirit in modern times as part of our blue print of experience.

An elf is known for being part of nature, an extension of the fauna and flora world. Humans come from this same extension of nature from the Tree of Life of DNA shared with all animals and plants, however they become removed from it, and so elves and fairies remind them of an old “spirit” or “ælf” or “white light” within. Elves are keepers of wisdom about the forest or other parts of nature, whether they are evil or good, they are spirits that are “colored” by perception of the viewer doing the perceiving of them.

Your reality is perceived in a certain way by you because of the process of going through the filter of your mind and your thoughts. An event or a situation takes place in reality, but it it your perception of it that will “color” your experience of it and affect your life in a certain way. Take for example the Vietnam war. The  hippies of the 60’s protested the war because of their awakening to love and peace, they literally saw the war as unnecessary, dark and twisted wrongful violence towards others where compromise could be made from both sides. This was their view of the world, and it later effected others parts of their lives and their children’s lives both in good ways as well as bad. I am a product of a man (my father) who grew up during that time who despised those wars and showed me there are other ways than war to get to peace, as a little girl. Yet, those invested in the military complex, soldiers who work for it, citizens who believed it was the right thing to do saw the war as “good”, a light for the world, and something positive. This perception later effected their lives in good and bad ways too. These are the pathways-the perceptions and views we take that take us in certain directions depending on how we see the world.

Elves, like wars, are complicated ideas based on perceptions of the individual experiencing them. Elves can be anything and have been in the past as the manuscripts show. This is what makes them so mysterious to humans. Those with an elven spirit or soul, coming from the prime source as in they are having a consciousness block of the elven soul like me, will know they too are seen in this light. They may even feel their elven spirit can go either way towards the dark or light side and possibly even in the grey. Yet, all elves to be truly an elf must be a being most connected to nature. If it is not, then it is not an elf, but some other spirit unconcerned with plants and animal life. A spirit not concerned about plants and animals? What is left then outside of the matter of nature? A spirit concerned about people and ideas is either an angel concerned about human welfare or a demon preoccupied with the downfall of mankind. So an elf is not solely an angel, and not solely a demon, but can be seen as either one by those not connected to nature themselves and taking out the nature aspect of their interactions with these energies and spirits. Also an elf can act like an angel or demon, depending on the role they may play in the world or in someone’s life.

Anyone who is connected to nature right now in this life, does what they each can for nature and views themselves as “guardian” over the environment or earth in general is an elven or Fae soul in my eyes. You came to be part of earth’s collective for a very important time in history – a fork in the road of human consciousness to either go towards technology without thinking about the effects on nature around. Or to go towards incorporating nature and technology together, finding a balance or a compromise of having both; eco-sustainable. Some Elven souls may be VERY against technology as one extreme to really balance the scales, like many indigenous groups on earth who shun technology like native Americans or the Sámi people of Norway.  You can read my article on them here: The Truth About Santa’s Elves

Others are more in the middle like me, a “bridgeway” between the two organic and inorganic of matter who uses technology to promote and share elven wisdom in the world. As I said before, we come in all shapes, sizes and spirits today to assist humanity in reconnecting to nature and reminding people of their roots, and attention towards the planet needed to avoid some future disasters due to human neglect.

This is why I feel it is important to say today that I personally resonate with being an integrity filled Tolkien elven soul….not a mischievous forest spirit from “satan” here to meddle in affairs, but to inspire and teach humans. I use Tolkien as a teaching aid to show examples and get across my message more with support.  I have been called a demon and angel before based on people’s perceptions of my channel.  When you are devoutly religious with fear of anything other than human or an angel, it is easy to project an image of “evilness” onto elves and they become “demons” in your eyes. When you are a less judgmental free spirit and one with nature, it is easy to see elves in a favorable light almost like angels concerned with human welfare or well being, as J.R.R Tolkien ultimately described his elves to be.

The conclusion is that elves can be seen as both angels or demons in spirit depending on the person. The question that matters most to me is what is your relationship to nature these days?

Because here is an old ælf secret I give you freely today for coming to my blog: what your relationship to nature is like determines a lot in your own personal awakening and ultimately happiness within.

See my interview with the author Morgan Daimler as we discuss more about the Fae in general:

How To See Unity Even With Serial Killers On Earth

Some people have asked me, how do you stay so positive or see the unity of souls in an unloving world filled of cold blooded killers and war?

I will not make a video about this because it doesn’t really fit the “theme” of my channel, but my blog follows no particular theme, but just my deepest thoughts and how perceive things. Here I can gladly tell you and show you how.

Along with my Tolkien movies, I do enjoy crime shows and I love seeing mysteries being finally solved. I have been watching the Netflix series called The Confession Killer about Henry Lee Lucas who was said to rape and kill over 100 women in brutal murders.the-confession-killer-netflix-review.jpg

Though, I have no leniency on the acts themselves- the violence done to total strangers are not good from whatever perspective you look at them with, I do have compassion for him. I do not believe in Moral Subjectivism as being the truer nature of reality, and I believe this show highlights what my heart was always sensing towards our unity.


Above is the picture of Henry Lucas when he was arrested for killing his mother. The nature of Moral Subjectivity may come into mind as we hear about her treatment of him. Henry grew up very poor in the south in the 50s, and his father lost both his legs in a railway accident. His father became a horrible drunk to cope with his pain, and his mother later became a prostitute who would force him to watch her have sex with others. She beat him, starved him, insulted him and even hit him over the head with a broom stick causing him to lose consciousness as well as damaged his temporal lobe of the brain. There may be an inclination to say he was “right” for killing her out of anger and hate for what she did to him.

However, the killings he does later to the women he picks up along the streets or breaks into their homes is motivated by this hatred of his mother.  His hurt and his pain he endured as a child, including damage to the frontal lobe which governs the ability to control one’s self, impaired his judgement.

Like all people who get hurt and have pain, there needs to be release and healing of this emotional and physical pain, because if there is not-there will be a more unhealthy release for a temporary and fake experience of healing.

He actually said that in the act of killing, he felt “cold like an icebox” and it was just something he had to do. What this suggests is that the trauma of his past built up so much that he repressed his own emotions, and felt cold and emotionless towards the women begging for their life. He projected his mother onto each of these women and the hate fueled by his mother made it possible to kill total strangers. The rape was simply because he could not have a normal relationship with a woman because of this distrust of women and he said, after he killed them, he had sex with their bodies because it was something he “just started to do with all of them since they were already dead he felt he might as well and release himself.”

Sadly, Henry Lucas was arrested before DNA testing so even this could not be confirmed that he committed all 100-300 murders which he confessed to over the years in jail.

But aside from the horrible nature of the murders, he was not actually seeing those women as individual unique moms, sisters, and girlfriends.  He was only seeing his mother and his unmet needs in each of them he could get met. He also said he “hated” every woman who he saw and only one nun-sister Clemmie became his friend and showed him differently.

Sister Clemmie was a woman who passed out a Bible to Henry Lucas while he was in jail. She started to go regularly to his jail to help him as spiritual advisor, because she felt a calling to help save his soul. The meetings turned out to be positive in the idea that it filled Henry with a sense of love he has never received from a woman before. He also claimed he saw Jesus tell him he needed to start helping the murder victim families by letting them know more details where the bodies could be found who were missing. He started to open up to the police and help them in their investigations. Later, he started to claim he murdered every woman an investigator asked him about as it became part of his only identity. This caused a massive confusion and a drama about the Henry Lucas hoax as the “Confession Killer”. Many people were drawn into this strange web of lies and if you want to know more, then you can watch it on netflix.

But, I must say, my Elven soul felt so much compassion and empathy for young Lucas when I heard his story who only wanted love and care, and he received none of that because his mother was also in need of healing.


Henry was just a boy who needed proper love and care as all children do


This is the danger of lack of self reflection and healing. It creates ego filled “monsters” that are so unaware of the larger picture and the Higher Self within. Because Henry started to paint water colored paintings in his cell when Sister Clemmie started to see him, he started to see love and beauty all around him. There was a spark of hope put in him by Clemmie, and this helped him create art. People even remarked how gentle of a soul he really was once he received love and friendship from Sister Clemmie, his only female friend.

If this would have been Henry’s experience as a child growing up without the harsh abuse from his mother, it is my deep belief that he would have never became the killer he became in the future.  The lack of care and attention, healing and self reflection was Henry’s downfall which eventually lead him to the dark path he went down. We can blame his mother, but we may have to blame her mother and father as well. When we look at abuse, we see a long trail behind it that has its roots in the past always.

Yet, another layer to this we must ask ourselves is if Henry did not became a prolific serial killer in America to help build the profile identification of other serial killers, would we be in the same place today with the knowledge about serial killers that leads to their eventual arresting?

This is how darkness is always in service to the Light it is said by the occult societies passing down this ancient knowledge. It means we ourselves may not like something and we certainly don’t go down the same dark paths, but we can acknowledge they add to a greater whole or a plan of revealing the experience of the greater truth.

This is how the smaller parts and roles, make up the whole. We can respect all the parts equally while agreeing in our heart which roles best reflects our truest nature within. The roles can change though, and not one part must always stay the same as a person goes through their own spiritual awakenings within, they awaken to a greater truth about who they are and what they have done. Once a serial killer, through spiritual awakening you can discover you are just a very mentally ill person that needed help you never received as Henry later realized.

Although by the time a criminal gets to prison they have already committed the crime, it can be “in house” spiritual healing to help alleviate the pain of the unawareness of the prisoner. There is a “catch 22”, a deeper warning about doing something harmful towards others in the first place-it may be that this new found awareness becomes the greatest torture later which ultimately leads to a deeper phase of healing.

The future of not having serial killers or cold blooded murder is by getting to the source of the healing in childhood. We must root out the denial humans are in about themselves after an experience of trauma done to them. Whether it be through studying the anatomy of the brain, science can possibly discover and fix these impaired areas of the brain with diminish activities of the area of the brain that is linked with self-awareness and the processing of emotions, and sensitivity to violence.

Research by Adrian Raine on neuroanatomy has shown those prone to violent acts have much poor functioning in the prefrontal cortex, and this is the part of the brain that is like our “guardian angel” of behavior he calls it. If it is asleep though, the devil can come out, he says.

Beyond looking at the anatomy differences with brains either by birth or by environment, I truly feel that after every molestation, rape, physical abuse, emotional insult, a child needs to learn that it is ok to feel anger and sadness inside, more than OK-it is NATURAL. This is vital for release of emotions.

If Henry was given the permission by himself or a friend, to say to him, “You have been hurt very badly, and it is completely natural to cry and to feel very angry about this, but it depends on what you do with your life from this experience of pain that most matters.” This is the emotional relief he needed that came out improperly through physical violence and sexual aggression towards others. I say improperly because he hurt many people as well as himself. The proper way to heal will always be good for yourself including everyone else around you as they benefit further from your healing.

I have two examples of this:

One person who gets raped and molested never receives healing and turns out to molest other children as an adult. The other person who goes through molestation or rape as a child grows into a healing adult who later writes a book, or forms a support help system to help those who also go through it.

Only one person is positively affecting the lives of others, while the other is choosing to negatively affect them.

What all of humanity needs to learn next is from the Law of Oneness: The act of healing the self is healing others too, as well as altering future timelines for all souls for the better. 

I am a huge advocate on learning to see the sadness and pain of others who commit heinous crimes. Nothing happens randomly when it comes to the human emotions, there is always a root cause for all conditions of the mind. The more aware you are of your Whole Being, the more you will be able to make wiser choices to give yourself the more peaceful and happier experience. Having a personal experience of peace and joy, will in turn give others around you or who come into your sphere or influence, more peace and joy too because you are not negatively affecting them.

The common dominator with all killers is that none of them feel authentic joy after killing, they simply are too numb inside to see it isn’t real joy from healing from their past and present pain.

As Natascha Kampusch, a victim of kidnapping and held captive for 8 years in a basement in Vienna said empathically:

“What I have learned about people is this: no one is infallible and anyone can find themselves in a position where they lose control of their lives. That’s true for the kidnapper and it’s true for me. From the moment I was kidnapped I still had control of my thoughts, but I could not control the world outside. And the perpetrator had blown a couple fuses in his head and he couldn’t control his life either, or he would not have done what he did. But he was sick or ill from some illness or injury, he had become so unstable that he saw the kidnapping as a solution to his problem because he was ill. It did not matter what the problems really were or how he thought it would help him, but he did see it as a solution. That actually made me feel pity and compassion for him. Because many people are looking for the meaning of their lives and many fail. Some commit suicide, others take a wrong turning. And he thought that if life hadn’t given what he wanted, he must take it by force. He felt he must become like everything that had injured him and made him ill. ”

~ Natascha Kampusch 

For more please watch the amazing Netflix movie titled Natascha Kampusch about her kidnapping experience and eventual escape. You learn so much about the courage of the human spirit when you hear her tale.


For us, the way to enjoy this earth even with serial killers is to cultivate and nurture empathy inside of us as Natascha did. Still have laws, chase after them, rescue the victims and put them behind bars, but we must keep empathy within ourselves too as they go through this journey. Empathy is to be able to truly have compassion for all beings who you meet or come into your field of view in your experience. Empathy is not a selective screening process or judgement of souls, it is the ability to experience the pain and joy of all others around you regardless what you may think of them personally, it is more about what you FEEL from them rather than what you think of them.

In my most empathic states beyond my ego, I can only feel the pain and sadness of Henry as a boy which allows me to understand his emotional numbness later as an adult. In Natascha’s most profound ways she suffered through being held captive for 8 years and came out with wisdom, empathy and eventually forgiveness of her captor.


Watch my video on how to learn to love and understand the most “unlovable” people on earth to you:


Also learn how making animal abuse illegal in the US will prevent many violent acts towards humans too:


The Universe Is Sentient Theory And The Tolkien Elven Spiritual Path


I am enjoying my little holiday gearing up for the Yultide/Christmas, and taking a short break from video creating, but I have been thinking much about life in general during this time, pondering existential questions.  I have been especially thinking about the latest scientific theory “discovered” on the universe being conscious and aware.

This is my Elven thoughts on this article on the idea of a “Conscious Universe”: The Universe May Be Sentient

I believe that Tolkien knew of this theory well before NASA did by looking through telescopes. Many people do arrive to this conclusion that the universe is experiencing itself through each of our experiences. Many intuitives like myself, are able to arrive at this understanding as we go deeper into our own consciousness. I believe all have access to this, but it is about whether you are even looking in that direction or not during your life experience to recognize it.

Eru Ilúvatar in the Silmarillion is described in the same way as a sentient source that formed the universe through a process of dividing itself into many roles that created the universe. At first glance, people may think Eru is a “god” or a Zeus like character who creates lesser gods and goddesses, but Tolkien is describing a far deeper concept that science is catching up to today based on the concept of consciousness itself.

Eru is described in the beginning as “the One” and Eru has no physical materialized body as we can recognize, but only a Mind.  Eru is not even a man nor a woman, He/It/She is all things in which contain the potential to create all things.  Eru is a vast Mind, and only one Mind in the entire void before time and space is even imagined. Eru holds the Flame Imperishable far within the void, and creates with it which represents the Spark of Consciousness and eternal Creativity of Eru’s Mind as the One. No one is permitted to use this Flame Imperishable except Eru since it comes from the Prime Source of Eru’s Mind, and this is what causes the conflict with an Ainur named Melkor later.

At some point, Eru starts to THINK and gains consciousness by creating bodiless thought-forms  known as the the Ainur.  Each Ainur is a thought from one specific part of the mind of Eru. Only each Ainur understands THAT part of the mind they come from, and from there they each sing certain notes that vibrate at certain frequencies that each of them came forwards to represent. They start to hold “perspectives” that show the different parts of the the Mind of Eru through different notes they sing, creating a symphony.

This includes ALL Ainur working together in Harmony, as well as the one single Ainur working in Discord known as Melkor and later by the Elves as “Morgoth”. Yet, ALL parts FIRST arrived from Eru’s Mind.  Even Melkor is not separate from Eru’s mind, until the separation from the REST of Eru’s mind (the other Ainur) continues to further split the psyche. Tolkien is saying that you can not have Harmony without Discord, you can not know one part without the other, they all come from the same Prime Source. The value of experience of Harmony is created by going through the hard times of Discord. Knowing the beautiful sounds or experiences of Harmony causes you to know when something is in Discord. This is the Law of Polarity of the Universe.

However, we soon learn through the Silmarillion what that “one” part of the Mind of Eru can do to the other parts if it is not controlled or balanced out by the Harmonious parts. Discord alone without anything to balance it energetically can cause conflict, destruction, war and ultimately leads to the imbalance of consciousness and awareness within the individual-the Ego.

Eru is the Prime Source, The Supreme Consciousness, and the Ainur are “singing” thought-forms. Eventually these thought-forms become more than just thoughts though as Eru continues to give thought in a void beyond time and space.

The Ainur or Eru’s original thought-forms, start to create MATTER through the vibration of their singing-outside of the void. This is String Theory that suggests invisible energetic strings that vibrate, creates complex structures of matter we can experience in the physical universe. The Ainur finally see the Universe called that they are shown by Eru, to show them what they have created through their singing matter into form. So although Eru ultimately is the Prime Source, Eru experiences the Self varied through dividing into many parts for the sake of variety of experience. Each part of Eru does not see itself as the Whole, yet only a small part or role it must play out to create a musical theme. A theme is the overall Story of one Universe created. Eru has fractured  Consciousness into many parts in order to experience the many roles it would take to create a massive complex storyline with many characters. If it was a story about Eru, it would be only one character and no experience except thought from that one character, and this does not make a great story or musical theme. Because of this fracture of the psyche of Eru, each part does not experience itself as the Whole, but only the “part of Eru’s mind from which it came from”. 

When Eru shows the Ainur, the beautiful and vast universe they created because they can see it now in front of them, they start to want to experience the world Arda (which was also known as Earth to Tolkien) for themselves. What this really means is Eru longs to experience a physical life through the many eyes of the Ainur. So the Ainur become semi-solid as can be in an energetic state, and they experience themselves in different types of “light” bodies that separate themselves from one another-in male and female bodies according to the nature of divine energy they hold. However, Ainurs are still not as solid as man or elves, so as they enter upon Arda, they are semi-solid or transparent at times and can wear whatever they want or even be naked and unseen. Clothes make them less “light-bodied” as clothes are adapting to the physical realm and taking a raiment that fits with the theme of the world they are in. There are no other beings on Arda just yet until they start to create beings to watch over and enjoy watching life grow. This is ultimately why they created the awakening of the Elves, as their first born-nearest to the minds of the Valar, who each 14 came from the Ainur, who each came from the mind of Eru.

This is why Varda is the most loved by Elves, or honored on Arda. Varda is the Queen of Stars or of Light in general. Her face is remarked as having the “light of Eru in her face”. She represents not only the stars, or light, but she symbolizes consciousness and awareness of the Universe itself.

The process of Ainur going from being completely incorporeal, which means “without body” to then having a light body form is a process of Eru’s consciousness coming down to “lower” levels, not in terms of importance or lowly experience, but in terms of not being totally conscious of itself as a Whole Being.

This is a little like the allegory of Adam And Eve “coming down” to Earth being thrown out of Eden. Though the Bible makes it more about punishment from God, the Silmarillion makes it more about wanting to experience the physical universe and that is why the Ainur “came down” to explore it, live on it, see what more they can create from this level of being.



From this desire to know the beautiful world of Arda, the Ainur divide themselves further into 14 Valar which are 7 female bodied and 7 male bodied Powers. Each Power ruled over a certain aspect of Arda as “Ideals” that all beings can look forwards to and aspire to hold within themselves because they all come from the One Prime Souce – Eru, they have every potential to do so. Each Vala represents the more conscious or aware part of Eru than Elves or Man, because they were closer to the Total Mind of Eru. This means they were at a less fractured state of being from the Prime Source and understood their role to help all life move forwards and thrive on Arda. They do not move from the ego, they are constantly aware of their part within the Whole. They are referred to as Powers and never as gods because they are originally Eru’s thought-forms and not separate deities.

Tolkien was careful to not call them gods or goddesses and so for the same reason, I will not either. However if you want to see them as a “gods” or “goddess” then you may, as long as you also see them as a Whole of Eru too to understand the Elven Spiritual Path. Tolkien told a tale in the Silmarillion that there was a part of mankind that fell from their states of grace in early ages because they worshiped Melkor/Morgoth, the original Ainur of Discord in bodily form. Elves did not have the same type of worship of the Valar as mankind called them gods and goddesses only to themselves, but the Elves called them “Powers” or simply by their divine names and not as gods or goddesses. This is the subtle difference between human pagan worship and the Elven one of Tolkien.

I do want to bring out the deeper concept that Tolkien was trying to get at which points towards our actual Unity of Mind that all sentient beings theoretically could arrive to eventually.

I realize that this may be a complicated spiritual path if your mind is not already looking in the direction or seeking for union with all souls mentally, spiritually and emotionally. And “union” at this level of experience simply means understanding one another have the same needs and to see the common dominator that all souls share together even though outwardly we may look and think differently. The same Divine Consciousness Spark or Flame Imperishable runs through all our veins. Nobody is outside of this Prime Source, we are both IT as well as IN IT. Just as the Ainur are thoughts from Eru, yet they also became the Valar who split their consciousness further like “fractals” creating all the beings of Arda later. We can find this common dominator through the awareness of  seeing the natural elements that we are made of from the stars as well as earth.

This the Sentient Universe of Tolkien, one that is the Mind as well as the Physical Universe that the Mind may experience itself through many different perspectives and forms.

Like fractals, the smallest part is part of the Whole, however it may not be aware of itself as the Whole in that position. From the position it is in, it may only see what is around it in its immediate space. Yet, when you zoom your perspective out and you see the whole picture, then you see how all parts fit together and are smaller versions of the larger Whole.


The Elves are aware of this concept of a sentient world as well as universe.

They seem to have the ability of understanding how to honor the Valar as well as Eru with humility through not by ritual or laws, but by the integrity filled life they live on Arda. Making the best choice for the whole of the Arda is their motto, very much like the Stoics believed in Ancient Greece to make the best choices daily by asking “is it good for humanity?” before you do it.

It is as if the Elves are aware in their subconsciousness of this greater Self they extend from, from Eru’s Mind that split itself into many parts and pathways.  Yet this information stored in the subconscious allows them to enjoy their different roles on the surface of their consciousness and physically on Arda. They also see themselves as part of all Arda too, bound to it through soul, and keeper of all animals and all innocent and pure (incorruptible by Melkor) life on Arda. They understand that they each play a role in the world, yet belong to a greater whole like the wizard Gandalf knows.

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succor of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have, is not ours to rule.”
– Gandalf in The Return of the King
If this way of thinking comes naturally to you, where you can enjoy your subjective experience in life as well as make objective choices for the betterment of the Whole and not just for the small ego self, then you will find this path simply expresses your thoughts already.
Be it like the Elven consciousness, or be it like advanced peaceful aliens….you are One with the Cosmos. Yet, you can also be yourself in your life, as the eyes for the Universe to watch Life through.
If you have not begun to think this way yet, then it may be a walk back towards union and discovery of more inner peace even through the conflict and diversity within the world.
Either way, the Elven Spiritual Path is there for you as one way to experience your life in this higher state of awareness of a conscious Universe that is aware of itself and has a greater plan unfolding through each of us.
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Can Atheists Be Enlightened?

I decided to ponder this further today and write out all my Elven thoughts about this.

I have been enjoying this youtube channel as of late:


I find him very fair minded, non-judgmental, although he is clearly a materialist and not an idealist like me (scientifically we believe truth can be determined by more than 5 senses) and does not see anything mystical or supernatural about life. He is the opposite of me who sees the magical and mystical experience within everything. However, I really enjoy his channel and hearing his perspectives on things.

It brings the question to my mind, can an atheist be spiritually enlightened? Let me start off by saying and end the surprise, I wholeheartedly believe they can. I consider enlightenment to be a bit different to me in terms of its meaning.

Enlightenment is not the belief in a god or not. It is the place of self actualization within that allows you to see your truer nature. Enlightened spiritual people may discover their sense of higher self in spiritual paths like Buddhism, Mystic Christianity, Sikhism, Sufism, Hermeticism and of course the Elven Spiritual Path. These paths generally bring a person to discover the Higher Self outside of the ego, but also part of a greater whole for the experience.

That is one way that a person can become spiritually enlightened, but personal enlightenment can be discovered in many ways.

I believe that atheists can form a greater understanding about themselves and the universe without a religious or spiritual pathway. They could simply go through their life and discover a deeper meaning to life through the following:

  • deep self reflection and contemplation without prayer or meditation attached to a particular spiritual path
  • questioning their own existence and purpose on earth, and arriving to the answers over time
  • discovering the important things in life like friendship, love, community, liberty, etc. that can not be bought, but must be found, created, and sustained
  • having an immense appreciation for the beauty of nature and the cosmos which originated organically through evolution
  • having an appreciation for people and events in your life, that simply arrive without feelings of blessings or mystical happenstance
  • a deep sense of love for themselves and their fellow beings


When an atheist can have these types of revelations on life, then they too awaken to something greater within themselves as well all around them. It may not have a name and they may not pray to an outside god, but they certainly are tapping into a higher truth about reality. When an atheist can go past materialism of society, and looking into the fundamental values of experience, this is when an atheist can become enlightened without religion or a spiritual path.

It could just be their unique journey. We are all trying to reach the same destination of wholeness and well-being within. The difference between me and Genetically Modified Atheist above, is the different “styles” we do it in.

After all, none of the ascended masters belonged to a religion, but rather followed their own path.


For more thoughts on what is enlightenment to me, watch my video:



Spiritual Bypassing Versus Actually Raising Your Vibrations





Physically, the way that a vibration of a sound wave works is that there must be a foundation of a LOWER vibration present, before a HIGHER vibration can quicken the frequency and increase the vibrations to move faster.

What this means emotionally for us as energy beings is that the foundation of trauma, sadness, heartbreak, fear, etc. must first be present in order to reach a higher state of awareness as well as vibrations within.

The only way a vibration can move to a faster state is to be inspired to move faster from a present lower state through a process of self reflection and healing. The following are all suggested ways of coping with trauma. I have first hand experience in this watching my mother pass away at the age 14, so I will tell you all I have learned and how I raise my vibrations through this experience.

What Healing looks like

  • counseling is a great help, because sometimes we can not do it alone and it is good to have an objective eye to help us see another perspective
  • writing in a journal- one wonderful book I used after my mother passed on was called the Angel Catcher: A Journal For Loss. It prompts me in gentle ways to think about things I want to remember or would like to talk about. There is even a chance to write a letter to your lost loved one. I highly recommend it
  • talking to a friend or loved one you trust can help you not feel alone in dealing with your emotions
  • crying to yourself in your pillow or shower. Crying is healing and cleansing as you release all the toxins with yourself
  • finding a spiritual path that may help you see situations from a different point of view-from the larger Self or Higher Self
  • Finding a way to change your perspective without a spiritual path, but with a new found plan to live you life to the fullest – regardless of past events

These are all examples of actually healing and moving on. AFTER you go through this process of healing, then you can focus on the “good things” in life and choose to keep your eyes on things that make you laugh, and enjoy the beauty of life. Allowing you the ability to BOUNCE off the vibrations of Healing into the higher states of vibrations.

What Spiritual Bypassing looks like:

  • Dealing with an emotional trauma or issue and not speaking about it to a professional or a friend you trust, pretending it will go away
  • Trying to use spirituality as a form of escapism in which you don’t think about the problem and focus on crystals, chanting, prayer to gods, tarot cards or other divination and spells to make things “go away” or heal you without really taking the time to self reflect
  • Imagining yourself as “figures of light” as an angel, goddess, and star being without actually dealing with the earthly issue. Pretending it not to be there any longer
  • Hanging out with friends and socializing drinking or doing drugs to get high, avoiding the pain
  • Using books, art, and movies as a form of fantasy escapism which doesn’t allow you to look at the problem in your life, but you project your thoughts into another time or realm away from your life
  • Suicide is a form of spiritual bypassing- you are not facing the issue and you think you will “reincarnate” out of it. You literally think you will BYPASS this life without having to deal with hard emotional trauma


As you can see, there are monumental differences between what real healing looks like versus what spiritual bypassing actually is.

The fact is you can not raise your vibrations to a higher place authentically without first looking at the problem at hand. Once you do that, then you can make the wise choices of  surrounding yourself with good company, uplifting art, entertainment and beauty around you to increase your healing inside of you…bringing you onto a new path for yourself. As you increase in new awareness about yourself, you will get better at knowing what “uplifts” you and what brings you “down” vibrationally.

Karmically you owe it to yourself, because emotional trauma will not go away until you face it. It is all part of your awakening to learn of the inner strength that you always had inside of you.


Here is a video of things that has helped me keep my vibrations high, after all my years of healing and self reflection.


The Monochrome Experience: Avoid Plastic! by Lluís Bussé

#1 Exchange plastic bags for reusable ones, carts or baskets. #2 Do not use plastic cups, plates and cutlery when you are away from home. #3 Buy your food in bulk and avoid excess packaging, such as trays. #4 Change the plastic caps by stainless steel or glass. #5 Avoid the use of cosmetics that have plastic microspheres in their composition. #6 Drink tap water, not bottled water. #7 Choose containers for your drinks and liquids that are returnable, such as glass, instead of brick and plastic bottles. #8 Reduce your baby’s exposure to plastic, not using plastic bottles. #9 Look for wooden, cloth, or latex and natural rubber toys. #10 Say no to disposable razors. #11 Try to get hygiene and personal care products that are not packed in plastics and that do not contain microplastics in their composition. #12 Avoid cleaning products packed in plastic. #13 Refill metal lighters. #14 If it is impossible, then reduce your plastic consumption further.

via The Monochrome Experience: Avoid Plastic! — Lluís Bussé

America’s Spiritual Awakening |The New Animal Anti-Cruelty Law Pact Act


Photo image from NY Times. Representatives Ted Deutch, left, and Vern Buchanan, sponsors of the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, in Washington in July. The House unanimously approved the bill on Wednesday. Read more here: New York Times


I am still processing this monumental moment. I live in a state with known “dog fights and cock fight rings”. No more, it’s illegal. I find myself passing around the information to everyone I know. My coworkers, staff I help manage and even my friends I texted about it. I am bursting at the seams with happiness. 

My soul is shouting Hallelujah!

I am so excited for this new direction against animal cruelty. It’s far more common than people think sadly, and this will make people think twice before being cruel to animals. Also many criminals and serial killers are profiled by their treatment of animals at a young age-it’s a pattern of behavior. 

This will make people think twice before  hurting animals if they lack the ability to empathize with them. 

Tolkien would be proud of America. We should have had this bill passed a long time ago. 

“I want to be a healer, and love all things that grow and are not barren.”

~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings (The Lord of the Rings, #1-3)


More information on the new bill passed..

My new video on more on the facts and intuitive interpretations of this historical event: